Lady Kitty Spencer’s Weight Loss – How Did Princess Diana’s Niece Lose Weight?


Lady Kitty Spencer's Weight Loss - How Did Princess Diana's Niece Lose Weight?

Lady Kitty Spencer’s weight loss is trending following her wedding to billionaire fiance Michael Lewis. Check out her before and after transformation.

After a spoof engagement to a football player, the 30-year-old UK royal, Lady Kitty Spencer, is now the wife of 62-year-old billionaire businessman Michael Lewis.

Besides her royalty, she is well-known for spending late nights modeling for premium fashion companies such as Bulgari and Gucci.

Lady Kitty Spencer’s life, both then and now, is pretty fascinating. The fact that Princess Diana‘s South African niece evolved from a party girl in Cape Town to a London fashion model is remarkable in itself.

Recently, however, this gorgeous lady is making rounds owing to the astonishment over her change in physique following dramatic weight loss. How did Lady Kitty Spencer lose weight? Let’s discuss.

Lady Kitty Spencer’s Weight Loss is Currently Trending on the Internet

Lady Kitty Spencer before and after weight loss.

Lady Kitty Spencer before and after weight loss.
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Since her engagement to billionaire Michael Lewis, Lady Kitty Spencer has been making rounds on the internet in more ways than one. She quickly made it through the ranks of the fashion world, representing Gucci and Bulgari.

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She was no longer just Princess Diana‘s niece, but also a well-known model around the world. Her weight loss speculations resurfaced following her marriage to her 62-year-old fiance.

Despite their massive age differences of three decades, the pair had been engaged for almost a year with a wedding on the cards for quite a while.

The ceremony took place in Villa Aldo Brandini in Frascati, Italy. Without a doubt, the nuptials of the top model and billionaire tycoon was spectacular and lavishly decorated.

Lady Kitty looked stunning in her wedding gown, which has prompted some speculation surrounding her physique. The South African girl appeared completely transformed as her body couldn’t look leaner.

The model noticeably has undergone a huge amount of weight loss when contrasting her before and after images.

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As a matter of fact, it’s well documented that Kitty Spencer’s transformation from the beginning of the last decade to its end is truly exceptional.

Lady Kitty Spencer’s Weight Loss – From Cape Town Party Girl to London Fashion Model

Lady Kitty Spencer is a well-known face on the social arena and even the runway as a result of her links to the late Princess Diana.

Kitty grew up with a quiet life in South Africa, afield from the mainstream media, as the niece of the People’s Princess.

Spencer, who was once recognized as a Cape Town party girl, changed her persona, appearance, and even her selection of men when she moved back to England.

Lady Kitty Spencer’s mom and dad, Victoria Aitken and Charles Spencer, relocated their household from London to Cape Town in 1995 to avoid all the attention.

Kitty’s upbringing was described as basic, with her roaming around barefoot and her father ensuring she lived budgeted in order to educate her on the importance of wealth.

She featured on the cover of the British high-end magazine Tatler when she was 18 years old, which was seen as her initiation to society.

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Despite being somewhat unknown in South African peer groups, Spencer quickly established herself as a party girl after being crowned the nation’s most fashionable “model and person” at the 2009 South African Style Awards.

Kitty’s victory propelled her into the A-list bracket in local cliques, and she was seen at nearly every social occasion from then on. As Kitty’s celebrity grew, so did attention in her personal life, and she was seen snogging with soccer player Larry Cohen.

She ultimately admitted their affection but opted to keep it private, preferring to concentrate on her academics. When quizzed about Cohen, who starred for Johannesburg’s Jomo Cosmos, she told the press that having a decent degree is the most essential thing to her.

Now, Kitty is married to 62-year-old businessman Michael Lewis. Spencer, 30, was set to wed last year in Italy, but the event was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kitty, who was known for storming the dance floor and being one of the last ladies to exit a party, had to flee when a joke got her in conflict with her family.

She announced her engagement to Cohen on Facebook, prompting her father’s publicist at the time, Jill Grogor, to hurry in and attempt damage limitation, telling South Africa’s Sunday Times:

I can categorically deny the rumours. They are not engaged. It was just a Facebook hoax. Kitty’s father and I had to smooth things out after those posts. It had big implications, her father was furious.

Kitty may be a sought-after model now, but she freely stated 10 years ago that she was uninterested in labels. She defined South Africans as having a distinct sense of fashion than Europeans and herself as possessing a “quirky” aesthetic, frequently going shopping at Topshop and H&M.

Kitty’s physique was much fuller in 2010. She has frequently complained about receiving criticism because of her weight, claiming that many people remarked on her “chunky thighs.” She overlooked the criticisms at the time, claiming she didn’t think she could keep to a diet and hence didn’t bother.

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Merely a few years later, her reduced figure and substantial weight loss became obvious. Kitty, who currently resides in London, frequently posts photos of herself attending fashion shows.

Many refer to her as a society girl, a description she openly despises: in her very first interview, at the age of 18, she told a British tabloid how being perceived as a society girl is precisely the last thing she needed since education is a tremendous opportunity, and she simply wanted to take advantage of it.

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