Kate Sisk Weight Loss Rumors – Find the Real Truth


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Kate Sisk Weight Loss - Find the Real Truth

Most of the Married at First Sight viewers rooted for Kate Sisk after her decision to ditch Luke Cuccurullo. Since she reverted her relationship status to single, she’s been active with her women’s underwear and sleepwear line, Hidden Intimates.

The reality star is busy traveling and still hangs out with the castmates of her MAFS season. She also featured on a podcast with her fellow MAFS alum Jamie Otis. Outside of releasing a breakup song shortly following their separation, it’s clear that she put her past behind her with former husband, Luke Cuccurullo.

Now, fans appear to be curious about Kate Sisk’s weight loss. Has she actually lost weight? What’s the real truth? Let’s find out.

Kate Sisk Weight Loss – The Reality Star Took to Instagram to Address the Rumors


On 23rd May 2020, Married at First Sight star Kate Sisk took to Instagram to remind the fans women are more than just their physical appearance. She shared a screenshot of the Google search queries of her name, most notably the part where the users are looking up her ‘makeover’ and ‘weight loss.’ She captioned the post:

I am more than my body. I Googled myself, and the most popular things people search after my name are “makeover” and “weight loss.” Women are more than their bodies. Women are more than someone’s wife or ex-wife. Don’t forget that!

It’s quite clear Kate Sisk is not fond of people wondering about her weight loss. Meanwhile, there’s no hint on whether the reality star actually lost weight recently. It seems merely fan speculations at this point.

Taking a peek into the MAFS star’s Instagram, there’s barely any noticeable change in her physique. So, the rumors of her weight loss are basically created by fans who must have noticed some alteration in her weight while looking up her pictures.

Even if Sisk did undergo weight loss, it must be only a few pounds, which is quite normal for just about anybody.

Kate Sisk Revealed Secret About Her Sex Life with Married at First Sight Husband Luke Cuccurullo

Kate Sisk couldn’t keep this secret about her sex life with Married at First Sight husband Luke Cuccurullo any longer.

Back in March, Kate came to the marital specialist Dr. Pepper Schwartz without her husband’s awareness with a surprising revelation that following her partner’s early declaration that he wasn’t sexually drawn to her, the pair had been having a sexual relationship since their honeymoon. Things have taken a course for the worse.

“Luke asked me not to talk about this with the experts, but I can’t keep it a secret anymore,” she confessed. “Luke and I have been having sex since the honeymoon, and it’s awkward.”

She revealed, “He’s very serious after sex and quiet and doesn’t want to be around me. Usually, he’ll go into the other room and not talk to me for two hours.”

“I didn’t realize it was a much bigger deal for him,” she continued of their first encounter. “I just kind of thought, ‘It’s our honeymoon; we’re married; I like you so far, and I just asked, and we did, and it turns out he didn’t want to and just seemed really unhappy about it. I felt terrible, and I just feel like it really affected our sexual relationship since then.”

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While Luke is initiating the romance, Kate claiming his perplexing response had discouraged her from having sex with him.“Because that has been his reaction, usually if he suggests having sex, I talk to him a lot about it beforehand,” she told Dr. Pepper. “Like, ‘Look, I wanna make sure you actually wanna do this, and you don’t just feel obligated because I’m your wife, because I don’t like how you get afterward — I don’t like how you leave the room or look unhappy.”

Despite Luke’s reassurances that things are fine between them in those moments, he continues to disconnect from her following sex.

“I just feel terrible,” Kate continued. “I get really anxious. I don’t know what’s going on in his head — I don’t know if I did something wrong, and I don’t want him to be sad or uncomfortable, especially after having sex with me. Like I almost had a panic attack the other time, because I was just like, ‘Why are you being so weird?’ I don’t understand.”

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Kate couldn’t be certain what the motivation behind Luke’s reaction was, but she felt she had an idea.

“It’s really difficult to not feel desired, but then to also have Luke try to initiate sex,” she told the cameras. “There’s a difference between wanting to want to have sex with your wife and wanting to have sex with your wife, and I really do think he just wants to want to.”

Dr. Pepper acknowledged that Kate was correct to be worried about her odd experiences.

“The secrecy around Kate and Luke’s sex life bothers me because it’s one-sided,” she explained. “It’s not the couple saying, ‘Gee, we’ll be intimate, it’s our own business. I understand that.’ The fact that he wants it to be a secret and she feels constrained by it, that makes it impossible to not have this damage this relationship.”

Although Kate had told herself that she would bring up having violated her pledge to Luke on their couple’s vacation, she did not bring herself to, worrying that she might push her husband away and contribute to divorce.

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