Laura Kightlinger’s Plastic Surgery: What’s Wrong With Her Face?


Laura Kightlinger's Plastic Surgery: What's Wrong With Her Face?

Fans wonder about Curb Your Enthusiasm star Laura Kightlinger’s plastic surgery, notably on her face. She previously had surgeries on her jaw and skull. Have a look at her before and after pictures.

Laura Kightlinger is an actor, comedian, and writer from the United States. She worked as a writer and consultant producer on Will & Grace, as well as starring on the program as Nurse Sheila on occasions.

Kightlinger also devised, scripted, and executively produced the television show The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman.

On a personal front, Laura Kightlinger has recently become the subject of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. Did she really go under the knife? Let’s discuss.

Laura Kightlinger’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Wonder Why Her Face Looks Weird

Laura Kightlinger before and after plastic surgery.

Laura Kightlinger before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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Laura Kightlinger, a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer, has allegedly undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures. People tend to dislike her “horrible” cheek and chin enhancements.

The actress, to be fair, is not undergoing these procedures to boost her appearance; rather, she is having them to treat a degenerative jaw problem that is leading her to lose teeth and suffer from excruciating migraines.

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Owing to her health, Laura has had surgeries performed on her jaw and skull. Her bones were not correctly linked, and her chin was out of line, causing her agonizing headaches.

If you’ve seen her standup routine, you’ve probably heard her relate humorous stories about her many treatments, as well as her clinical x-rays. The procedures, by the way, are still continuing as part of her treatment plan.

In recent times, though, viewers are paying further attention to her because of her alleged plastic surgery, noticeable the change in her face.

As we mentioned earlier, the Curb Your Enthusiasm star’s face has been transformed as a result of multiple jaw and skull surgeries. She has had additional procedures planned for the future because she was losing her teeth owing to a degenerative jaw issue.

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Her face may have been slightly distorted as a result of the procedures. Aside from that, she looks fantastic.

Laura Kightlinger’s Relationship Status: She Previously Dated Jack Black

Away from her accomplishments, Laura Kightlinger is most known as the ex-fiancee of actor/musician Jack Black. The former couple began dating in 1997.

Laura and Jack most likely clicked over a common love of comedy when they initially met. They went above and beyond to showcase PDA while attending red carpet events, staying true to their hilarious selves.

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Laura and her then-boyfriend Jack were the “it” pair in the entire entertainment industry. It’s no surprise that the couple’s engagement sent fans into a frenzy. Marriage and raising a family felt like a natural next step for them.

The romance, however, was not meant to last forever. Laura and Jack parted ways after nine years of dating in 2005. By all accounts, the split was cordial.

Laura and Jack got back into the dating pool after hardly mourning their breakup. By 2006, the former had a boyfriend and the latter went on to wed Tanya Haden.

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Tanya and Jack share two kids. Laura, who had grown aloof from the dating scene over time, did not suffer the same fate. Her choice of younger companions was also ineffective.

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