Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Her?


Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Her?

Jennifer Love Hewitt has sparked plastic surgery rumors, including rhinoplasty, boob surgery, liposuction, and Botox injections. That being said, she has never commented on going under the knife. Her beautiful, naturally perfect body, she admitted, is a gift from the gods. Her before and after photos, on the other hand, show a stark contrast.

While there are celebrities in entertainment and fashion who grew up in the spotlight, some have clearly been around for a longer period of time than others. One of these millennial celebrities is Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Hewitt is now over 44 years old, and her career began as a child actress when she was a child. Hewitt is rumored to have gone under the knife to enhance her appearance. Has she got plastic surgery? Here is a detailed piece of information on the possible surgeries the actress may have gone through!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Is on High Speculation of Plastic Surgeries Including  Rhinoplasty, Boob Surgery, Liposuction, Botox Injections

Jennifer Love Hewitt (@jenniferlovehewitt) has had plastic surgery to maintain her amazing figure. Very surprising, but absolutely accurate! Her beautiful, naturally perfect body is a gift from the gods she admitted. However, her before and after photos show a striking contrast. Of course, being in the spotlight for so long can bring its own set of challenges. Jennifer has been the subject of numerous plastic surgery rumors over the years. Having said that, she has never commented on having surgery.

The  American actress has been through some serious noticeable changes throughout her career. Every part from her face to her body seems pretty modified. Fans mostly argue she has gone under the knife and had boob surgery. It is quite obvious as her boobs have comparatively grown bigger than they were before. It is unbelievable to accept that Hewitt who once had average-sized boobs has such big and larger boobs today.

Jennifer, 44, is also alleged to have had rhinoplasty and refined her nose layout. Fans insist she has softened and shortened her nose as per her desire as we can see by comparing her before and recent appearance. It seems that there is a slight change on her nasal bridge which cannot be achieved through a natural process. As a result, it is possible that she visited a surgeon and trimmed her nose a bit.

Jennifer Love Hewitt before plastic surgery (1996). weightandskin.comJennifer Love Hewitt before plastic surgery (1996).
Source: LifeandStyle

The mother of three has allegedly undergone a liposuction procedure to reduce the baby fat around her stomach. We all know that women’s bodies cannot instantly become flat and slim after giving birth. You can lose fat after having a baby, but it will take longer. People are suspicious that Jennifer underwent liposuction because it is not long after she gives birth.

We can see that the People’s Choice Award winner used to be a bit chubby and had a bit bigger body in the past. And now, she has completely transformed into a slim gorgeous. When asked about the procedure, she denied having any surgical procedures. Jennifer admitted she became slimmer through her good diet and exercise routine. Though that can be true, but the chances that she had liposuction are also pretty high.

In her mid-forties, the singer is quite aware of her looks, and that is why she needs Botox injections to get rid of aging signs like wrinkles and frown lines. Many celebrities get Botox injections regularly since they assume it is the most effective way to maintain a youthful look. At least, it looks like she has not overdone the surgery procedure. Her face is free from wrinkles, looks natural, and she also has a pretty smile.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Married to Her Husband, Brian Hallisay Since 2013

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay have been together since 2013. He and Hewitt first met while filming The Client List and they fell in love off-screen. The duo publicly announced their engagement and pregnancy just a few months after the series was canceled. Hewitt and Hallisay got married in November 2013 & welcomed their first child together a daughter named Autumn James. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her husband Brian Hallisay kissing. weightandskin.comJennifer Love Hewitt and her husband Brian Hallisay kissing.
Source: Instagram

Moreover, they welcomed their second child, son Atticus James, in June 2015. The duo had their third child son Aidan James, in September 2021. Hewitt’s husband, Brian Hallisay worked as an investment banker before becoming an actor. Despite his longtime desire to be an actor, he didn’t major in drama when he was an undergraduate at Cornell University. Ultimately, Brian shifted his focus to acting, which led him to meet his future wife.