Joey Lawrence’s Plastic Surgery: Here’s What He Said About It


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Joey Lawrence’s Plastic Surgery: Here’s What He Said About It

Joey Lawrence has never publicly admitted to having undergone any type of plastic surgery. Many fans are concerned about his new appearance, which has led them to believe he had a nose job. Because his hairline was crooked, he underwent Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant surgery. His wrinkle-free face and tight skin have led fans to believe that he has had Botox and a facelift to reverse the effects of aging.

Joey Lawrence is no stranger to the Hollywood scene. He had already sung a solo on the Tonight Show at 5, and by the time he turned 8 Joey was starring in a sitcom. He has been in the world of celebrities all the time.

The phenomenal actor was the heartthrob of the ’90s & has still tried to live up to that title. His fans are questioning if he has got plastic surgery to alter his appearance. Is it true? Well, let’s find out if he has gone under the knife.

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Joey Lawrence Is Speculated of Plastic Surgery, Fans Say He Had Hair Transplant Surgery, Botox Injection, Facelift, and a Nose Job

Joey Lawrence (@joeylawrence) has never gone on the record and admitted that he had any type of plastic surgery performed. Although many fans are concerned by his changed appearance, which has led them to speculate he had gone under the knife. For years, anyone could look at Joey and see that, aside from his hairline a lot has changed about him since his Brotherly Love days. People are starting to notice a difference in recent days.

The 44-year-old entertainer underwent Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant surgery because his hairline was crooked. He was known for his long shaggy hair but he began sporting a much shorter cut because his hair was starting to thin. He opted for a medical treatment that helped him to recover his healthy hair and maintain his looks. According to sources, Joey had hair problems from a young age. He has appeared bald in many movies and television series.

Joey Lawrence was known for his long shaggy hair.Joey Lawrence was known for his long shaggy hair.
Source: Racked

Meanwhile, many fans claimed that the American actor had no hair surgery and he took medicines to recover from losing hair. Nonetheless, it has been reported that he underwent a surgical procedure. His hair grew back quickly after the surgery. Many reporters remarked on the shape of his hair transplant result. However, Joey never disclosed that he had a medical procedure for his hair.

Moreover, he has no longer the usual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of a man of his age and a creaseless forehead. This led fans to assume that he has definitely got Botox injections to get rid of the effects of aging. Furthermore, Lawrence’s face is so tight without any wrinkles here and there. This has also led fans to speculate if he has got a facelift to maintain his youthful appearance. In addition, the singer/songwriter is rumored to have a nose job. Experts have pointed out that his nose has a thinner appearance and a smaller tip.

The rumors of several plastic surgery procedures done by Joey are really something that his fans wanted him to stop. He is actually quite attractive-looking, and fans are wondering why he has to do all those plastic surgeries to make his face looks so tight and waxy looking. Joey Lawrence’s plastic surgery has resulted in him looking like “Ken” from Barbie World. He really needs to lay low with all the procedures that he is doing to himself.

Meet Joey Lawrence’s Third Wife Samantha Cope

Samantha Cope (@samanthacope) is Joey Lawrence’s third wife. The couple tied their knot in an intimate outdoor ceremony held on May 1, 2022, at the Temecula Creek Inn in Temecula, California. They had matching rings with diamond lining and also both wore matching white Converse to complete their looks. Joey and Samantha’s family and close friends, including Joey’s brothers Matt and Andy Lawrence, attended the wedding.

Samantha Cope is Joey Lawrence's third wife.Samantha Cope is Joey Lawrence’s third wife.
Source: Instagram

The couple got engaged in August 2021, a year after meeting on the set of a Lifetime movie My Husband’s Secret Brother. Joey married Samantha after divorcing his 15 years of wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson and shares two daughters, Charleston, and Liberty Grace. Before Nelson, Lawrence was married to Michelle Vella between 2002 and 2005, making Samantha Cope Joey’s third wife. She gave birth to the couple’s first child on January 16. Joey shared a sweet Instagram post announcing the birth of his new baby girl, Dylan Rose Lawrence.

Joey Lawremce’s wife, Samantha Cope (b. May 5, 1987) is an actress. Although she has not taken up many major roles, she has had an opportunity to appear in many successful productions. You might recognize her as Brooke from the HBO dramedy, Insecure. Cope has also appeared in movies such as An Organized Killer, Revenge for Daddy, and Storage Locker 181. She has also appeared in minor roles on popular television shows such as Body of Proof, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Hannah Montana.