Love & Hip Hop welcomed a new season back in March and that brought new faces, too. Quite literally. Because one of the stars of the show just got some plastic surgery.

And it was confirmed that Karlie Redd was the last one to have it after she had recently undergone a lip surgery! Let’s dig deep into Karlie Redd’s plastic surgery allegations!

Karlie Redd’s Plastic Surgery – Did She Get Lip Injections?

On 16 March 2020, Karlie Redd made her debut at the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” season opener, leaving her viewers curious whether she went under a knife for a facial reconstructive procedure.

The viewers looked at reality stars for the first time this season when they saw Rasheeda and Kirk Frost attend the 20-year-old wedding-anniversary celebration on the Season 9 premiere episode.

Her co-star Alexis Skyy crashed the couple’s party with the aim of fighting Redd. Their beef originated from Skyy as she is claimed to have been involved in the engagement with Redd’s ex-husband, Arkansas Mo.

Redd discussed the issue in a personal interview by claiming, “What I’ve been going through in my personal life lately has been tough enough. But Alexis bringing more drama, when I’ve been dealing with blow after blow, is too much. Oh, it’s on b—h.”

Although Redd was obviously intimidating Skyy for wanting to attack her, the fans were more fascinated by Redd ‘s supposed face injections.

“I can’t believe what Karlie did to her face,” a fan shockingly said.

“Am I the only one who noticed Karlie’s injections,” a second user asked.

A third user commented, “Why Would Karlie Get Her Lips That Big ?.”

“What happened to Karlie’s face ?,” a fourth user questioned.

“Why tf did Karlie get her lips done???‬,” a fifth fan wrote.

A sixth user commented, “Oh no? Karlie girl… YO FACE? Whhhhhhyyyyyyy.”

Redd is yet to confirm if she underwent plastic surgery. But fans always seemed to carry a fixation with Redd’s appearance.

Just a couple of years ago, fans criticized her of being too old for reality shows. The viewers believed the star was 51. The actress, however, refuted those claims on the episode of ‘The Real.’

In May 2019, Redd revealed she was 45 years old. She mentioned she’d never been hesitant to admit her age, so she didn’t know why people were obsessed about how old she was.

Karli Redd Did Multiple Facial Surgeries

As Karlie Redd made her first entrance on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ she surprised all of her followers with her fresh look. Every improvement in her face became very noticeable, beginning with a botox on her forehead.

Not only that, she went through a few surgeries to get the cheek fillers implanted on her face.

Although Karlie didn’t get the public’s reaction as she expected, people still seemed angry regarding such unconventional methods celebrities appear to do. She has had lip injections for her facial surgery, as per reports.

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Though close friends adored Redd, most of her followers were furious with the VH1 celebrity.

A fan wrote on her Instagram post, “I can’t believe what Karlie did to her face.” Likewise, another specifically talked about her new lips and asked, “Why tf did Karlie get her lips done???”

Despite creating a great deal of controversy and hype, Redd has not yet cleared up the allegations against her.

The creators of ‘Love & Hop: Atlanta’ definitely offered us some insight on the speculated cosmetic procedures when they indicated Karlie’s plastic surgery would be one of the main topics back in August 2019.

Redd Had Her Buttocks Done

The actress of ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ Karlie Redd, went through operation underneath the skirts as well. Yeah, she made her buttocks look much bigger to drive the already sexy body to the limits.

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The TV star displayed her brand new behinds in the most spectacular way, with a flashy picture on her Instagram handle in August 2019.

In an interview with VH1, the model rejected surgery but did not rule out the prospect as she asked her doctor if it was necessary.

Her doctor claimed the best way to get the butts she needed was by adding weight, which Redd didn’t like.

Karlie Redd denied surgery on her buttocks, but the pictures don’t lie. Earlier in August 2019, the 45-year-old Redd even reshaped her nose somewhat, possibly through a small plastic surgery procedure.

The idea of appearing youthful appears wonderful, but others assume that this time she has crossed the boundaries.

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