Full Story on Former CEO of ‘IT Cosmetics’ Jamie Kern Lima’s Weight Loss Journey


Full Story on Jamie Kern Lima's Weight Loss Journey

Learn all the facts behind Jamie Kern Lima’s weight loss journey, diet plan, and fitness routine. Did the ex-CEO of IT Cosmetics perform weight loss surgery?

The glamorous triumph story of Jamie Kern Lima and IT Cosmetics started with her face, especially her cheeks, whose bright-pink rosacea sent her on a search for makeup that would both mask and heal her illness.

She and her partner, Paulo Lima, visited plastic surgeons in Brazil, her homeland, on makeup solutions loaded with skin-care products. This ended up inspiring Jamie to start up her own, and start-up she did with incredible aplomb.

Lima’s set of products, though, is neither hip nor fashionable. IT Cosmetics is about makeup as Spanx is about lingerie; it’s unattractive, so it’s about getting the job done.

Away from the professional scene, however, Jamie Kern Lima is lately at the forefront of weight loss speculations on the internet. So, how many pounds did she lose? Let’s find out.

Jamie Kern Lima’s Weight Loss – What’s the Tea?

Jamie Kern Lima before and after weight loss.

Jamie Kern Lima before and after weight loss.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Not a lot of reality TV stars head straight to B-school, but that’s always been part of Jamie Kern Lima‘s vision. She enrolled at Columbia in 2002 and bumped into her future spouse in the statistics class.

Following graduation, Paulo Lima worked as an investment banker in New York City while she went back to Washington to pursue a career as a local news reporter. Again, her appearances were under scrutiny, often in a degrading manner.

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As per The Cut, Jamie Kern said:

My weight fluctuated, and I was always getting in trouble about it from my producer. Viewers would write, ‘I really like you, but you should diet.’ Or, ‘Are you pregnant?’ The criticism crushed me.

While Lima has always been proud of her physique, lately it appears she’s gotten much slimmer and fans have been quick to notice her weight loss.

Some fans reckon she’s had a gastric bypass aka bariatric surgery, but it’s all speculations as there’s no official confirmation on it.

Taking a quick glance at her before and after changes, the difference is quite obvious. However, Jamie Kern’s diet plan plus fitness routine during her weight loss journey is anybody’s guess at the moment.

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The Beauty Queen of QVC is yet to address her physical transformation to the media, so until she does, we cannot say for sure the precise number of pounds she’s lost.

In the meantime, she is currently making rounds over her new book where she shares her experiences (both highs and lows) of building a billion-dollar beauty brand.

Lima may have sold her business, IT Cosmetics, to L’Oréal for a neat $1.2 billion, but for the businesswoman, it was all about society, not the money.

So it doesn’t come as a shock that after departing from the company in August 2019, her next item on the agenda was to write a memoir/self-help book for her millions of followers, titled, Believe It: How to Go From Underestimated to Unstoppable.

In the book that comes out on 23rd February 2020, Lima captures the essence of how she and her partner, Paulo, created the business, weathering endless negative reactions, and an ever-decreasing bank account.

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They eventually got their big break—a 10-minute QVC spot where Lima ended up selling 6,000 units.

Jamie Kern Lima Struggled to Get Funding Because of Her Weight

It can seem very unusual for underdogs to genuinely succeed these days, particularly in highly competitive and multi-billion dollar industries like beauty and cosmetics.

There are some major and multinational stakeholders in this business, so it’s not always that the typical and the regular are not only retrieved, but end up ahead of the curve.

But that’s precisely what happened to Jamie Kern Lima, co-founder, and the former CEO of IT Cosmetics.

Back in 2017, Lima got recognized at the annual Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Achiever Awards, but she is no novice to good exposure and attention in cosmetics media, particularly after she sold the business she began in her living room to L’Oreal for $1.2 billion in 2016.

Yet the story she shared in front of a room filled with her colleagues was one that vividly showed how challenging it was for her to develop the business into the force that it is today.

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The most convincing example of IT Cosmetics’ fight for a slice of the luxury makeup market was Lima’s failure to collect money in the initial stages of the business.

At the awards night, she told the audience about a discussion with a prospective investor. It was a “defining moment,” she said.

The investor was unwilling to assist in the funding of IT, and when Lima wondered why; the investor was adamant that she needed to undergo weight loss and told her:

I’m just not sure women will buy makeup from someone who looks like you, you know, with your body and your weight.

Instead of losing hope to the painful defeat that came with these comments, Lima sought inspiration and a sense of purpose.

She recalled,

I felt something deep down inside. And it said, ’No. You are wrong.’

She chose not just to keep working, but to make it a quest to show exactly how mistaken the executive and those who expressed this short-sighted so-called wisdom actually were.

Lima recognized from her own intimate understanding that the world of beauty and makeup was primed for reform.

Once a TV news presenter, she suffered from rosacea and hyperpigmentation. She founded her business because she wanted items that helped her with her struggles, and she realized that there were other women who thought the same way.

From there on, Lima saw strategic ways to show that women were likely to purchase goods from a brand that sold them with bodies and faces that looked exactly like them, to address the challenges that actual women suffer on a daily basis—not aspirational or unrealistic ideals of beauty.

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IT Cosmetics’ defining moment arrived when they won a chance to market their goods to QVC, and Lima chose to include images that defied the norm of what was deemed standard—including a 73-year-old woman and an African-American acne model—despite getting plenty of professional advice to the contrary.

The goods sold out during the QVC debut, and the rest, as they tell, is history.

Lima boasted,

You see now, seven years later, almost all makeup brands showing real women in before-and-afters.

A homage to her goal of depicting real portraits of women while also creating a profitable company.

Lima’s speech further underscored how much the narrative of IT Cosmetics has been a rallying cry for women purchasing goods.

One man on Facebook wrote,

Jamie, I’ve never been inspired by any makeup line before yours. You get it where the rest did not.

Another devotee said,

I am 90 yrs old and have used It Cosmetics for at least 3 yrs. Wouldn’t use anything else. I get so many compliments on my complexion and so many won’t believe my age. So glad I found you on QVC!

As for that potential investor, Lima said at the outset of her speech that if he had spent in IT Cosmetics;

It would have been the most successful investment in his company’s history.

After the purchase of L’Oreal, he reached out to Lima, and his email read:

Congratulations. I was wrong.

The job is not completed with IT Cosmetics or the makeup business, according to Lima.

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At the end of her speech, she reminded a room filled with beauty executives to ask themselves how would their images of women impact their mothers, sisters, and daughters.

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