Grey Damon’s Weight Loss in 2020 – How Many Pounds Did the Station 19 Actor Lose?


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Grey Damon before and after weight loss in 2020.

Following his appearance on Station 19 season 4 premiere, Grey Damon’s weight loss in 2020 became quite apparent to fans. Check out his before and after pictures.

Born on 24th September 1987 in Bloomington, Indiana, Grey Damon is an American actor known for his appearances on sports drama Friday Night Lights, supernatural drama The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and action-drama Station 19. The actor currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Recently, Grey Damon is at the forefront of weight loss speculations amongst fans. How many pounds did the Station 19 star lose? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Grey Damon’s Weight Loss in 2020 Has Alarmed Fans

Actor Grey Damon became a part of Station 19 in 2017, and it wasn’t long before he got a loyal following.

Revered for his charismatic looks and immaculate acting ability, Grey is best known for his excellent depiction of firefighter Jack Gibson.

However, some viewers are speculating he may have lost a few lbs following his latest appearance on Station 19. Is there any truth to it? And if so, what’s the cause for his drastic weight loss in 2020?

Grey Damon's weight loss in 2020 is the subject of curiosity amongst fans.

Grey Damon’s weight loss in 2020 is the subject of curiosity amongst fans.
Image Source: Grey Damon Instagram (@greydamon)

Numerous fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns on Damon’s alleged weight loss and to undertake an in-depth analysis of the true reasons. Rumors of his latest change began to circulate in the fall of 2020.

Following the season 4 premiere, one person tweeted:

Jack lost weight or something #Station19

Another wrote,

Jack lost some weight and I’m worried #Station19

Like many reckon, Grey Damon’s face and jawline appear strikingly different now as he looks to have lost 15-20 pounds.

The star is yet to speak on the rapidly spreading speculations. As per his IMDb profile, he is scheduled to feature in the upcoming episodes of Station 19 while he doesn’t appear to have other projects in the pipeline.

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Some actors are expected to undergo weight loss when they undertake a new part, but this may or may not be the cause of Grey’s physical transformation.

The actor is pretty active on social media, and he frequently treats followers to selfies and behind-the-scenes images revealing what the day-to-day life of Station 19 is like.

In recent times, some of his fans have gone to the comment section to voice their feelings about his perceived weight loss.

One such person wrote,

Nice. I see u lost a lot of weight since last season. You’re looking ? ????

Fans are clearly split when it comes to Grey Damon’s weight loss transformation with some worried while others impressed.

Grey Damon’s Jack Gibson is Expected to Take on New Challenges in Station 19 Season 4

Station 19 season 4 brought a lot of changes for Grey Damon‘s character, Jack Gibson. The show director Paris Barclay told ET, Jack will enhance his willingness to handle his interpersonal relationship with the aid of psychiatrist Dr. Diane Lewis (Tracie Thoms).

Paris said,

Jack is one of those people who’s grown farther away from what he originally appeared to be, into something that actually has a considerable more understanding.

What he’s been through in dealing with his foster childhood and dealing with the relationships that he’s had and actually getting into therapy with Tracie Thoms’ character, you can see that he’s starting to change and to grow.

And you’re seeing that he may be becoming the voice of reason over time.

As the director and executive producer suggested, Jack could initiate a more serious relationship—but the transition won’t arrive without difficulty.

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Paris added,

The question is, does he really want to dive into another [relationship]? … As Jack grows, that’s going to become increasingly complicated. It used to be super easy for him just to do it.

But nowadays, as he gets more mature, having those relationships that he’s had with reckless abandon has become increasingly difficult.

Station 19 airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Grey Damon Got His Start at a Christmas Production

Everyone’s got a story of their own, one that helped turn themselves into how they are now. Most of the stars, if not all of them, admit they received the big break they wished for in Broadway or in theaters.

For Grey Damon, his career was influenced by a Christmas carol production. It was, in fact, his first career job and was labeled The Christmas Carol, which was shown at the Denver Theater Center in Colorado. However, it’s worth mentioning his dream was not actually acting.

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As kids, we grow up to believe we will eventually be able to achieve the stuff we dream of in terms of a professional endeavor.

Although some people manage to do so, most fail to pursue whatever they desire and it stays as mere hobbies.

Speaking with Talk Nerdy with Us, Grey Damon revealed he really wished to be a cartoonist. He loved reading comics, and he cherished coming up with his own creations and giving them identity.

When Grey Damon doesn’t film a scene in a movie or a show, he’s reading to waste time.

Some of his excerpts are typically production tasks where the creator(s) of the series will allow them to read on some documents so they can get a snapshot of their characters and be them.

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Most days, he’s only reading because he enjoys it. His favorite books are A Song of Ice and Fire and The Walking Dead.

He was especially enthusiastic about AMC’s adaptation of the book in their popular series The Walking Dead. Damon found it was interesting to see how the stories in his beloved novel were brought to life.

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