‘General Hospital’ Haley Pullos’ Plastic Surgery – The Hidden Details!


'General Hospital' Haley Pullos' Plastic Surgery - The Hidden Details!

All the facts behind General Hospital star Haley Pullos’ plastic surgery speculations, most notably cheek implants. Take a glance at her before and after transformation.

Celebs are not obligated to disclose every detail of their personal lives with their admirers, but since they are in the public spotlight all the time, every minor change in look is noted.

Haley Pullos’ facial characteristics were so radically modified that viewers thought she was a different actress, which says a lot.

But just because fans think she went under the knife doesn’t necessarily mean she did. So, what’s the actual truth concerning her plastic surgery? Let’s discuss.

Haley Pullos’ Plastic Surgery – Did She Get Cheek Implants?

Haley Pullos before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Haley Pullos before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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Like we stated earlier, celebrities are not obliged to reveal to fans that they have had plastic surgery, but if evident alterations are visible, they should expect inquiries.

For the past ten years, Haley Pullos has played Molly Lancing Davis on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Fans have witnessed her transformation from a kid to a gorgeous young lady in front of their eyes.

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Molly hasn’t seen much TV time lately, but she was back in Port Charles recently. Her devoted followers instantly noted that her face was swollen as if she got implants in her cheeks.

When questioned if she had had some form of plastic surgery, the actress stated that she had not, but eagle-eyed admirers, as well as before and after images, suggest that there has been some sort of changes.

TV stars are not compelled to reveal their personal lives to those who see them on small screens, but they should anticipate concerns when they have been dramatically transformed.

Evidently, her face appears to be much fuller than before, and her cheeks are much rounder and more prominent than previously. The actress provided no further rationale for why her appearance had shifted, such as any medical reason.

Most actors have had cosmetic enhancements in this day and age, but just a handful acknowledge having had a nip, tuck, or implant.

Although the actress who plays Molly has said that she has not undergone plastic surgery, many General Hospital viewers believe her facial expressions indicate something else.

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This is the reason those who work as performers should keep one thing in mind. They have virtually given up their privacy rights as far as their physical appearance is concerned because they get their cash by being in the public light.

As a result, the general populace pays close attention and is not easily duped.

Haley Pullos Relates Her Real-Life Family to General Hospital

Young starlet Haley Pullos, who plays, Molly on ABC’s General Hospital can relate to her character’s part as the youngest of the Davis daughters.

She revealed to Soaps In Depth,

I am the baby of my family, too. I have four siblings — two brothers and two sisters. I am originally from the [San Francisco] Bay Area and my parents moved out with me, but all of my siblings stayed up north. And now, I’m the only one left here!

That’s because when Pullos turned into an adult a few years ago, her parents relocated from Los Angeles.

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The General Hospital star grinned,

I was really excited to be on my own… but it wasn’t because I was sick of my family by any means! I just knew it was what I needed. Honestly, I have completely found myself as a person living on my own.

She added,

It’s been wonderful. And I still hang out with my family all the time. But my niece, Hannah, is my favorite person in the whole wide world.

Pullos admits she goes to visit her niece as much as she can.

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