Young Kate Star Mackenzie Hancsicsak’s Weight Loss – The Complete Breakdown!


Mackenzie Hancsicsak before and after weight loss.

Young Kate star on This Is Us, Mackenzie Hancsicsak underwent significant weight loss, confusing fans if it’s the same actress or whether she was recast.

The part of Young Kate is portrayed by Mackenzie Hancsicsak. Obviously, looks evolve as you mature, but many thought they have recruited a new actress.

Mackenzie started to play the role when she was just 8 years old and now she is 13. Many fans thought she looks different from past seasons.

It’s worth noting, however, the actress is 13 years old (with a noticeable weight loss) and a change of look is inevitable over the years.

Mackenzie Hancsicsak Underwent Significant Weight Loss

When you choose child actors as the leads of your shows, you have to prepare for them to grow up fast. That’s what This Is Us found out when the youngest members of the show changed a lot from their Season 1 appearance along with notable weight loss.

Mackenzie Hancsicsak can relate to this the most, the actress who plays Young Kate on the series since the beginning. When season 5 of the show began, the majority of viewers got confused about what happened to Young Kate.

Mackenzie Hancsicsak (Young Kate), following significant weight loss, looked drastically different on This Is Us season 5.

Mackenzie Hancsicsak (Young Kate), following significant weight loss, looked drastically different on This Is Us season 5.
Source: Tell-Tale TV

There were those who felt it’s a new actress because she seemed so different from the character that they were familiar with, in particular, her physique since she seems to have lost a lot of weight.

The reasoning is actually a lot simpler—Mackenzie Hancsicsak is much older and much slimmer now, and the series is having more difficulty hiding this reality.

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The co-star of Chrissy Metz (who is the subject of weight loss of her own) plays Kate as a 13-year-old. As most of us know, 13 is the age where many children experience pretty drastic alterations, which may lead to some misunderstanding.

One person asked on Twitter,

Does the girl who plays young Kate look like an entirely different actress or is it just me?

Another added,

Hold on, is that a different young Kate up here??

While Mackenzie and the majority of stars who play the younger versions of the series’ characters are growing up and look unrecognizable, there is no hint the show wants to replace them.

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This Is Us looks to be on a different course with more adult flashbacks in their series, basically ignoring the reality that their child actors are now different from how they appeared in initial seasons.

Mackenzie Hancsicsak Reassured Fans It’s Really Her as Young Kate on ‘This Is Us’

Taking to Twitter on 11th November 2020, Mackenzie Hancsicsak reassured fans she’s the same actress who previously played Young Kate in NBC’s romantic family drama This Is Us.

She wrote,

For all the fans who watched last night and were wondering… it’s still me, your one and only 13 year old, Katie Girl. Hope you all liked last night’s @NBCThisisUs episode. You’ll see more of my brothers @LonnieChavis @theparkerbates and me next week, too. #nbcthisisus

The young star’s followers were completely supportive of her in the replies.

American actress Natalie Knepp said,

You are beautiful and brilliant. Thank you to the entire #ThisIsUs cast and crew. We all needed this new season right now Raising hands

One user wrote,

I absolutely love every actor on @NBCThisisUs. My hat’s off, especially to all of the child actors that make up The Big 3, at various ages. I never doubt for even a second, ever that you are not Jack and Rebecca Pearson’s kids. Mackenzie. You are absolutely amazing!

The second wrote,

I kept telling my fiancé how pretty you looked in last night’s episode. Our little Katie Girl is growing up right before our eyes.

The third admitted he/she was initially confused,

I’m glad you posted something. I was wondering if that was you. You are growing too fast. Love the storyline.

It’s nice to see the actress addressing the concern of fans and being pretty open about her noticeable weight loss and change in appearance.

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‘This Is Us’ Showrunners are Happy with Their Younger Castmates

Mackenzie Hancsicsak might be mystifying the viewers, but the actress is a vital part of what has made This Is Us meaningful to so many fans.

She can no longer play an 8-year-old, but she and her castanets were both able to grow as performers during the show and give more detailed performances.

If her Twitter account shows anything, Mackenzie is completely glad to continue featuring on This Is Us for however long the show is content to have her.

Since she’s only a teenager, she appears to be leading a fairly regular life while she’s not filming the show, even if she’s a little more popular than the typical 13-year-old.

Mackenzie is, as expected, growing older, but This Is Us is not the first program that had to deal with young cast members who aged to puberty and completed the show looking very different from the way they began.

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So far, This Is Us has treated the aging of its cast graciously. All of them have made it fairly well to Season 5 without creating any doubt as to whether a key star had been recast.

In reality, however, Mackenzie and her co-stars are growing up, and the show has retained the interest of the audience.

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