Grab all the details about Jazmine Sullivan’s weight loss journey, including the truth about her surgery.

Jazmine Sullivan shocked fans recently after looking slimmer than she’s ever been. Taking to Instagram, the singer-songwriter amazed her followers by displaying her unbelievable weight loss.

Remarkably, this is not the first time the 33-year-old had dropped some pounds. She’s got a history of losing sizeable weight before arriving at the present physique.

If you happen to be yearning to learn about Sullivan’s weight loss journey, diet plan, fitness schedule, and alleged surgery – you couldn’t have arrived at the better place. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Jazmine Sullivan’s Weight Loss Journey – Has She Performed Surgery?

Jazmine Sullivan before and after supposed weight loss surgery.

Jazmine Sullivan before and after supposed weight loss surgery.
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Soul singer Jazmine Sullivan displayed her new physique in 2018, looking completely skinny. She reportedly lost 60 pounds at the time. The American singer was apparently on an intensive weight loss program, and the results show it definitely worked.

Before losing weight, Jazmine weighed around 190 pounds. However, she managed to slim down to 130 pounds through immense dedication and perseverance. The transformation is bonkers!

Since then, she’s clearly lost even more weight since it’s becoming more and more difficult to identify her.

When she shared an image on Instagram in September 2020, taking a break from shooting an upcoming music video, fans were left bewildered by her voluptuous physique. More on it later!

Meanwhile, Jazmine Sullivan has definitely brought changes to her diet plan to lose pounds. A weight loss strategy is only successful if the person changes her eating habits and becomes more physically active. These two things are indeed helpful to drop a few pounds.

Jazmine Sullivan was perhaps more conscious of what she ate and how much she ate. Avoiding heavily processed food products is one of the main steps that need to be done to lose weight.

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In addition, food products with added sugar and high-calorie content need to be consumed in a small to no amount at all.

Low carb products like new organic fruit and vegetables, should be given the utmost priority through an efficient diet plan. It is possible that Sullivan took such steps to maintain a healthy and fitter body weight.

Jazmine’s weight loss strategy is not quite effective without a workout scheme. She definitely accepted an intense fitness schedule to engage in physical exercise.

Sullivan lost a massive amount of weight by adding a workout plan to her diet schedule. For now, the speculation of weight loss surgery is mere conjecture.

Jazmine Sullivan Displays Incredible Weight Loss on Instagram as She Wraps Up “Lost One” Music Video

Jazmine Sullivan released her latest song “Lost One” back in August, and she’s now in the middle of filming the official music video for the devastating single.

The R&B singer took a short break from her set to share an image of herself on Instagram, and since then, people can’t take their eyes away from the magnificent songstress’ amazing body.

With no clips or photos of her workouts available on her social media pages, it’s fair to say Sullivan decided to keep her significant weight loss a secret until she was relaxed.

American rapper Missy Elliot commented,

Oooooookayyyy go get em sis!!

Meanwhile, Lil Mama said,

You look tf Goodt.

However, not everybody was down for the fresh look, and many made their unsolicited opinions known in the comments section of a post shared on the well-renowned blogging site The Shade Room.

One user said,

wow I need the old jasmine cause I had no clue who this was.

The second critic said,

I love her but ion like it.

The third bashed,

y’all lying… Everyone isn’t meant to be skinny.

Jazmine is yet to respond to the backlash, and a lot of people hope she doesn’t.

For most fans, the only worry is whether the songwriter can still carry those lines, and her incredible work on “Lost One” shows just that.

For the past few weeks, the Jazmine Sullivan Insecure Riff Challenge has become one of the most trending social network challenges.

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The precise challenge is to replicate the complicated note pattern the singer set on the Bryson Tiller aided track “Insecure” back in 2017.

A week earlier, the “Need You Bad” hitmaker went on social media to illustrate how she did the complicated riff.

Jazmine Sullivan Returned with First Single Since 2017 Entitled ‘Lost One’

Jazmine Sullivan is unwittingly incredible on “Lost One,” her first new song since 2017, which she dropped in August 2020.

“Lost One” is an arid ballad, mainly just a guitar lick and Sullivan’s crystalline vocals.

Although the musical bed is irresistibly cool, the lyrics are bracing, articulated from the point of view of someone who sifts through the emotional rubble of a shattered relationship.

Sullivan sings,

Sometimes it’s too late to make amends. There is one thing I need for you to know/Just don’t have too much fun without me.

As the narrator of the track proceeds down this road, the sound of a raw wound, the sharp self-loathing begins to creep into her words.

The singer requests,

Try not to love no one. I know that that’s too much to ask/I know that I’m a selfish b%tch.

Seconds later, she rolls out a series of surreal, sparkling melodies.

Jazmine is a masterful vocalist and versatile lyricist who performs at her own tempo. She’s spent five years since her sophomore album, Love Me Back (2010), followed by the 2015 album Reality Show.

It’s been five more years since then, with no upcoming album drawing close.

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Around the time, Sullivan provided cuts to several singers’ records—putting some songs on Mary J. Blige‘s 2017 studio album Strength of a Woman—and made a brief guest appearance, contributing to records by Frank Ocean and Niia.

Jazmine Sullivan’s last song was “Insecure” back in 2017, a duet with her friend Bryson Tiller that featured on the soundtrack for season 2 of Issa Rae‘s famous HBO series of the same name. Last year, the 33-year-old featured on songs by PJ Morton and Pentatonix.

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