Jameela Jamil’s Weight Gain: The 36-Year-Old Star Is Not Insecure About Her Body Shape & Size!


Jameela Jamil’s Weight Gain: The 36-Year-Old Star Is Not Insecure About Her Body Shape & Size!

Jameela Jamil previously stated that she was happy with her 10 pounds weight gain. Yes, the 36-year-old star previously stated that she was happy with how she looked after gaining a few extra pounds. However, Jameela isn’t happy with the quick weight loss stories shared by A-listed celebrities, especially the Kardashians.

Jameela Alia Jamil (born February 25, 1986) is a British actress and television presenter. She began her career on Channel 4, where she hosted a T4 strand pop culture series from 2009 to 2012. She later co-hosted The Official Chart Update on BBC Radio 1 with Scott Mills and became the radio host of The Official Chart.

Jameela Jamil moved to the United States in 2016. In the NBC fantasy comedy series The Good Place, she portrayed Tahani Al-Jamil. She also hosts the TBS late-night game show The Misery Index and serves as a judge on the voguing reality competition show Legendary. Jamil worked on two superhero projects in 2022: DC League of Super-Pets, an animated film, and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, a television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jameela isn’t afraid to discuss the link between weight and body image. Previously, the actress launched her own body-positive Instagram account, corrected a body-shaming Kardashian meme, and revealed the truth about how celebrity women get Oscar-ready.

Jameela Jamil is currently being brutally honest about her own body image and health issues, sharing photos of overweight gain caused by an invisible illness. So if you are curious to know more about her weight gain, here is everything you need to know!

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Jameela Jamil’s Weight Gain: The 36-Year-Old Previously Stated That She Gained 10 Pounds and Is Happy With Her Body Shape!

Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamil) has always been one to speak her mind and not back down from a position, no matter what the topic. The British actress did so once more after noticing that internet trolls had a field day after Selena Gomez showed off her new weight gain appearance at the Golden Globes on January 11, 2023.

The former BBC Radio 1 presenter began her rant by saying that Gomez felt attacked enough to explain or defend her size, which she called “a sign that we are colossally FAILING as a society.” She went on to say that it was pointless for anyone to justify their weight because no one has the right to comment on or understand someone else’s body.

Meanwhile, Jameela Jamil has also recently celebrated her 16-pound weight gain, claiming that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have been publicly bragging about their weight loss. To fit into her Met Gala gown, which Marilyn Monroe wore when serenading President John F. Kennedy on his birthday in 1962, Kardashian revealed that she was on a three-week diet that included cutting out all sugar and carbs and wearing a sauna suit.

The SKIMS founder’s remarks came just days after her younger sister, Jenner, revealed that she gained 60 pounds during her second pregnancy and had lost 40 pounds since giving birth to her son in February.

In a video on her Instagram, Jamil has since referenced the reality stars’ weight losses, noting how she was trying to balance their comments out by bragging about her 10-pound weight gain. She wrote in the text that was displayed over the video, “I hear Kim and Kylie keep publicly bragging about their fast weight loss. Well for balance. I am bragging that I gained 10lbs. And love it. Thank you for the delicious food that gave me these juicy boobs and thighs.” The clip shows the Good Place star swaying in a car with music playing in the background.

Jameela Jamil has previously spoken out about Kardashian’s 16-pound weight loss. In an expired Instagram story, shared via Marie Claire, the 36-year-old actor claimed that Kardashian shouldn’t have publicly announced her weight change, noting how a fast weight loss can be unhealthy and put the health of [one’s] vital organs at risk. She wrote in the caption,

All I will say is: celebrities, if you do something as unhealthy as deliberately losing 16lbs in 3 weeks, please don’t publicly announce it. Don’t normalise women especially having to push their bodies to places where they risk the health of their vital organs…to fit into some F***ing dress.

Jamil Is Opposed to Losing Weight With Diabetes Medication!

Jameela Jamil spoke out about celebrities and other people using Ozempic, a drug for people with type II diabetes, as a quick weight loss strategy. According to the Blast, the 36-year-old took to Instagram and went on to say that the injectable had become a mainstream craze in Hollywood, resulting in scarcity for diabetics.

She expressed her hope that things would not end the same way they did when people were told opioids are safe and there was little to no discussion of the side effects in any online advertising.

The How to Build a Girl star then went on to say that she hoped she was worried for no reason and that her doctors were incorrect about Ozempic. Ozempic became the go-to treatment for people looking to lose weight after a social media post about it went viral.

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