Karlie Redd Before Plastic Surgery: Has the Love and Hip Hop Star Undergone Any Cosmetic Enhancement?


Karlie Redd Before Plastic Surgery: Has the Love and Hip Hop Star Undergone Any Cosmetic Enhancement?

Karlie Redd, 48, recently responded to rumors of plastic surgery on her face after her before pictures caused an uproar on social media. However, the Love & Hip-Hop star assured her fans that it was only minor lip injections and that she had no other work done like Botox, Nose job, or Buttock Implants.

Karlie Redd (b. April 15, 1974) is an American television rapper, personality, model, and actress best known for her role as a regular on VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta since its debut in 2012. She was born in New York City to a Trinidadian mother and an African-American father.

Redd spent her childhood in Trinidad and New York before relocating to New York permanently at the age of 12. She received his education at The Harlem School of the Arts and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

The star of Top Five appearance caused concern after a photo of her that appeared different from what her fans are accustomed to began circulating online. Many critics have since taken to social media to express their displeasure with the reality star’s new look.

However, the television personality assured her fans that it was only minor lip injections and that she had no other plastic surgery work done. Let’s look into Karlie Redd’s plastic surgery allegations in depth!

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Karlie Redd Before Plastic Surgery: The Love and Hip Hop Star Admits Having Lip Injection but Denies Other Accusations Like Nose Job, Botox & Buttocks Implant!

Karlie Redd (@iamkarlieredd) has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Comparing her before pictures, she has had changes in every part of her body, whether it is her face or her backside. The mother of one has been rumored to have multiple plastic surgery procedures recently after revealing her new look last week.

It was all over the news because her face was something you couldn’t take your eyes off of. It’s not because Redd is particularly attractive, but because of the lift in her brows, lips, and cheeks, she’s had on her face.

Karlie Redd is reported to have undergone plastic surgery in order to regain the youthful skin she once possessed. When compared to her previous face, the wrinkles on her face and creases on her forehead have significantly reduced in her near fifties. The aging symptoms, such as fine lines and dark circles, have magically vanished, leading us to believe that she did, in fact, use Botox injections on her face.

The 48-year-old rapper has also been accused of a nose job to correct the shape of her nose. The obvious reason for this is the recent alteration to her nose. When compared to her current slimmer and sharpened nose, it used to have a larger bump and her nasal bridge was thicker. Thus it implies that she had her nose trimmed.

Meanwhile, fans on social media went crazy when they saw the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star’s new look. Because of the thickness that they have recently gained, the pictures she has now are very promising in proving the fact that she had multiple plastic surgeries on her face.

Karlie Redd’s lips have grown significantly in size, giving them a fuller, more juicy appearance. You can tell she had fillers on her lips just by looking at her current and previous photos; it’s that obvious. Furthermore, she’s going to stop because everyone keeps mentioning her face.

Additionally, a Buttocks implant is a procedure that the reality star is reported to have. She hinted in an interview that she wanted to have a gorgeous set of buttocks like K. Michelle, who had buttock implants. The model desired larger buttocks, the surgeon advised her to gain some weight in order to have a larger rear end; however, she stated that she would not gain any weight in order to make her back look bigger and more appealing. So she took a shortcut and had the plastic surgery procedure, which resulted in the wonderful buttocks she now has.

Social media users were taken aback after seeing a photo of Karlie with noticeably larger lips and higher cheekbones. It wasn’t long before the 48-year-old became aware of the online commotion and addressed the hurtful remarks.

Some claim Karlie Redd has completely destroyed herself. Karlie insisted that she had only gotten a lip injection. She didn’t have any other plastic surgery on her face, but Redd always had Tim do her makeup with my eyes slanted. Furthermore, that is her thing that makes her eyes catty.

Personal Life of Karlie Redd: Is She Dating Someone?

Karlie Redd hasn’t spoken about her relationship status, but it appears that she is currently happily single and thriving. Jasmine, her daughter, has appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Following her breakup with Young Joc, Karlie moved on to Maurice Mo Fayne, who later proposed to her in 2018.

Meanwhile, Karlie Redd was in a serious relationship with Arkansas native and tow truck company owner, Maurice, so when he proposed with an 18-carat ring, she was taken aback. It’s unclear when the couple began dating because they kept their romance private. However, they were never without their ups and downs. In fact, things had gotten so heated that it appeared that their relationship was coming to an end.

Shortly after her engagement news broke. In 2019, Karlie discovered that Maurice was the father of another woman’s baby and that he withheld this information, putting a strain on their relationship. Just a few days later, the 48-year-old shared a photo of herself and Maurice looking happier than ever, implying that they’d reconciled.

However, the couple ended their engagement, and according to Maurice, it was all because of Karlie Redd. Maurice revealed in an Instagram post that has since been deleted that someone allegedly sent him an Instagram Live video of Karlie flirting with someone else, implying that she was cheating on him.

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