Hope Hicks’ Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?


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Hope Hicks before and after plastic surgery.

Former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks is a massive subject of plastic surgery accusations through before and after images.

Hope Hicks is stunning; in fact, she’s so gorgeous that when she was merely a 17-year-old model, she blessed the cover of a Gossip Girl spinoff, giving the public more proof she’s extremely attractive.

This begs the question, how much of it is natural? Most people reckon Hope underwent plastic surgery as a young teen. Some accuse her of a nose job and lip fillers.

Hope Hicks is the Subject of Plastic Surgery Speculations

The online community often discuss Hope Hicks‘s alleged plastic surgery. So, we tried to dig deep into the actual truth of her potential cosmetic enhancements.

It remains debatable whether Hicks really went under the knife, but looking at her before and after pictures – there are some noticeable differences.

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Our primary suspicion lies on cheekbone enhancement, nose job, lip fillers, and perhaps something done on her chin and eyes. All seem to be well done and refined.

One online user said,

My guess is that her nose has been narrowed a bit. Right-wingers are absolutely obsessed with having their nose as small and narrow as possible. Megyn Kelly had similar surgery, even though the nose wasn’t large, to begin with. I think they want to look as Teutonic and northern European as possible.

The second added,

She’s had several things done along the lines of Ivanka and Melania-bots. It’s how you play when you’re in with Cheeto.

The third bantered,

All that work, but there’s nothing that can fix her cold black heart. . .except a wooden stake.

The fourth claimed,

She was cute then. Now she looks so severe. Some of that is probably just aging and makeup but her nose does look different too.

Most seem to be positive Hope definitely did something to her nose as it looks noticeably different now.

Hope Hicks Recently Tested Positive for Coronavirus

One of President Donald Trump‘s closest advisors, Hope Hicks, tested positive for COVID-19 on 30th September 2020.

Hicks, who operates as President’s delegate and is among a tight network of President’s counselors, was tested positive after flying with Trump to and from the first Air Force One presidential debate.

The POTUS later tweeted he would quarantine, but it’s not sure if it would affect his immediate plans.

Hicks was present on Trump’s helicopter when he departed the White House to travel to the Andrews Joint Base. She was seen heading to the aircraft with fellow members Stephen Miller, Dan Scavino, and Jared Kushner. Evidently, none of them were wearing masks.

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White House spokesperson Judd Deere said,

The President takes the health and safety of himself and everyone who works in support of him and the American people very seriously.

Deere added,

White House Operations collaborates with the Physician to the President and the White House Military Office to ensure all plans and procedures incorporate current CDC guidelines and best practices for limiting COVID-19 exposure to the greatest extent possible both on complex and when the President is traveling.

Hicks is one of Trump’s closest advisors ever since the 2016 presidential campaign. She accompanied the President to the White House and ascended to the Communications Director at the White House before leaving in March 2018.

Hope took up the position of head of communications at Fox, but she wasn’t away from the big leagues for too long.

In February 2020, Hope Hicks made her return to the President’s team to be his consultant. She answers to Kushner, the President’s son-in-law and Senior Counselor.

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Hicks, who was just 26 back then, was selected by Trump as press secretary in January 2015 when he launched his presidential campaign. During that time, she worked as a press officer for Trump’s firm alongside Ivanka Trump (who’s a subject of cosmetic surgery of her own).

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