Greg Gumbel’s Weight Loss: Health Issues or Something Else?


Greg Gumbel's Weight Loss: Health Issues or Something Else?

Rumors about Greg Gumbel’s weight loss have led to the reasoning behind it being traced to some illness, which has further prompted speculations about his health. However, Greg Gumbel himself has not yet addressed those weight loss himself which is now looking more like an unchecked gossip gone a little too far. With no official reports about his health, all of it seems to be an unwarranted hoax.

Greg Gumbel is an American television sportscaster who is widely recognized for his various assignments for CBS Sports (most notably, the National Football League and NCAA basketball).

In 2001, when he announced Super Bowl XXXV for the CBS network, he became the first African-American announcer to call play-by-play of a major sports championship in the United States. He is currently serving as a play-by-play broadcaster for the NFL on CBS as well as the studio host for CBS’ men’s college basketball coverage.

Greg Gumbel, as a child, took interest in sports. He used to play baseball in school and after graduation, he decided to make a career in sports broadcasting. He has worked for CBS, ESPN, and WFAN.

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Greg Gumbel’s Weight Loss: How is His Heath in 2022?

There are hardly any NFL fans and NCAA basketball fans who don’t recognize Greg Gumbel‘s voice. The sports commentator’s voice when he is giving a blow-by-blow account of any game in real-time must be very adrenaline-fueling and at other times, welcoming at the least.

Whenever people hear of Greg Gumbel, they undoubtedly must think of his voice and the uproarious way of introducing the players and how he very smoothly commentates every game. He is much loved by the people for his understanding of sports and the genuine interest he has and revered by his colleague for his dedication.

Lately, something has happened which has made his voice take the back-seat when it comes to being in any kind of attention about him. People are more preoccupied with the way he looks now. What changed or happened that let the sportscaster be more talked about for his looks?

If you are always on the internet as we all are, then you must have come across many speculations about Greg Gumbel’s weight loss. His weight loss is currently trending on the net. Apparently, a word on the street has had a multiplier effect and has found its way to social media.

This whole thing started when a small number of people spotted Greg in flesh and couldn’t help but notice how very different he looked owing all to the weight that he lost which was unmissable as per their accounts.

People always unmindfully associated his loud and boisterous voice with his healthy body. But now that there are these accounts of his weight loss, people probably can’t imagine him the same way. When they think of him, they likely visualize a frail-looking man with a weak voice.

His loud and clear voice on the sports field, which held the sole attention of every sports lover, was replaced by his weight loss in getting more engagement on the media.

After a few of those accounts of fans meeting him in person and observing that he had lost a considerable amount of weight had surfaced on the internet, they took no precaution while giving winds to those rumors. And not long after, there were other speculations about him on the internet.

Fans wanted to know if Greg Gumbel’s extreme weight loss was due to some kind of sickness he had. Does he have any illness or has he recently faced any issues in his health that he has yet not shared with the general public?

Despite all those rumors and assumptions about him floating around on the web, Greg Gumbel himself has not addressed any of those. He has chosen to keep strictly silent about it. So, no substantiated information regarding his health situation has yet been uncovered.

And if he truly lost so much weight as to warrant that kind of sickness assumption is also not known. So far, all this fuss about Greg Gumbel’s weight loss and the reason for it being some grave disease seems very scary but no acknowledgment of it from himself and how no reputable and verified tabloids have not yet picked up on those rumors and all of it being limited to gossip forums only make it seem like an unwarranted hoax.

So, all those who want to know if Greg’s fine has to wait to hear from Greg himself.

However, in the past, his younger brother Bryant Gumbel was diagnosed with lung cancer. Fortunately, he has made a complete recovery.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, many fans of Greg Gumbel believe that he wears a wig always because of how his hair looks, but Greg’s always had hair like that from the very beginning and it looks natural.

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