‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Hannah Godwin’s Plastic Surgery – The Full Story


'The Bachelor' Contestant Hannah Godwin's Plastic Surgery - The Full Story

Get the complete intel into Hannah Godwin’s plastic surgery speculations, most notably lip fillers.

The American television personality, model, and YouTuber Hannah Godwin is currently happily engaged to her fiance Dylan Barbour.

Hannah is perhaps best known as the contestant on season 23 of The Bachelor, starring Colton Underwood. Following the conclusion of the show, she participated on Bachelor in Paradise (season 6), ultimately falling in love with Dylan.

Recently, fans appear curious about Hannah Godwin’s plastic surgery procedures. Seeing this, the reality star herself broke her silence on going under the knife. Here’s what she had to say.

Hannah Godwin Admitted to Undergoing Plastic Surgery – Did She Have Lip Fillers?

Bachelor alum Hannah Godwin, after being asked by viewers, responded to plastic surgery rumors.

“Yeah, I’ve had my lips done before, big whoop,” the Bachelor in Paradise star explained on her YouTube channel. “It’s not a giant, huge secret. I’m obviously going to share the truth with you guys about everything. So, yes, I’ve had my lips done a few times.”

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The Bachelor Nation star stated she got “the smallest amount ever” inserted to plump her bar, and much of the filler was removed as late as possible.

“I have not had anything else done besides my lips,” Hannah Godwin added. “I’m all for people doing whatever they feel like doing, and that was just what I did.”

The longtime model started to work as an influencer and content producer well before her appearance on the reality dating show and has also been open with fans — from breast surgery rumors to her cute relationship with fiancé Dylan Barbour.

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The reality couple is “really enjoying being engaged” and “spending this quality time together,” Hannah exclusively told Life & Style in July. “We’re so excited for what the future holds for us!”

They’re dating for a year since bumping into each other on the beach in Mexico back in 2019. These days, they lie low amid the COVID-19 pandemic and stay back and forth between Dylan’s hometown of San Diego and Alabama’s new home in Los Angeles.

“We both have a hard time saying no to things sometimes, so being forced to essentially stay at home for a while really gave us the chance to see how we are together without a million things going on around us,” the model explained. “It has definitely brought us closer together.”

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They’ve been spending their free time like regular couples. “We’ve been cooking a lot, going on runs, playing around with new RumHaven cocktail recipes, and seeing more nature/sunsets than we ever have,” Hannah Godwin added.

“I’ve found that I’ve been super creative and focusing on making more YouTube videos, which I love doing!”

Hannah Godwin was Considered for ‘The Bachelorette’

Recently, Hannah Godwin uploaded a YouTube video sharing her experience auditioning for The Bachelorette.

“I went through every single Bachelorette interview and they called me and they were like ‘Okay, so we’re actually gonna start filming like this weekend b-roll and stuff, which is just like extra footage and stuff for your season if you get it you know,” Godwin started off.

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Godwin, however, felt there were several negative impacts if she ended up as The Bachelorette. She was a little worried about everything that might have gone wrong if she had landed the title.

“While this was happening, I was like having these like nightmares every night about being the Bachelorette and like screwing it up or something. It’s just a lot of pressure and stuff,” the Bachelor in Paradise alum shared.

Despite her doubts, the producers still arrived at Alabama, where they met Hannah Godwin and her family. While there, they chatted about the role deeper, and Godwin signed the contract.

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Yet, after a day, she was contacted to let her know she was not part of it. Still, they were excited about her, hoping to see her in Paradise. Amusingly enough, Godwin was not disheartened by the news. In fact, she was relieved that the role went to someone else.

“I could have totally done it, but a part of me was like super relieved. I guess I’d just gone through this crazy public like breakup essentially, so I still basically kind of had like the secret going on. I couldn’t obviously tell people what had happened and stuff,” Godwin shared about her breakup with Colton Underwood.

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“But ultimately everything happened exactly the way that it should have I thought Hannah [Brown] was a great Bachelorette,” Hannah Godwin said, praising her friend.

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