Real Truth About Former ‘Good Morning America’ Host Joan Lunden’s Plastic Surgery


Joan Lunden before and after plastic surgery.

All the facts surrounding Joan Lunden’s alleged plastic surgery procedures, most likely Botox and fillers.

Plastic surgery and surgical operations are not uncommon these days, but they are not always discussed publicly either. That’s because a majority of the people who have work done tend to stay quiet about it.

It’s safe to believe a lot of celebs have had a nip and a tuck or two, but you never really know — not all of them are frank about it. However, it’s not unusual to witness television personalities undergoing plastic surgery, in an effort to boost their esteem.

So if you ever wondered if Joan Lunden had a nose job or a facelift, we’ve got you covered. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Did Joan Lunden Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Although internet users are curious to learn about Joan Lunden‘s alleged plastic surgery, there’s no concrete information to back up such claims.

The before and after pictures suggest very little as well. So, we’re inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to the former Good Morning America host on ABC.

Having said these, most TV personalities opt for cosmetic procedures during their professional career to enhance their looks as well as confidence. So, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Lunden went under the knife.

The most common plastic surgery procedures that TV anchors go for includes Botox and fillers.

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Botox acts by freezing muscles instantly. The effects you see in about a week or two usually last about four months. A small needle is used while the risk is minimal. However, it’s key to find a skilled professional.

Likewise, fillers function by adding bulk and layering out wrinkles. When people mature, they lose collagen, and fillers help to make the face thicken.

For instance, Juvederm Ultra Plus is one of the most commonly applied ones. It’s used a lot for the region from the nose to the mouth — the smile shapes. It’s because of thicker wrinkles. Depending on the filler, it usually lasts from six months to two years.

Joan Lunden, 70, looks incredible for her age, so it’s not entirely improbable to imagine she went to a plastic surgeon a fair few times in her career.

Joan Lunden Underwent Breast Cancer Surgery in 2014

Joan Lunden underwent breast cancer surgery back in 2014 to get rid of a tumor and four nodes.

Lunden’s publicist said in a statement:

The surgery went very well. Joan is home resting with family, and will soon meet with doctors to decide the next step of her treatment. We are all very happy with how well she has been doing, she faced cancer head-on by taking charge of her health. It really paid off since she didn’t end up needing a second round of chemo and was able to have the surgery sooner than anticipated.

The 70-year-old, who was afflicted with phase two triple-negative breast cancer in June 2014, told the entirety of her story to People Magazine, in which she featured without a wig.

Her course of treatment first recommended for chemotherapy, which decreased her tumor by 95%.

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The former Behind Closed Doors star acknowledged the type of therapy she had preferred was pretty toxic, but the specialist assured her she was convinced she wouldn’t have cancer left if she took this course of action.

Lunden kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month a week later with the #PinkPower series on NBC’s Today show. The American journalist acted as a special correspondent for the program and spoke frankly about her experiences.

Later in October, Lunden urged breast cancer ladies to strip their wigs on the “Today” show plaza.

Joan Lunden Revealed Why She Chose Chemotherapy Before Surgery

As Joan Lunden was notified of a breast cancer diagnosis on June 9, 2014, the television host had to urgently select a recovery option. But after hearing vastly contradictory views, Lunden was left feeling stressed.

It comes really fast and furious. You go from one institution to another, and they all have a different idea of how you should treat it.

Although Lunden met some of the top experts, after consulting Dr. Ruth Oratz of New York University, her choice became obvious.

The route she initiated first pushed for chemotherapy, not traditional mastectomy or lumpectomy, with the aim of reducing her two tumors so that operation could be limited.

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Since her cancers were found in the back of her breast, had Joan Lunden first elected to go for surgery, she would’ve been left with two vastly distinct-looking breasts that would have undergone comprehensive corrective surgery.

My doctor said, ‘We can do a really big breast cancer surgery right now, or we can flood you, bomb you, with cancer-killing chemo, and then do a very tiny surgery.’

Despite high-profile accounts of well-renowned personalities opting for mastectomy first and foremost, sometimes skipping chemotherapy; Dr. Vered Stearns reckons giving chemotherapy initially can help reduce the size of a tumor, make surgery easier and make breast preservation possible.

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