Learn all the facts surrounding ‘Wonder Woman’ actress Lynda Carter’s plastic surgery endeavors, most notably Botox and facelift, through the inspection of before and after changes.

Lynda Carter has been mesmerizing us on our screens for a really long time. Her exposure to the glamour world began when she was merely a teenager. Carter’s brilliant talents were undeniable as she won the Miss World USA in 1972.

However, much like all other glamorous actresses, she has endured the burden of being the center of attention for so long and the expectations of fans and the general public to look her best all the time, creating accusations of plastic surgery.

The topic of cosmetic surgery revolving around celebrities is no longer a surprise. It has turned into more of a regular ritual for any star at the top. So, how much plastic surgery did Lynda Carter actually perform? Let’s find out.

Lynda Carter’s Plastic Surgery Includes Botox and Facelift

Lynda Carter before and after plastic surgery, notably Botox and facelift.

Lynda Carter before and after alleged plastic surgery.
Image Source: Reddit

One of the most beautiful performances Lynda Carter is famous for is undoubtedly her role as Wonder Woman. However, with all the fame and recognition she’s achieved during her career, there have been some unpleasant reports surrounding her professional life.

It was once claimed Lynda Carter had undergone plastic surgery. This was never addressed, leaving fans wondering if she actually went under the knife.

Carter had a huge event at Big Apple when she was advertising a concert. There, fans couldn’t help but notice her incredible beauty as she looked so wondrously stunning and young, even though she was supposed to be past her prime.

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It’s really difficult for you to ease down the aging process as you hit the sixties. Lynda Carter appears to be an exception, though, as the actress has looked pretty young and attractive throughout.

Because of this, several reports about Lynda Carter’s cosmetic surgery started to circulate in the media. When you compare her before and after pictures, you’ll end up with the obvious reality that the actress did have plastic surgery all over her face.

It was widely suspected Botox injections were the one Lynda Carter took as a part of her cosmetic surgery endeavors. One thing is for sure, there have already been several medications that have been put in order to help with all the wrinkles and other aging issues.

Facelift and Botox seem to have kept her appearance and attractiveness intact, making her look like Wonder Woman even at her age.

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Although she underwent surgery, Lynda Carter has always carried the same level of charisma and grace, much to her credit.

Lynda Carter Previously Stated She’s Afraid of Getting Plastic Surgery

The last thing Lynda Carter wants to do is undergo plastic surgery, or so she claims.

Former Miss World USA 1972, well-renowned as Princess Diana in the hit series “Wonder Woman,” told Closer Weekly in 2018 that she had not contemplated doing any cosmetic operations to push back the hands of time.

She admitted,

I’m just too afraid of looking different. I don’t think I’m ever going to go under the knife — I am what I am!

Carter told the publication she had “a little Botox” and attributed working on a Peloton cycle to help her keep in shape.

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Yet, she seeks to look like her best self without forever altering her features. And Carter insisted real elegance emerges from within oneself at any age.

Carter said,

We are still full-blooded women with the complexities we all have and the powerful inner selves we all have.

That’s the part of ‘Wonder Woman’ that resounds in people — it’s that person inside of us who is so powerful that we create life. As I like to say, we are the mothers of all mankind!

Carter initially appeared in Wonder Woman from 1975 to 1979. Earlier, she said her time on the show made her feel positive, even when the lights stopped flashing.

The 69-year-old said,

‘Wonder Woman’ taught women to be who you are. I have received the greatest letters from people telling me what an inspiration she was to them because she represents an inner strength every woman has.

Although the TV show was a massive success at the time and still strikes a chord with viewers, it nearly didn’t make it to screen.

Carter revealed,

TV executives didn’t think there was a market for a female holding a show like ‘Wonder Woman.’ Women were buying all their products, yet men dominated the shows.

Former Miss Israel Gal Gadot took over the role in the latest franchise. Back in 2016, Carter said she gave her blessings to the actress and the creators.

Carter stated,

I want it to move to the next generation of women, and inspire the next generation of women.

There is some visceral identity that people have with the character that I played because they went in their backyards and they pretended to be her. We share that goddess within, maybe, and I enjoy hearing those stories. So I don’t really tire of it.

And what happened to Lynda’s classic suit, you may wonder? Well, she retained one of the initial outfits from the debut season of the series and one from the second.

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She chuckled,

They’re falling apart in a closet somewhere.

Lately, Carter is keeping herself busy as she spends time with her family and follows her first love: music.

She said,

People are always trying to put me in a box. Either I’m too tall, I’m too pretty, [or] I’m too this… or ‘you’re Wonder Woman,’ or ‘you’re an actress,’ or ‘you’re a singer, so you can’t do that.’ I think that people like to put you down to one line — a synopsis of some kind. And I just don’t pay any attention to it.

Lynda Carter is clearly not bothered by what people think of her.

Lynda Carter is an Undeniable Beauty Queen

Lynda Carter‘s career took off as a 21-year-old when she registered for a local beauty contest unplanned, which was held in her home state of Arizona.

After securing first place, Carter was sent to participate and eventually won the Miss Phoenix and Miss Arizona contests. Carter then represented the US in the Miss World Pageant in 1972 and actually reached the semi-finals of the competition.

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While she failed to win, the exposure allowed Carter’s popularity in the entertainment industry to rise to incredible heights.

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