Lauren London’s Weight Gain: The You People Cast Member Reportedly Gained 50 Pounds!


Lauren London's Weight Gain: The You People Cast Member Reportedly Gained 50 Pounds!

Lauren London’s weight gain is trending on the internet after the release of a new trailer for her film You People. The actress reportedly went up to 160 pounds from 110 pounds during the public hiatus she took since 2019 when her partner Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed. Some people have been ruthlessly trolling her and some fans have been fiercely defending her but Lauren London herself has not addressed her weight gain. 

Lauren London is an American actress who is most known for her roles in films and television shows including ATL, This Christmas, Madea’s Big Happy Family, Baggage Claim, The Game, Games People Play, and Without Remorse.

It’s been a long time since she last appeared on the screen. To the fans who have been waiting for her to make a comeback, the wait is soon ending as You People is debuting on Netflix on January 27. I’m sure that they are going to love to see her back in a buddy comedy starring comedic greats such as Jonah HillEddie Murphy, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Duchovny, and more. The Kenya Harris directorial debut with that star-studded cast looks quite promising.

However, that’s not what makes the buzz. Not the fact that she’s returning to acting after a long time but the fact that she has undergone a noticeable weight gain. There’s not as much talk of the movie itself as there is of London gaining a few pounds. Her comeback after a long time is marred because of people who have been fat-shaming her. Here are all the details about Lauren London’s weight gain!

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Lauren London’s Weight Gain: The You People Cast Member Gained 50 Pounds and Went Up to 160 Pounds!

You People is not just Lauren London‘s (@laurenlondon) comeback on the screen but it’s also her return to the public scene as this marks the breaking of her public hiatus after a long time. She had taken a break from making public appearances to deal with the grief of losing her partner. She had completely withdrawn from the public eye and made herself inaccessible since 2019 when Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed. So, when she finally stepped out in public for the promotional events of You People, fans were delighted but her comeback was soured when people started criticizing her for weight gain and fat-shaming her. She reportedly gained 50 pounds and went up to 160 pounds from 110 pounds.

Lauren London returned but brought a few extra pounds with her, some faceless people on the internet said when they caught a glimpse of her in the pictures taken from one of the promotional events where she was visibly looking bigger than she had been the last time she was in the public eyes. And off they went after that. While some people had missed her and were excited to see her back to acting and promoting, others just went on about her weight gain as if that was a crime.

So, Lauren London gained weight? What about it? The actress used to weigh approximately 110 pounds before and now she has gotten somewhere closer to 160 pounds. Because she is short (she is just five feet two inches), weight gain was more visible and pronounced on her. But whatever, she looked fine. It’s baffling to me that people just body-shame her and make cruel comments about her weight just because she got fatter than before when she still looks great.

Fans were not happy about the disgusting comments about Lauren London’s weight gain. It was nothing to be criticized or mocked when someone put on a few pounds. Plus, she could have gained weight for the role, some pointed out, which would make her weight her business and not her setback like most trolls implied. Either way, for the role or not, at any weight, she was beautiful and would always look a thousand times better than the people who had been talking sh*t about her.

Some people also took offense with Lauren London being fat-shamed and mocked for her weight gain when she had come out in the public after a long hiatus, the one she took to grieve her partner after he was shot and killed. They were not having it. That some idiots with access to the internet could be so cruel and insensitive to someone whose life had dealt a great tragedy was unfathomable to them. So, they defended her even more fiercely. One fan wrote,

Lauren London is fine as hell at any weight and the fact that she is still out here working after experiencing the tragedy she did is beautiful.

One fan was irritated that her weight gain was trending on the internet at all. They were pissed off that people gave too much weight to the negative remarks when such comments and negativity could have been drowned by not addressing them at all and just celebrating the Without Remorse actress’ return to the screen.

Yesterday, ONE man called Lauren London fat then she started trending because thousands of people attacked him. Now people are posting her but mentioning her weight (still in defense of her). Imagine if y’all just ignored that nigga & celebrated the fact that she’s acting again?

I mean, fans could take a leaf out of her book and ignore it all like Lauren London herself did back in 2017 when she was fat-shamed because of her pregnancy weight gain.

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