Lionel Richie is suspected of undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures, and recently, speculations have intensified after it was revealed that he would be returning as a judge to American Idol for the 21st season. The 73-year-old singer is accused of having Botox, Facelift, and Hair Transplant. However, the songwriter has neither admitted nor denied the rumors.

Lionel Brockman Richie Jr. mostly known as Lionel Richie (born on June 20, 1949) is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and television judge who is mostly known as a judge of American Idol. Before leaving the band, he co-wrote and sang the smash singles Easy, Sail On, Three Times a Lady, and Still.

Richie co-wrote and produced Kenny Rogers‘ 1980 hit single Lady, which peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. With the release of the album Lionel Richie in 1982, which sold over four million copies and produced the hits You Are, My Love, and the top-charting Truly, he formally began his solo career.

People are curious about the specifics of the multiple plastic surgery treatments the 73-year-old singer allegedly underwent when it was revealed that Lionel Richie would be returning as a judge on American Idol for its 21st season. Well, here is what we know about Lionel Richie’s cosmetic surgery!

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Did Lionel Richie Undergo Plastic Surgery? The American Idol Host Has neither Admitted nor Denied Having Botox, Facelift, and Hair Transplant; Everything Explained!

The American Idol host, Lionel Richie (@lionelrichie) is suspected of undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures including, Botox, Facelift, and Hair Transplant.

The 73-year-old singer is suspected of having Botox as he looks too young for a man who is in his 70s. The singer of Penny Lover has no wrinkles and an unnaturally smooth face, and many of his followers have resorted to Twitter to speculate about possible plastic surgery.

Lionel Richie is already 72 years old, however, he has no wrinkles on his face. Therefore, it is assumed that he got plastic surgery to make him look confident and young. He doesn’t have any facial lines, which is a little surprising considering that when he was younger, he had facial lines that have entirely vanished now.

So, unless Richie possesses some sort of mythical ancestry, it is sure that he knows a thing or two about resurrecting youth. It is very obvious from looking at his before and after pictures over the years that the famous person has undergone some cosmetic procedures to keep his young appearance.

Lionel certainly has more natural wrinkles now than he had when he was younger, yet for some reason, his face appears much smoother and line-free in the after picture.

Although there may be some truth to the proverb “Black don’t crack”, aging still causes certain natural changes to your appearance, such as drooping skin and wrinkles. Therefore, you cannot have fine lines when you are younger and not have them as you age. Why then does Lionel appear younger? It’s simple — he might be having botox!

Due to frequent cosmetic procedures and botox injections on his face, Lionel appears younger than he did more than 40 years ago.

The 73-year-old songwriter is also suspected of having a Facelift as the majority of his top face gives him an unusually smooth look for his age. His forehead and cheeks also exhibit symptoms of lifting.

Lionel Richie is also accused of having a hair transplant; over the years, Lionel has maintained his distinctively thick and curly hair. One of Lionel’s most appealing qualities, aside from his soothing voice, is his dark, thick, and curly afro hair. He had a mustache and a big afro when he was younger, and that look became his trademark.

When comparing his before and after pictures, it is speculated that he did experience some thinning. Was this a precursor to baldness? It is believed that he did, and it appears that he caught it early enough to have his receding hairline treated with a hair transplant.

So, is Lionel Richie’s thick hairline a result of heredity or did he have a hair transplant procedure? Occasionally glancing at his facial hair, it appears like he corrected the first indications of hair loss before anybody could notice!

Among fans, Richie’s cosmetic operations have not gone ignored. Lionel Richie continues to appear to undergo excessive amounts of plastic surgery. Furthermore, it does not seem all that improbable that he was advised to stop using Botox by American Idol producers. They allegedly claimed that Lionel was fixated on looking young, but he is currently on the point of becoming strange, and they wanted fans to discuss the show, not his frozen face.

So, in conclusion, the 73-year-old singer is suspected of undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures, however, the singer has neither admitted nor denied the rumors about undergoing the procedures.

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