Complete Breakdown of ‘General Hospital’ Actress Kim Delaney’s Plastic Surgery


Kim Delaney's plastic surgery speculations

All the facts behind General Hospital actress Kim Delaney’s alleged plastic surgery procedures.

Born on 29th November 1961, Kim Delaney is an American actress, best known for her portrayal of Detective Diane Russell in the ABC police procedural drama NYPD Blue, for which she received the Emmy Award.

Early in her career, she played the role of Jenny Gardner in the daytime ABC soap opera All My Children. Lately, however, it’s not her professional life that is making rounds, rather her appearance.

Kim Delaney’s cosmetic enhancements has never been confirmed either by the star or by someone close to her. However, there are clear signs of plastic surgery. Let’s dig deep into the details.

Did Kim Delaney Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Kim Delaney before and after plastic surgery.

Kim Delaney before and after plastic surgery.
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Fans perceive Kim Delaney to be a naturally ageless woman. Today, in her fifties, some speculation has emerged, which has led to reports that Kim is performing plastic surgery to retain her gorgeous looks.

Her eyes, uneven face lines, and lips carry the potential to bring speculations, and the word on the internet is she used cosmetic surgery to retain her trademark look.

A woman in her 50s tends to have loose, saggy skin. Kim Delaney’s skin though is taut and fresh-looking. How does she manage it?

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A lot of aging female actresses use a variety of approaches to retain their beauty as long as they can. The most typical of these techniques are facelifts and Botox injections.

Anyone who is familiar with these techniques recognizes balance is crucial, and any mishap is clearly visible by contrasting the before and after pictures in the facial region.

Facelift and Botox combine to align the lower and upper regions of the face. They hold the skin close and remove all the sagging while adding some texture into the face to make it look vibrant and remove any lingering facial lines.

Apparently, these approaches have been effective for Kim because right now she looks two decades younger than her age.

Although her facial rejuvenation techniques went well, there’s another rumor that she underwent lip augmentation. Today, her lips are full and licentious and look slightly artificial.

When plastic surgery is way too clear, it seems to be terrible, even when the user has ended up with the desired outcome. It appears that Kim Delaney had already undergone terrible cosmetic changes on her mouth.

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She’s known as a ‘duck mouth’ thanks to her transition. She might need to strive to undo the whole procedure of inserting injectable chemicals in her face.

Though Kim Delaney has neither acknowledged nor denied the gossips about her going under the knife, it seems clear work has already been done on her face.

Some of her procedures have gone way smoother than most, but she still appears to be looking for more youthful looks.

‘General Hospital’ Fans Were Delighted After Kim Delaney Made Her Return

Kim Delaney finally returned to the soap world in October 2020, and the viewers of General Hospital were delighted.

The All My Children star may be popular for her appearance as Jenny Gardner on the soap, but she took upon the role of another legendary character as she came to Port Charles.

The 6th October episode of General Hospital saw the actress feature as Jackie Templeton – a persona formerly played by Demi Moore.

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And fans were quite excited to see the Army Wives star back on their screens.

Jackie is a fearless investigative journalist who has worked for both Luke and Robert, but nobody really spoke about her since she left Port Charles in the 1980s.

Some fans are still tossing out hypotheses about her return, implying that she could be Chase’s mum.

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