Jesy Nelson Before Plastic Surgery – The Complete Breakdown!


Jesy Nelson Before Plastic Surgery - The Complete Breakdown!

Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson’s plastic surgery allegedly includes lip injections, cheek fillers, and Botox injections. Check out her before and after transformation.

The Little Mix stunner Jesy Nelson rose to popularity on The X Factor almost a decade ago. Jesy has gone from a fresh-faced teenager to a sultry and feisty diva in the intervening years.

Jesy’s lips are notably chunkier these days, and she has a more distinct jawline and cheekbones. Her significantly altered appearance hasn’t been ignored by fans, with many suspecting her of undergoing plastic surgery in order to change her face.

Jesy Nelson’s Plastic Surgery – What’s the Tea?

Jesy Nelson before and after plastic surgery.

Jesy Nelson before and after alleged plastic surgery.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Jesy Nelson has gone through an unbelievable transformation in the last few years, shedding weight and regaining comfort in her body after concerns for a really long time.

And it’s not just her body that has changed; the Little Mix hitmaker has also shown a fresh face, with fluffier lips and a more pronounced jawline and cheeks.

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While her new look could be due to her losing weight, fans have long speculated that 30-year-old Jesy has had some form of plastic surgery, especially since she’s a frequent visitor to celebrity surgeon Dr. Esho‘s clinic.

Meanwhile, a representative for MYA Cosmetic Surgery discussed what experienced surgeons believe Jesy has performed.

They said,

I believe it is possible that Jesy has undergone the non-surgical treatment of fillers to her lips as she appears to have fuller lips compared to previous images – especially when her mouth is relaxed.

They added,

The provider has ensured her lips still appear natural and in proportion to the patient’s facial features. They can ensure this by building the filler over multiple treatments rather than overfilling the lips in one treatment.

The usual cost of lip injections in the United Kingdom varies based on the practitioner and the amount of filler used; nonetheless, you can count on paying between £200 and £1,000 for each procedure.

The spokesperson suspects Jesy has had dermal fillers injected into her cheeks as a non-surgical therapy. Fillers add volume to the cheek region by infusing dermal fillers along the curve of the cheekbone to create a proper definition.

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Based on the amount used, this plastic surgery treatment might cost between £200 and £500 per session. Weight loss can cause a comparable shift in the structure of the face, although fillers can help establish precise definition in this spot.

The Reason Behind Jesy Nelson’s Changing Face

Jesy Nelson has previously spoken candidly about her challenges with body image and the pressures of staying in the spotlight.

She also filmed a BBC3 documentary about body confidence and mental wellbeing after being subjected to body-shaming and abuse online.

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Jesy admitted,

I just wanted to hide. I had alopecia when I was 13, brought on by stress from bullying and that’s why I love my big hair now. But I didn’t expect to be bullied as an adult. It ran me down, but I’m more confident about my body now.

Despite rising suspicion that she may have undergone plastic surgery, Jesy has never openly acknowledged the rumors about her new look. So, what’s the deal with Jesy’s new appearance?

Daily Star chatted with The Lovely Clinic’s Dr. Sarah Tonks, who specializes in plastic surgery, to learn more about the operations Jesy may have received.

When comparing old and new pictures of Jesy, Dr. Sarah noticed some obvious alterations in the chin and lip area.

She explained,

When we measure a face, we look at how the facial thirds are divided up and it looks more attractive if they’re all equal. Jesy’s lower facial third is pretty short and there’s a bit of thinness and tension, as well in her upper lips. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to show her teeth.

Upon inspecting recent pictures, Dr. Sarah said:

I definitely can see a sharpening-up of the jawline which wasn’t there before. Although weight loss could contribute to this, I really don’t think it would give it that definition. It could just be Photoshop, but I suspect she might have had a bit of filler in there.

The other aspect is the space around Jesy Nelson’s eyes. It would be kind of shocking if she hadn’t had that fixed at some point because there’s a glaring emptiness along with crow’s feet, so perhaps she’s had some Botox on the edges of her eyes and some fillers below.

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The brow position is also altered, which can be accomplished with a mix of Botox and fillers.

Dr. Sarah concluded,

I do think she’s definitely had some lip fillers.

In response to the continuous rise in celebs going for surgical and non-surgical modifications, the doc mentioned there’s this aesthetic that she thinks most of these pop singers want to conform into the image of, and they all tend to go away and get precisely the same stuff done.

So, they had pretty large lip fillers, cheek fillers, and chin fillers done. Not to mention, they receive their hair extensions and get their teeth fixed.

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