‘Full House’ John Stamos’ Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?


'Full House' John Stamos' Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?

Everything you need to know about John Stamos’ plastic surgery speculations on the internet. Did he make cosmetic changes to his face? Have a look at his before and after transformation.

Which lady in the 1980s and ’90s wasn’t enamored with Full House‘s skilled and witty Uncle Jesse? John Stamos found fame across the world as Jesse, the Tanner girls’ uncle who adored his hair and treated it like a well-kept garden.

Later, he appeared as Dr. Tony Gates in the medical drama series ER, as hot in a doctor’s outfit as he was behind the piano and microphone as a brilliant performer in the Full House show.

Because of his amazing looks even in his ’50s, John Stamos has become the subject of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. Did he really go under the knife? Let’s find out.

John Stamos’ Plastic Surgery – What are the Secrets to His Ageless Skin?

John Stamos before and after plastic surgery.

John Stamos’ plastic surgery is trending on the internet.
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It’s quite common that men, like women, are concerned about their appearance. Many of them prefer to use a wide range of surgical procedures that are tailored to their desires.

While most operations are done in the same way for men and women, men prefer a more limited perspective that makes them look younger and more colorful. For men who want a more youthful and smoother appearance, injectables and fillers are often used.

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In the same vein, John Stamos, widely recognized as Uncle Jesse from Full House to millions of people, is adored by fans for his good sense of humor and stunning good looks, and his continuous youthful genes have them asking how he keeps up his magnificence.

John Stamos, who is 57 years old, seems to be getting better looking, with no signs of aging on his face. Although John insists that he isn’t embarrassed to reveal any gray across the edges, his absence of wrinkles and firm skin leads many to conclude that he receives assistance in maintaining his look.

Of course, John Stamos has Mediterranean charm and genetics that may aid him to maintain a more sculpted appearance, but one does not enter his fifties with such perfect skin without any help.

John has clearly undergone plastic surgery treatments such as Botox and chemical peels to preserve his face, staying so youthful at his age.

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When comparing photos from the last decade to recent ones, it’s clear that his forehead and eyes have improved dramatically – lines that were once visible have simply vanished.

‘Big Shot’ Star John Stamos Says Face Mask is the Secret to His Flawless Complexion

John Stamos – currently starring in Disney+’s sports dramedy Big Shot – has always been open about his admiration for aesthetics.

To begin with, his hair is still as full and smooth as it was when he first captured the hearts of the fans on Full House. In fact, he still takes it so seriously that he cuts the hair himself.

The star’s porcelain skin, like his hair, has remained unblemished over the years. The 57-year-old actor has maintained his youthful appearance, demonstrating that he is either blessed with Benjamin Button-like genes or follows a surprisingly successful skincare routine.

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While the former might be right, Stamos is no novice to the benefits of a good skin-soothing brand. Take, for example, the Instagram photo of him drinking coffee through a sheet mask while he was on a vacation in Greece.

Apart from getting to look at the dashing celebrity in his robe, the best part is that the mask is available for purchase online, allowing you to age (or not age) as graciously as Uncle Jesse.

He was sporting the Bioxidea Miracle 24 Face Mask for Men, a product he’s used before. It even arrives in a women’s edition, as if this couldn’t get any better.

Back in 2016, he uploaded another picture of himself using the same mask, calling it his hidden weapon. But, as he announced in 2017, there’s more to his youthful look than meets the eye: a bargain with the devil.

Delivering a message to the younger version of himself on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Stamos said,

Hey little John, you will have a fantastic life as long as you make sure you do one thing. Now on your eighteenth birthday the Prince of Darkness, Satan, will offer you eternal youth in exchange for your soul. Little John, I’m telling you right now… you take that deal, son.

Needless to say, plastic surgery alone cannot help maintain such a youthful appearance. Stamos is clearly a keen follower of a sensational skincare routine.

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