Real Truth About John Kerry’s Plastic Surgery Speculations


John Kerry's plastic surgery includes Botox.

Learn the complete truth surrounding John Kerry’s plastic surgery procedures.

Born on 11th December 1943, John Kerry is an American politician and diplomat, best known as the 68th Secretary of State of the United States for four years (2013-2017).

Kerry initially attracted national interest as a celebrated Vietnam soldier turned anti-war advocate and a lawyer and a retired naval officer.

He served as Attorney and Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts prior to serving as U.S. Representative from Massachusetts for almost three decades (1985-2013).

Kerry ran for President in the 2004 election, before losing to President George W. Bush.

Recently, John Kerry is attracting attention over accusations of plastic surgery. So, is there any truth to him going under the knife? Let’s dive deep into the details.

Did John Kerry Undergo Plastic Surgery?

One of the worst aspects of becoming a public official and working continuously in the spotlight is that it’s very tempting to be obsessed with the way you look.

For certain people, their supposed desire is a tool on which they depend.

Or, at the other end of the spectrum, they may take some explicit or implicit criticism about their personal image to their hearts and “correct” whatever they deem undermining attributes through plastic surgery. The same can be said for John Kerry.

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In our view, surgical treatments are wrongly vilified in our society. But we’d not disagree there are certain instances where it’s done a bit too much and, sadly, it transforms somebody’s face or body into a mockery of attractiveness, to the point you begin to feel sorry for the individual.

This is what some folks reckon John Kerry has performed with what they consider “extensive” surgery on his face.

John Kerry before and after plastic surgery.

John Kerry before and after plastic surgery.
Source: Pinterest

The stories began to swirl back in 2013 when people noticed a sharp turn of his face. A report in the Boston Herald explicitly inquired years back,

What the heck is going on with Secretary of State John Kerry’s face???

The article pointed out much of the lines and crow’s knees that were visible in his 2004 presidential election picture were all filtered out, but the remainder of his face appeared to be impacted worse.

It definitely seems slightly mean to speculate such changes, but it’s difficult to overlook the changes in his appearance over the years particularly when you look at images of him next to each other.

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It almost looks as though his chin had been washed out and expanded towards the bottom, something which the Washington Post linked to “exhaustion, illness, and botox.”

Why are People Wondering About John Kerry’s Plastic Surgery?

People began to wonder about John Kerry’s plastic surgery after President-elect Joe Biden confirmed he will head the climate change committee.

In the aftermath of Joe Biden’s impending arrival into the White House, the disdain for Kerry from more right-wing sources is already bubbling up.

Biden has pledged to take climate change as a priority and has put John Kerry in command of it. People already point to John Kerry’s “hypocrisy” sailing personal yachts and taking pride in his career in politics.

That’s just as obvious as it is for mainstream scrutiny of politics: point out shortcomings in “the opposition” rather than pressurize people whom you favor to do better.

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And, as expected, people are now attacking John Kerry’s physical looks. And viewers note the result of many more years of aging and maybe more surgical treatments has not been generous to Kerry’s face.

Many assumed back in 2004 John Kerry was going to be a slam dunk for the presidency after George W. Bush marginally won the election over Al Gore (several news outlets allegedly had proof of electoral fraud taking place in favor of Bush’s election).

Following his disappointing election after his first four years and widespread lambasting, it was Kerry’s race to lose.

That’s why it was quite surprising that a majority of people voted for Bush. While it’s impossible to see why so many speculated it was because Kerry was less exciting than the horrible leader of the GOP.

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There is also the fact that the GOP claimed it would not be smart to shift control during the battle.

Not to mention the Iraq war was more like a practice in filling up Halliburton’s pocket. But now we’re discussing plastic surgery for a man, well over a decade and a half.

John Kerry was Confident Joe Biden Would Win the Election

Back in January, John Kerry worked to persuade voters that former Vice President Joe Biden is definitely the man to defeat Donald Trump and the right man to fix the nation.

Speaking at the home of State Senator Martha Fuller Clark and her husband Dr. Geoffrey Clark, Kerry, who is a well-known Democratic presidential candidate, was introduced by Dr. Clark, who joked about his wife, who was unable to attend.

I have my own political opinions, and my wife’s permission to state them. We have supported Joe Biden from the beginning.

Kerry started by claiming Trump had been attacking the Bidens because he could feel the looming threat.

It’s like the emails and Hillary Clinton. It’s like Benghazi. Could Hunter Biden have made better decisions? Maybe.

But it has nothing to do with Joe Biden and who he is, his values and what he stands for. They are just trying to dirty him because they are scared.

Hunter Biden worked on the panel of the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, while Biden served as the vice president.

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At the time, the House charged Trump with exploiting his position by pressing Ukraine for politically biased investigations of Biden and other problems, while withdrawing foreign assistance from a U.S. partner at war with Russia.

We need a man who gets the job done, who can bring people to the table and that man is Joe Biden.

So, I want New Hampshire to do what it does, bring in a president. I love New Hampshire and the process here. You all listen, and you take your responsibility seriously. The people in this state make things happen.

Kerry stated the country is in danger and that our economy, governance, and traditions are at stake.

He said Biden had a strong record of accomplishment, focusing on topics such as climate change, victims’ rights, immigration, and defending women from domestic abuse.

Kerry said,

President Obama, who I know you all respect, said the best decision he ever made, in eight years of his presidency, was choosing Joe Biden as his running mate.

John Kerry insisted they could take on Trump, but they need a man who has some credentials, and who the people want. He reckoned Joe gets it because he can speak about real worlds.

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