Full Story on American Comedian Kevin James’ Impressive 80 Pounds Weight Loss Journey


Full Story on Kevin James' 80 Pounds Weight Loss Journey and Diet

Everything you need to know about Kevin James’ weight loss journey and diet.

As far as weight loss is concerned, typically the motivating factor behind weight loss is related to health issues, or self-realization, or similar stuff. But for a performer, it relies so much on the parts he has undertaken and his dedication to it.

Today, we are going to write about another of the brilliant comedians/actors who shed a huge amount of weight, none other than Kevin James. Do you realize James weighed at an all-time peak of 290 pounds when he signed up for his film Here Comes the Boom?

The reason to lose weight, you ask? The actor was going to play the part of a biology instructor who later became a UFC martial arts competitor to raise funds for his education. Now, let us move on and learn the specifics of Kevin James’ insane weight loss transformation.

Kevin James’ Weight Loss Journey – How Did He Shed 80 Pounds?

Kevin James before and after weight loss.

Kevin James before and after weight loss.
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We’ve all seen Kevin James perform light-hearted comedy roles like Doug Heffernan on the CBC Sitcom The King of Queens, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and several others.

Although he has always been seen in his relaxed cuddly self, there has also been the ruggedness of his weight tagging all the way. That is exactly why the actor leaped at the opportunity to star in the movie Here Comes The Boom, where he actually had to stay in shape.

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To step into the body of a tough fighter, James underwent a whopping 80-pound weight loss with the aid of MMA mentor Ryan Parsons. The preparation guided him to perform all the battle scenes without sustaining any injury, even though much of the time he was seen dwindling to the ground in the film.

What is Kevin James’ Weight Loss Diet and Workout Routine?

The 55-year-old star was literally and figuratively pushed into action by his MMA mentor Parsons. The two had previously met on the set of his TV show The King of Queens, so it was easier for them to connect over the script.

The preparation included developing endurance, teamwork, versatility, and power. For which his trainer recommended a regular regimen of therapeutic ball movements combined with push-ups and situps. For the boxing practice, he had to perform a full-body exercise, beginning with pad training, shadowboxing, mixed kicks, and much more.

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Kevin James also had a closely controlled eating plan to achieve his weight loss goal that included all the vegetables he could probably get into his body. James had been preparing for a whopping 14 months, exercising three times a day to stay in condition for the project. Indeed, in the end, his perseverance paid off with the success of the film.

Kevin James Inserted Himself into the Infamous Coin Toss Scene from ‘No Country For Old Men’

The comedic actor Kevin James put himself into the notorious coin toss scene from No Country for Old Men, and the outcome is quite amusing.

James is well recognized for his long-standing comedy The King of Queens, as well as his performances in the comedies of his pal Adam Sandler. The star found himself gaining unprecedented fame in 2020, due to the videos he shared on his YouTube channel during the COVID-19 quarantine.

His first video, just four months earlier, showed him as a hapless sound guy on the Star Wars set: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. The Sound Guy, as he is called, responds in surprise to the classic twist that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s dad.

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The 60-second clip, which James integrated into the action with a green screen, became a viral success and was watched more than 1.2 million times. Since then, James has uploaded a variety of videos featuring The Sound Man, integrating him into scenes from Rocky, The Notebook, Joker, among others.

The new video on Kevin James’ YouTube page brings him into the notorious coin toss sequence in Coen Brothers’ Oscar-winning murder drama No Country For Old Men.

Featuring Javier Bardem in one of his finest roles, the remorseless hitman Anton Chigurh, the initial scene is a exciting slow burn, exposing how bad the villain is. Then, James’ spoof tears the sequence together as though he was pulling a line with the Spanish star.

Via some brilliant editing, Kevin makes it look as though the short belongs to the behind the scenes of the production, and the end is especially rewarding because it seems like Bardem approves of James’ impromptu performance.

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It also reveals the strength of Bardem’s quality as he is always terrifying, even though he is put opposite James’ clueless Sound Guy.

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