Grab all the details of Laura Geller’s weight loss journey, diet plan, and fitness routine. Check out her before and after transformation in 2020.

Laura Geller, a professional makeup artist, launched her flagship beauty line over two decades ago with the intention of producing truly revolutionary products that bring joy back into makeup.

The Broadway and TV makeup artist transforms formal application into basic tricks for real females of all ages, thanks to her enthusiasm for beauty and innate instruction ability.

Her simple artisanal formulations provide outstanding coverage and color for all skin types and tones, and the results are be-YOU-ti-ful.

Meanwhile, on a personal front, Laura Geller is the subject of weight loss curiosity amongst fans on the internet. How did she shed pounds? Let’s find out.

Laura Geller’s Weight Loss – Fans Discuss Her Change in Physique

Laura Geller before and after weight loss.

Laura Geller before and after weight loss.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Fans often debate Laura Geller’s weight loss on the internet. Some have been noticing how she’s looked much thinner in her latest appearance.

One such user said on a QVC forum,

She is one of my favs to watch… even if im not buying anything… Last few shows I have noticed that her face and neck are markedly thinner… Good for her… Congrats Laura… im rooting for you

Another mentioned,

I rarely watch QVC, but did se Laura a couple of weeks ago or so and I, also, thought she looked thinner.

Some, however, were not best pleased to hear the praise for undergoing weight loss, claiming it’s rude and it just means they were not fine before.

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One user stated in the same vein,

Yes, I too think it is remarkably rude to say how much better, how nice, etc someone looks if they have lost some weight! Trust me…its not a compliment. Saying those words says more than you think. It says how terrible and disgusting they looked before weight loss. Not nice in my eyes.

As expected, not everybody bought into the non-sense, so they were quick to put down the drivel. One replied,

When I see a person who was previously heavy and they have lost weight I am happy for them. A lot of excess weight is a health hazard. If they were a close friend or relative and we had personal conversations, I wouldn’t hesitate to say they looked great, and I hoped they were feeling good. If it were a casual acquaintance, I would not mention it.

It’s worth noting Laura mentioned her sister’s death in late 2020 and thanked everybody for their condolences. It’s definitely not body shaming to acknowledge whether she shed pounds by dieting or simply didn’t eat as much due to grievance.

Laura Geller Reveals How She Sparked Interest in Beauty

Laura Geller grew up in the Rockland County suburbs of New York, and there was a stunning lady on her block who was employed at a supermarket selling merchandise.

Laura was so taken with how she made herself up that she’d go to her home and have her make her up for all her parties and Sweet Sixteens. She noticed how powerful she felt and witnessed it as an opportunity. Could it be significant? She wasn’t sure; she had no idea what would happen.

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Geller got straight into the business after graduating from high school. She obtained her license and attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. She was only 18 years old when she began. Laura could have gotten to where she is today a lot faster, but she kind of liked the lessons she learned along the way.

Speaking of her journey that has gone on for over two decades, the entrepreneur said:

I’ve been a makeup artist for over 35 years, and started in television, film, and theater. About 30 years ago, I started doing makeup for my clients privately.

She added,

They wanted to purchase the products after I finished making them up. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I was able to communicate how to do makeup in a way that encouraged people to buy products, and break makeup down in a way that was goof-proof and not intimidating.

Geller continued,

I thought, What if I could develop a whole line around products that really help women enjoy doing their makeup in an uncomplicated way? So I created my own line in 1997.

The makeup artist made the decision to move to QVC after partaking in retail sales. Sharing her experience of selling makeup on TV, she touched on several factors that go into the magic of being on-air and marketing your product.

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Laura Geller reckons you need not be an actress or a television expert—you just ought to love your job with genuine passion and believe in your product. It goes without saying, you would also need a high-quality commodity. She believes she is only ever as good as her products.

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