Janice Dickinson’s Plastic Surgery – Facelifts, Boob Job, Tummy Tuck, Neck Lift, Liposuction, Botox!


Janice Dickinson's Plastic Surgery - Facelifts, Boob Job, Tummy Tuck, Neck Lift, Liposuction, Botox!

Grab all the details of Janice Dickinson’s plastic surgery, which includes facelifts, a boob job, a tummy tuck, neck lift, liposuction, and Botox. View her before and after pictures.

It’s been a lengthy and arduous road, but Janice Dickinson is evidently pleased to showcase all of her surgeons’ hard grafts.

The 66-year-old model is never hesitant about stating she has had minor plastic surgery, and she has previously proven she is also not worried about exhibiting what she’s done to her face by going out makeup-free in Beverly Hills, California.

The self-proclaimed first supermodel did not hide her highly altered face behind makeup, and she also came really close to revealing her augmented bust thanks to her undone check shirt.

Let’s get a more in-depth idea of her apparent plastic surgery procedures.

Janice Dickinson’s Plastic Surgery – The Former Supermodel Looks Unrecognisable!

Janice Dickinson before and after plastic surgery.

Janice Dickinson before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Back In 2017, Janice Dickinson debuted a new look during a fashion event in Hollywood. After undergoing many cosmetic procedures in the past, the 66-year-old had a more natural look.

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The former supermodel looked calmer than she had in years, with smokey eyes and rich rose lipstick, with her hair falling over her face. Janice ditched her normal barely-there appearance in favor of a modest black coat with pearl embellishments that looked really classy.

Janice has previously been upfront about her plastic surgery, stating she has undergone multiple facelift procedures, breast implants, a tummy tuck, a neck lift, liposuction, and Botox injections.

She declared bankruptcy in 2013 after owing over $1 million in taxes and outstanding cosmetic expenses. Two years later, she returned on Botched to restore her boob job from 30 years ago, stating at the time,

I am no stranger to plastic surgery.

She promised not to go under the knife again the same year after her son Nathan begged her not to.

She said:

I won’t do any more plastic surgery if he’s looking.

The next year, she got identified with breast cancer but after 6 weeks of radiotherapy, she was proclaimed cancer-free. She initially assumed the bulge in her bosom was the result of a botched boob procedure, stating at the time:

I wasn’t for the past nine months previous to the diagnosis feeling the joie de vivre. Something was off inside my psyche. I asked my doctor to do a test – she found a lump. I said that’s probably one of those botched boobs jobs.

Janice was well-recognized as one of the world’s earliest supermodels, and she was widely popular throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

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She went on to become a television celebrity, serving as a judge on America’s Next Top Model (2003-08), Celebrity Big Brother (2015), and I’m A Celebrity… Get out of here (2009-10).

Dr. Terry Dubrow Blasted Janice Dickinson as the ‘Most Difficult’ Patient Ever!

While Janice is no novice to going under a surgeon’s knife, Dr. Terry Dubrow earlier admitted that Janice is not an easy patient to work with when it comes to cosmetic alterations.

Dr. Dubrow has handled everybody from shooting victims on the streets of Los Angeles to casualties of horrifyingly wrong-headed procedures, but none were tougher than Janice, as per the E! star.

The Botched star confessed that the self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel” drove him to his extremities like no other individual he has ever treated. The 62-year-old surgeon was advertising the new season of his E! show when he referred to Janice as his “worst patient.”

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Janice featured on the show during its first season to correct a breast augmentation done 30 years before. While the revisionary procedure was relatively simple, Janice’s was not.

Dr. Debrow said:

My most challenging case overall was Janice Dickinson for sure. It was a wild ride it was like a ride at Disneyland that you know that was worth waiting in line for, you wanted to get on.

The model’s temperament, as well as the fact that she previously had an addiction to drugs, made her ‘enormously challenging,’ according to the famous plastic surgeon.

She was very challenging because she went into the whole Janice Dickinson mode in the most operative period and I was concerned she would revert back to some of her pre-drug days.

During the episode, Janice, who couldn’t be more familiar with plastic surgery, was shown swearing, demanding pills, and roaming around naked after her implants were changed. But, as per the doctor, that was nothing in comparison to Janice in real life.

She is lucky the editors and the producers were very nice to her. If this was the Real Housewives they would have been a lot more brutal but they were kind because what you see is bad, what really happened was significantly worse. She was extremely challenging the most difficult patient I have ever had – and I survived.

Well, Dr. Debrow couldn’t have been blunter about how much of a trouble Dickinson was, so fair play to him for keeping his cool.

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