Laura Loomer, a rising Jewish personality on the far right, is said to have undergone a series of plastic surgery treatments to improve her appearance. She herself has confirmed to have done a nose job and lip fillers on her now banned Instagram post, But her followers online suspect that Laura Loomer had many more cosmetic surgeries like cheek fillers and chin reshaping.

Laura Elizabeth Loomer is an American far-right and anti-Muslim political activist, white nationalist, conspiracy theorist, and online personality who was born on May 21, 1993. She was the Republican candidate for Florida’s 21st congressional district in the 2020 elections for the US House of Representatives, however, she was defeated by Democrat Lois Frankel.

Loomer has worked as an activist and journalist for a number of organizations, including Project Veritas, a right-wing outfit famous for its undercover audio and video investigations of media outlets and left-leaning organizations that are surreptitiously recorded and deceptively manipulated.

Additionally, in 2017, she provided a brief report for the American far-right conspiracy theory and fake news website InfoWars, as well as a brief report for the Canadian far-right news website The Rebel Media.

Laura Loomer became well-known as a result of being banned from multiple social media sites, payment processors, car-hire services, and mobile apps for food delivery for a variety of reasons, including breaking rules against hate speech and disseminating false information.

With the rise in fame, Laura Loomer started to gain followers along the way. Her followers online claim that she might have had plastic surgery. Read this article to find out if she went under the knife.

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Laura Loomer’s Plastic Surgery Obsession May Be Out of Hand; Fans Urge Her to Stop Going Under the Knife!

Laura Loomer, a rising Jewish figure on the far right, reportedly undergone a series of plastic procedures to improve her appearance. Multiple Rhinoplasty treatments have been performed to change the curve of her nose, as well as Lip fillers, Chin reshaping and Cheek fillers, and other procedures. People online claim that she is addicted to plastic surgery.

Laura Loomer’s improbable journey to the Republican Party‘s congressional nomination includes three arrests for publicity stunts, a ban from the most popular social media sites, the freezing of her bank account for remarks deemed to be anti-Muslim hate speech, the egging of her green Audi Q5, and a stalker who is a known sex offender.

She’s also faced several death threats and a flood of bizarre allegations, such as that she underwent gender reassignment surgery or that she works for the Israeli spy service Mossad.  Few people are aware of Laura Loomer’s personal background, despite the fact that she is best known for her provocative and frequently insulting statements, such as calling Islam cancer on humanity.

She is quite honest about whatever plastic surgery she has had. Laura expressed her joy for her new nose in a post about her rhinoplasty on her now-banned Instagram account. Laura expressed her joy at having a new nose next to the images of her before and after surgery. She also wanted to thank her surgeon by making him her regular plastic surgeon.

Loomer’s doctor is Joseph Pober, a surgeon from Manhattan who goes by the name Dr. Redpill in an effort to reinvent himself as the surgeon of preference for Trump supporters and other members of the far right.

After she released photos of her getting a nose job, her followers suspect she has had many other surgeries such as lip fillers, check fillers, browlifts, and many more procedures. Some of Laura Loomer’s online followers think that she is addicted to plastic surgery procedures and that she needs to stop now before things get out of hand.

Some of her followers claim that now she looks completely different and she is unrecognizable from her past self. She now claims that she is done with plastic surgeries and that she won’t go under the knife anytime soon.

Laura Loomer Loses Florida Primary Election

The vilest of the vile, Laura Loomer, a far-right fanatic and outspoken bigot lost the Republican primary for a Florida congressional seat on Tuesday. However, Loomer may be the Democrats‘ greatest chance to flip an otherwise safe GOP seat because she is urging her followers to oppose the GOP nominee in the general election.

Despite being as vile as she is, Laura Loomer was nominated by the GOP for the 21st Congressional District of Florida in 2020. Thankfully, in that firmly blue district, Democrat Lois Frankel defeated her by 20 points.

But for 2022, Loomer had a fresh strategy. She competed against Rep. Daniel Webster, 73, who has held office since 2011, in Florida’s 11th Congressional District, which leans firmly Republican. She also nearly succeeded. Only roughly 5,000 votes separated Webster from Loomer, who shocked many by receiving 44% of the vote.

But Laura Loomer has refused to acknowledge her loss, taking a cue from her adored former president. She proclaimed on election night in a Trumpian manner, ‘I’m not conceding, because I’m a winner!’ She also asserted that there had been voter fraud, as you may have anticipated. Soon, several of her internet supporters started reiterating her unfounded fraud allegations.

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