‘Teenage Kate’ Hannah Zeile’s Weight Loss Story – The Untold Truth!


Hannah Zeile before and after weight loss.

Grab all the rarely known details of Hannah Zeile’s weight loss story. The Teenage Kate from NBC’s This Is Us looks a lot slimmer upon contrasting before and after images.

What has happened with Teenage Kate on This Is Us? Something to do with weight loss?

Hannah Zeile has surprised some viewers with her latest appearance in the hit NBC show, and they’ve taken to social media to share their concerns.

Many fans reckon the actress has undergone weight loss. Is there any truth to it? If not, why does she look different? Let’s find out.

Did Hannah Zeile Undergo Weight Loss?

As you can relate, TV has presented most of us with a beautiful escape in 2020 and it was lovely to welcome so many favorite shows back to the screens.

Several productions – whether debut seasons or new shows altogether – have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic and disruptions have triggered quite a great deal of stress for audiences to count down the days for their idols to come back.

So those who have got their favorites back in the last few months have definitely been grateful, which has been the case for This is Us fans.

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Created by Dan Fogelman, the series debuted at NBC back in September 2016 and has gained a strong fanbase over the course of four years.

And now it’s back for the fifth season!

Teenage Kate star on This Is Us, Hannah Zeile is the subject of weight loss through before and after images.

Teenage Kate star on This Is Us, Hannah Zeile is the subject of weight loss through before and after images.
Source: Hannah Zeile Instagram (@hannahzeilexo)

Amidst all of this, fans are wondering what exactly happened to Teen Kate (played by Hannah Zeile) who looks to have a different physique from the last time we saw her.

Is it weight loss or something else?

Contrasting the before and after images, she definitely seems to have lost some pounds. The precise amount of weight loss, however, is yet to be known.

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Previously, fans on Reddit discussed whether Hannah Zeile was wearing a fat suit to look bigger. Is this the reason many viewers now think she underwent weight loss?

One user asked,

I noticed they made a point that Kate got thin as a teenager and started her bad eating habits after Jack died. Now it’s a year later, and she’s a little chubbier, so I’m thinking this is part of the show (especially since Marc kept calling her fat, which possibly implies she’s gaining weight since he wouldn’t have started dating her if he wasn’t attracted to her and he’s getting worried she’s becoming unattractive).

Also, a small detail I noticed in last night’s episode was when she broke the window: her hands are very skinny, leading me to believe the rest is fake.

Thoughts? Or are there any sources?

(I’m not sure if this is offensive to ask, but I’m curious so I apologize if it’s inappropriate)

One user replied,

I think so. She also has a posture as if she has a bigger midsection than the actress actually has. They also shot her face from angles that made it look like her face was fuller than it actually is. The actress is thin and has been so they are trying to make her look as if she’s gaining.

The second said,

She does! If you scroll to about a year ago on her insta, you can watch of video of getting her prosthetics and I think she says she wear one.

She’s very petite in real life!

The third stated,

As a side note, Marc calling her fat and making those nasty comments isn’t because she has gained weight. It’s because he knows what makes her insecure. It’s a good way to control her. It may trigger the poor habits later but she’s not that heavy in these scenes for her age.

She’s pretty normal. I was constantly told I was fat/overweight as a pre-teen and teen. Looking back at pictures I wasn’t even close to fat. But because I was insecure I believed it to be true.

The fourth claimed,

Someone shared earlier that Hannah (the actress playing kate) lost weight for her type 1 diabetes so I think to compensate they put her in a fat suit just like the actor who plays Toby

Likewise, another said,

She looks skinny on her instagram, I would say yes

Meanwhile, one person provided valid reasoning,

I’m pretty sure she wears one now. I think to portray her weight gain after Jack’s death.

The fact that the actress was wearing a fat suit on-screen to make herself look bigger in order to fit the demands of the character might be one of the reasons fans are wondering if Hannah Zeile underwent weight loss.

Although we’re quite positive she did lose some pounds, the difference might not be as big as some fans think, since she had to look fatter on screen than she actually was in real life.

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Like one of the fans stated, the Teenage Kate star previously underwent weight loss due to type 1 diabetes.

Hannah Zeile’s Rise to Fame is an Incredible Story

The first time Hannah Zeile interacted with Chrissy Metz (subject to a weight loss of her own), the older version of her character Kate on NBC’s romantic family drama This Is Us wasn’t on the filming set.

It was seven years prior when Zeile was a 13-year-old wide-eyed budding actress, and Metz was already an industrial agent looking forward to her breakout role.

The two recognized each other, but it wasn’t until years later when they met in the hair and make-up chairs of This Is Us that they were officially launched and discovered their lives were more than their identical character.

Zeile says,

We were both in the hair and makeup trailer, and she just turned to me and was like, ‘Oh my God! I don’t know if you remember, but I was a commercial agent at the agency that you’re with.’

I was like, ‘Oh my God! I totally remember seeing you around the office.’ She was like, ‘I used to be in meetings discussing stuff about you.’

However, Hannah’s connection with This Is Us, the spot where she portrays the teen model of Kate Pearson, an ambitious singer coping with her weight and relationship with her mom, goes beyond her felicitous reference to Metz.

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The present has played a significant role in serving Zeile to overcome deep-rooted emotions and strain to appear “model-thin” in her early career.

I’ve definitely gained a lot more confidence through this show. Playing a role that does deal with body insecurities and seeing that there are so many other people who relate to it, it makes everything feel so much more powerful.

Growing up in Thousand Oaks, California, near the outskirts of Los Angeles, Hannah was trained to become a big-shot player. Her dad, Todd Zeile, was a Major League Baseball competitor, while her mother, Julianne McNamara, was an Olympic athlete.

Growing up, I always did sports. But I never stuck to one thing. I was always bouncing around. Nothing really kept my focus.

Zeile’s emerging call landed after watching strong auditions for her beloved film, Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana.

That’s when it became a reality to me. Seeing them in their regular clothes doing the scenes that I watched, it became an obsession of mine, like ‘I can do this. Anyone can do this.’

After undergoing acting lessons for 12 months, Hannah began to audition, landing her first-ever role as the daughter of Charlie Sheen‘s best friend in FOX’s Anger Management.

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At 14, still wondering whether she had a lifetime career as an actor, Zeile took a short break to live a more conventional school life. However, when it came time to register for college, Hannah realized she wanted to do something else. Her father wasn’t so sure of that.

I just remember telling him, ‘Give me one year. Give me a gap year and let me audition. I have this really strong feeling inside I can’t explain, but I feel like I’m going to book something. Give me time.’

Zeile’s gut-feeling was right. A few months later, while serving in Chipotle, she secured an audition for a relatively unknown drama at the time called This Is Us.

After the original audition that was her first after she started acting again, Hannah was shaking the burrito bowls when she sensed her cellphone vibrate.

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She ran to the restroom to answer the call. It was her manager who told her the casting was down to her and another actor and that she needed to see the showrunner, Dan Fogelman, in Paramount’s studios promptly.

I walked out to my manager and said, ‘I’m so sorry. You’re not going to have a cashier. I’m just letting you know that I’m going to leave now.’ And I never came back.

On her Lyft trip home, Zeile got a call informing her she received the part and had to be on the set at 8:30 a.m. the following morning.

‘This Is Us’ Star Hannah Zeile Opens Up About Body Insecurities

While the This Is Us audition had been going on for a couple of days, the path wasn’t that easy. As a kid, Zeile was teased for her small stature and less-developed physique.

Hannah says,

That was my own body’s own insecurity.

Zeile’s insecurities intensified as she grew up in her late teens and became more mindful of body appearance, particularly after being immersed in today’s social media era, when picture editing tools and flawless bodies are prevalent.

I definitely have found myself comparing and feeling like I’m chasing what they say: goals. Body goals. It makes you forget that you have a beauty of your own.

Starting a career as an actor when her body was still growing didn’t make life any smoother.

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When Zeile made her return to acting at the age of 18, following a four-year hiatus, she found a change between how she was handled and how her body was viewed. As we know, the Hollywood industry is notorious for seeking weight loss among overweight actresses.

It definitely was interesting from being 14 and auditioning and coming back at 18. I definitely looked different. There’s a stigma with acting. Like they say, ‘The camera adds 10 pounds,’ so everyone wants to be really thin, and you want to have really clear skin.

Despite everything, Hannah Zeile sees a spark of hope. For characters like Kate, she claims there is a change toward casting people with more natural bodies—rather than the “model-like bodies” she used to witness.

Before, a lot of actresses had model-like bodies. You see them in person, and they’re so thin. But now, there’s a lot of focus on having average, normal-looking women and men and people who you can relate to and see on the street.

Zeile’s quest for body-positivity (and not actively pursuing weight loss merely for the industry demand) is the reason she finds it a privilege to play Kate, a character that helped her get through her own self-doubt.

Kate lets her insecurities stop her from doing great things. She has a beautiful voice and she has talent, but she holds herself back because she’s so insecure.

I’ve learned that that’s an issue, and I don’t want to let my insecurities get in the way of things so I try to push myself, which is what I would love to see Kate doing too.

Kate’s character, however, is not the only aspect of This Is Us that has transformed Hannah Zeile’s life.

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After the show’s debut in 2016, Zeile has received the SAG Award—which she holds on her mantel and has commemorated with an embarrassing number of live TV “Oh my Gods”—and has practically seen her world change 180 degrees.

I remember after the pilot thinking, ‘Wow. This is not what I’ve been seeing on TV lately. This is rare. This is captivating. I was already drawn in.’ But for it to turn into this full, as they call it, phenomenon that it is, there was no way to expect it.

Yet there are still pitfalls, such as the extent of mystery surrounding spoiler-prone plots. Most prominently, the long-awaited disclosure behind the demise of Kate’s father, Jack Pearson (portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia), that Hannah Zeile had to maintain a secret throughout season 2 after discovering it during the premiere.

We had our scripts hand-delivered to us on red paper so we couldn’t photocopy it. It was a top-secret thing.

While Zeile is delighted that This Is Us has broadened the discussion around physical appearance and size on-screen, she wishes characters in the future will not be encoded and portrayed exclusively because of their size.

You don’t normally see a really heavy character in a main role. It’d be interesting to see more shows incorporate characters like that and have the storyline not only have to do with their weight.

The actress, currently subject to weight loss, would love to see more programs where they hire somebody of different body sizes and try not to make it only for that specific purpose. She believes there’s a “lot more to someone than the shape of their body.”

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