Full Story on ‘NCIS’ Star Joe Spano’s Weight Loss & Health Issues


Full Story on 'NCIS' Star Joe Spano's Weight Loss & Health Issues

Grab all the details of NCIS’ Tobias Fornell actor Joe Spano’s weight loss speculations, health problems, and potential illness. Fans keep speculating if he’s sick with cancer.

Born on 7th July 1946, Joe Spano is an American actor quite popular for his role as Lt. Henry Goldblume in a serial police procedural series Hill Street Blues.

Perhaps he’s best known as the FBI Special Agent Tobias C. Fornell on the action police procedural series NCIS.

Meanwhile, the actor is making the rounds lately for his supposed weight loss and health problems.

Many fans are wondering if the actor’s sick and whether he’s suffering from some form of illness. We’ve got you covered with everything we know so far.

Joe Spano’s Weight Loss – Fans are Speculating About NCIS’ Tobias Fornell Actor’s Health, Illness, and Cancer

Joe Spano's Weight Loss - Fans are Speculating About NCIS' Tobias Fornell Actor's Health, Illness, and Cancer

Joe Spano (left) is the subject of weight loss amongst NCIS fans.
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Joe Spano looked much thinner during the latest appearance of NCIS. This has naturally brought weight loss speculations amongst fans.

Although he does look like he’s lost a lot of weight, there are no precise details available as of yet on how many pounds the actor actually lost.

Since Spano looked slightly unhealthy in many people’s eyes, fans soon began speculating about his illness and potential cancer. However, we can not confirm these speculations at this time although we’re quite positive he’s not sick.

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Previously, the actor shaved his head much to the concern of fans, who got worried about his health problems. The actor tweeted:

Shaving my head for tonight’s performance of Jessica Goldberg’s “Better” at the Echo Theater. Goin’ all Bruce Willis.

One fan further reassured concerned viewers taking to Twitter. She wrote,

In case anyone is worried about Joe Spano’s appearance he’s staring in a play where he plays a man dying of cancer. #NCIS

It’s fair to say there’s not much story about the actor’s supposed poor health except for the fact that he did undergo weight loss, which is nothing but unnatural.

NCIS Fans were Perplexed By Tobias Fornell’s ‘Unrecognizable’ Appearance in Season 18 premiere

NCIS season 18 began with a flourish this week with Joe Spano making a rapturous come back to the CBS drama as Tobias Fornell. Some fans, though, were puzzled by his new appearance.

Fornell (portrayed by Joe Spano) marked a welcome return to NCIS in the 18th season, having been inactive for the whole of season 17.

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And his reconciliation with long-standing friend Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was not without intrigue when CBS audiences were taken back in time to see the two murky scandals of months passed by.

However, it wasn’t his character’s action that grabbed the attention as Fornell chased down a drug kingpin, but rather the transition of the star from his appearance the last time.

Season 18 opened up with a bang but it did not begin with Gibbs and Fornell getting thrown right into the crossfire.

Rather it was McGee (Sean Murray) who was at the forefront of the drama, receiving two gunshot wounds after preventing a jet from taking off.

The suspense behind why or who fired at him had the audience at the edge of their seats until the action turned to Gibbs and Fornell’s new operation.

And the viewers eventually figured out what transpired with Gibbs during the “fishing trip” in season 17, as he came back to the office with a bruised face.

However, the fans were even more interested in sharing their view on Fornell’s latest appearance.

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And it’s safe to conclude the audiences of CBS were split, with those in favor of his fresh ponytail and some calling him unrecognizable.

One fan on Twitter wrote,

Joe Spano’s ponytail is… something. #NCIS

The second said,

I’m loving Joe Spano with a ponytail. #ncis

Another joked,

Finally got around to watching #NCIS from tonight…… Wow. Don’t recognise Fornell! He looks like a hippie now! LOL.

The fourth stated,


Likewise, another CBS viewer suggested,

Fornell needs to cut his hair #NCIS

The sixth requested,

Fornell pls cut ur f*****g hair oh my god.

The seventh said,

Not digging Fornell’s ponytail. #NCIS.

Another NCIS fan chipped in:

Fornell with a ponytail…what a new look for him [laugh emoji] #NCIS

It seems like the viewers will see more of Tobias Fornell down the line, as his and Gibbs’ plot remains fairly open.

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