Grab all the details of Jenna Bush Hager’s recent weight loss, diet plan, and exercise routine in 2022. Is her slimmer body down to intermittent fasting? We’ve got the latest update. Check out Jenna Bush Hager’s complete before and after weight loss transformation.

Jenna Bush Hager, who was born on 25th November 1981, is a news presenter, writer, and journalist from the United States. The recent subject of physical change, Jenna, presently co-hosts Today with Hoda & Jenna.

Hager and her twin sibling, Barbara, are the children of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, and Laura Bush, the former First Lady of the United States.

Following her father’s tenure, Hager went on to become an author, an editor-at-large for Southern Living magazine, and an NBC TV celebrity, most notably as a correspondent, columnist, and co-host on The Today Show.

Lately, Jenna Bush Hager is at the forefront of weight loss speculations on the internet. What’s the tea? Let’s find out.

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Jenna Bush Hager’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?

Jenna Bush Hager before and after weight loss.

Jenna Bush Hager before and after weight loss.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Jenna Bush Hager‘s weight loss is the topic of curiosity amongst her fans as she looks to have gotten slimmer in recent days.

A quick glance at her Instagram provides all the confirmation you need on how she looks much leaner in her newer pictures.

Jenna Bush Hager’s weight appears perfectly healthy, so she must have adopted some form of diet plan and exercise routine to achieve her desired goal.

As it turns out, intermittent fasting might be the most obvious answer concerning Hager’s weight loss. However, the hosts of Today, Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush, previously declared that they were fasting to be healthier, not to undergo weight loss.

Nevertheless, because certain types of intermittent fasting have been found to aid in weight loss, the two girls decided to weigh themselves. Hoda weighed 158 pounds (71.6 kg), while Jenna, who welcomed her third child in August 2019, measured 171 pounds (77.5 kg).

After their fast, the two journalists visited Dr. Natalie Azar, an NBC News Medical Contributor, to learn how to fast efficiently.

Intermittent fasting, per the doctor, can benefit individuals who are overweight or have Type 2 diabetes and can provide a long-term benefit to their health.

Besides Interminent fasting, it’s anybody’s guess as to how Jenna Bush Hager slimmed down, but she does look wonderful with her latest physical transformation. That’s not to say she wasn’t before.

Jenna Bush Hager Recalls Future Husband Going Mountain Biking with Dad George W. Bush

While Jenna Bush Hager is in a blissful marital relationship with her husband Henry Hager, their marriage hasn’t been without its ups and downs, most notably a bike ride with her father, former US President George W. Bush.

During a piece on Today last week, Jenna, 40, recalled a day when Henry — then her boyfriend — went biking with her father, an enthusiastic cyclist.

Jenna informed her co-host, Hoda Kotb, that her parents encouraged her relationships when she was younger.

Jenna Bush Hager said,

Yes, even the ones who weren’t great. One time, this is terrible, but Henry and my dad went biking, when they first — like, this sort of bonding moment — they went mountain biking. And Henry had a Schwinn Twinsky, and dad had a real mountain bike.

When Jenna was asked if Henry could keep up, she was eager to declare that he couldn’t.

She said,

[My dad] shredded him. Left him in the dust. And by the way, back then, he was president so all the Secret Service cars would go past him.

She continued,

So Henry’s humiliated, trying to fix his chain that broke on his Schwinn Twin. He starts going down the hill and the Secret Service open the door on Henry and Henry flies in the air and lands. So my dad calls and goes, ‘Hey, J, just want to tell ya, Henry did an okay job. He did get doored, but he’s okay. He’s got some scratches, he might have hurt his arm, but he’s okay.’

Kotb asked.

He got doored?

Hager responded,

He got doored. And those doors are bulletproof! They’re bulletproof!

Jenna Bush Hager later revealed that Henry told her he thinks her father was attempting to kill him.

Jenna responded to Kotb’s suggestion that possibly the elder Bush was “testing” Henry, saying, “I think he was,” adding that Henry did his best to hang in there.

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