‘American Idol’ Grace Kinstler’s Weight Loss Surgery & Secret to Her Hips!


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'American Idol' Grace Kinstler's Weight Loss Surgery & Secret to Her Hips!

Grab all the details of American Idol season 19 contestant Grace Kinstler’s weight loss surgery along with the secret to her hips. Check out her before and after transformation.

Anyone who has ever aspired to greatness understands that taking chances is an unavoidable part of the process. The 20-year-old Grace Kinstler recently took one of those chances by auditioning in front of the judges on American Idol for an opportunity to make it to Hollywood.

Grace, like many other people in her generation, grew up loving American Idol. She not only enjoyed watching others compete, but she hoped that one day she would be able to do so as well.

While she was anxious about auditioning, she challenged herself to go for it, and that determination seems to be providing ample rewards for her. In merely a few months, she has witnessed her dream come true.

One of the most exciting aspects of working in the entertainment business is the possibility of working with someone you’ve always idolized. While Kinstler has not yet had the opportunity to work with Katy Perry, she has already delivered a stunning performance in front of her.

Grace was overjoyed because she has always been a massive fan of the Dark Horse hitmaker. To top it off, her exceptional performance brought the judges to tears, securing her the Golden Ticket to the next round. Grace’s natural vocal ability can work wonders as the competition advances.

Recently, though, this talented singer at the forefront of weight loss speculations and curiosity revolving around her hips among fans on the internet. Did she shed pounds? What’s the secret to her body? Let’s find out.

Grace Kinstler’s Weight Loss Surgery – What’s Up With Her Hips?

Grace Kinstler before and after weight loss surgery, making her hips stand out.

Grace Kinstler before and after weight loss surgery, making her hips stand out.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Grace Kinstler is undoubtedly one of the favorites to win the latest American Idol season 19. She has impressed so far would be a huge understatement. Grace is almost blowing her competitions out of the water.

With such success on stage, however, comes the curiosity over her personal life as well. While she is known to be dating Joseph Wheatley, many viewers recently are increasingly interested to learn the secrets to Grace Kinstler’s weight loss. Moreover, her extraordinary hips are almost impossible to not notice.

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While she’s yet to address the speculations surrounding her physique, it’s no secret that she has indeed lost a lot of weight from the past years. A quick glance at her before and after pictures is enough to draw such conclusions.

In the meantime, the means by which she managed to slim down is the tricky part. The best guess would be gastric bypass or bariatric surgery.

As per Medline Plus,

Gastric bypass is surgery that helps you lose weight by changing how your stomach and small intestine handle the food you eat. After the surgery, your stomach will be smaller. You will feel full with less food. The food you eat will no longer go into some parts of your stomach and small intestine that absorb food. Because of this, your body will not get all of the calories from the food you eat.

As far as her stunning curvy body, albeit with pretty unrealistic hips, is concerned – this is usually achieved through plastic surgery, notably liposuction (which is also credited as a weight loss technique in some cases).

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As per Mayo Clinic,

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck. Liposuction also shapes (contours) these areas. Other names for liposuction include lipoplasty and body contouring.

Whatever she genuinely did, she couldn’t look more stunning. So, fair play to this luminous performer!

Grace Kinstler Dedicated Beautiful American Idol Performance to Her Late Father


Moving away from the speculations surrounding her body, Grace Kinstler is undoubtedly having the time of her life. It’s worth mentioning she was doubting herself for no apparent reason.

The singer took center stage for the Showstopper round of American Idol, performing Demi Lovato‘s Dad, which she dedicated to her late father who tragically passed away when she was 19.

When she reached the high notes in her heartfelt rendition, judge Luke Bryan exclaimed, “Woah!” Katy Perry and Bryan gave standing ovations by the end of the performance.

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Lionel Richie said, “Powerful.” Perry later remarked,

I think for you being such a powerful singer, you have to choose the right songs. Use that pain, sing it out of you.

Informing Kinstler that she had made it to the Top 24, the California Girls hitmaker added:

Grace, it’s real, and it’s getting realer.

Needless to say, fans are eagerly awaiting her next performance!

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