Jamie Oliver’s Weight Gain: The British Chef Has Been Gaining Weight Again; Now and Then Pictures Examined!


Jamie Oliver’s Weight Gain: The British Chef Has Been Gaining Weight Again; Now and Then Pictures Examined!

Jamie Oliver’s weight has fluctuated over the years, and fans are concerned about his current weight gain appearance. Comparing his now-and-then pictures, the 47-year-old chef looks way too heavier in 2023. Viewers claim he started gaining weight since the lockdown. On the other hand, Twitter was quick to respond, with many people criticizing his appearance.

Jamie Oliver is a British chef who rose to international prominence with his television shows The Naked Chef and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, as well as the author of several cookbooks on a variety of culinary topics. For decades, the restaurateur has been a well-known figure in the food industry, winning fans with his cookbooks, TV shows, and support for programs that help families gain access to healthy food.

However, because cooking and eating are such essential parts of his job, the star’s weight has fluctuated over the years. His struggle with weight gain, however, has recently sparked a heated debate among his fans, and people are concerned about his weight gain. So, let’s find out what’s causing Jamie Oliver to gain weight.

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Jamie Oliver’s Weight Gain: Fans Say the British Chef Started Gaining Weight Since the Lockdown!

Jamie Oliver‘s (@jamieoliver) weight has fluctuated over the years and his fans have observed his weight gain over the years. He appears to have gained some pounds in 2023 than he was a year ago. He has also been subjected to body shaming. His physical type was addressed once more on social media, and his photos drew a lot of attention from fans. When comparing his then and now photos, he appears much heavier these days. And viewers claim he has been gaining weight since the lockdown.

Jamie Oliver has also been labeled a hypocrite after publicly supporting Boris Johnson’s health campaign to encourage the nation to “embrace a healthier lifestyle.” The Prime Minister has unveiled his “Better Health” campaign, which includes GPs recommending exercise, calorie labels on restaurant meals, and a ban on buy-one-get-one-free junk food deals. It also puts an end to ads for high-fat, high-sugar, or high-salt foods on TV and websites before the 9 p.m. watershed.

In addition, the 47-year-old media personality went on to say that they have the potential to be one of the best child health strategies in the world right here in the UK. However, viewers were quick to criticize the chef, claiming that his recipe books are full of high-calorie meals and that he had gained some weight after a successful weight loss journey.

On the other hand, Twitter was quick to react, with many commenting on his weight gain appearance. During the lockdown, he had put weight on himself. One Twitter user found it hypocritical that “Oliver is telling everyone to lose weight more when he is the Prince of Olive Oil and liberally pours 300+ calories into his dishes for no apparent reason.” Viewers took to Twitter to remind the celebrity chef of his previous attempts to combat childhood obesity. Just because he has currently added some weight does not imply that he is ignorant of healthy eating.

Jamie Oliver previously Lost 26 Pounds Without Going on a Drastic Diet!

Jamie Oliver previously lost over 26 pounds after overhauling his diet and overall lifestyle. He began to struggle with sleeping after not focusing on himself for a while, so he examined his lifestyle to see where he could make changes. He also returned to school to study nutrition. His newfound knowledge prompted him to make dietary changes and eat much healthier, which resulted in him consuming more.

After realizing how unhealthy his lifestyle was, the British chef made small but significant changes in an attempt to lose weight. Jamie also discussed how his health suffered due to his lack of sleep. He lost 12 kilos quickly around the same time and did not do so by not eating. He ate a lot, far more than he was accustomed to. Oliver pushed meat down and vegetables up, resulting in more sleep and movement.

Moreover, the pro-Chef also revealed that he exercised more frequently and made sure he got enough sleep, as lack of sleep can lead to an increased appetite and overeating. He also insisted that eating well does not have to be difficult, with the simplest weight-loss method being to eat filling, nutrient-dense foods.

In addition to his weight loss, Jamie Oliver revealed that he reduced his alcohol intake by not drinking during the week. Another food he ate more of to lose weight was seaweed, which revealed that he ate the Japanese delicacy to hasten his weight loss. Jamie recently hired a personal trainer in order to lose even more weight.

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