Julia Morris’ Weight Loss: The 54-Year-Old Australian Star Looks Almost Unrecognizable!

Chloe Sanchez

Julia Morris’ Weight Loss: The 54-Year-Old Australian Star Looks Almost Unrecognizable!

Many people want to know about Julia Morris’ weight loss journey as she looks completely different yet healthy and fit in 2023. Well, it seems the 54-year-old Australian star has been following a strict diet and workout routine and is serious about her health.

Julia Carolyn Margaret Morris aka Julia Morris (born 20 April 1968) is an Australian comedian, television presenter, and actress who has been on Australian television and radio and has toured the nation with her solo comedy shows. She spent her early years on the Central Coast. She moved to the UK in 2000, made appearances on British television, and then made her way back to Australia in 2007.

She made her television debut at the age of 17 in 1985 as a participant in the talent competition, New Faces. Morris’s big break came when she joined the cast of the popular Australian sketch comedy series Full Frontal in 1995, after spending a number of years performing in variety and stand-up.

She then frequently appeared in the television shows, The Middle Show, Good Morning Australia, Beauty and the Beast, and Gladiators. In 2000, she also made an appearance on the TV game show, QI, after moving to the UK.

Over the few years, Julia Morris has been in the spotlight because of her significant weight loss. Yes, the 54-year-old star looks much more attractive now. As a result, many people have been wanting to know about her journey to lose weight. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

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Julia Morris’ Weight Loss: The 54-Year-Old Australian Star Was Suggested to Lose Some Weight by a Physiotherapist!

Julia Morris (@ladyjuliamorris) now looks almost unrecognizable yet attractive after undergoing a significant weight loss transformation. It’s impressive that she is in her best shape at the age of 54. Many people, especially women, have been curious to know how she was able to achieve the physique she has now.

Well, the Australian star started her journey in 2020, right before the Covid-19 pandemic. Speaking to Good Health and Wellbeing, she explained that she was asked to start exercising by a physiotherapist in 2019 or else she would be in trouble. She stated,

He warned me about osteoporosis and said that I really need to sort my core out.

The mother-of-two stated she went to visit a trainer the next day and started training twice a week. Her core was strengthened by the exercise, or as Julia put it, it was “no longer as bad as jelly.” She also revealed that she started walking for an hour three times each week as well as tried to change her diet to reduce her “very large love affair with sugar.” She explained,

I like sugar too much to give it up, but I’m trying to stick to salads and to be conscious of each meal, though I’ll continue to have the odd treat. I’m making an effort to eat slightly smaller amounts.

However, her determination of getting into proper shape was interrupted by the pandemic. She was still in the same shape, probably because she couldn’t go anywhere or do anything but just eat.

It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve all been vaccinated and got our freedom back. And it seems Julia Morris re-started her weight loss journey as soon as the government stopped the lockdown. As of 2023, she looks way too slimmer, fit, healthy, and positive.

Comparing her before and after pictures, we can see drastic changes in her appearance. It seems she has been taking her health and weight loss very seriously. On the other hand, we don’t believe she has undergone any kinds of surgeries to lose weight. We really have to admire her determination and the hard work she has put in to get back in shape even at the age of 54.

Julia Morris’ Relationship Status in 2023!

As of 2023, Julia Morris is single and not dating anybody. Julia divorced her husband, Dan Thomas, earlier in 2022 after 16 years of marriage. Despite keeping most of the specifics to herself, she started to talk openly about her new single life while still maintaining her trademark sense of humor. While she has made fun of the benefits, she has also acknowledged that it is doubtful that we will see her get together with anybody else. In The Kyle and Jackie O show, she stated,

Before I got married, look, I had a go. Don’t worry. It’s not like I’m missing out now I’m back out there. I’m not back out there.

Given the ongoing public push to convince her I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! co-host Dr. Chris Brown to join The Bachelor, Fitzy and Wippa suggested that she might want to attempt a dating program. Julia Morris further replied,

There’s not anything more enticing than a woman who’s nearly mid 50s with teenage children who’s been through an intense amount of trauma. I think I could be the lady of his dreams.

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