Go Yoon Jung Plastic Surgery: Did the Alchemy of Souls Actress Get a Nose Job and Eye Surgery? Before and After Photos Examined!


Go Yoon Jung Plastic Surgery: Did the Alchemy of Souls Actress Get a Nose Job and Eye Surgery? Before and After Photos Examined!

Go Yoon Jung is being accused of plastic surgery after a picture of her from her high school went viral. The Alchemy of Souls actress looked very different than now in those photos, supposedly because of a nose job and eye surgery. Fans noted that her facial features have changed dramatically, and immediately came to the conclusion that she has had plastic surgery. However, as it turned out the pictures were doctored with malicious intent, and Go Yoon Jung’s agency MAA Entertainment has sent out a warning threatening legal action against those who continue to perpetuate the rumors.

After a small appearance in Alchemy of Souls,  Go Yoon Jung has gotten the most publicity but for all the wrong reasons. The actress has been accused of plastic surgery like it’s a crime when she’s from a country where people place too much value and importance on looks so much that cosmetic surgery is so normal. South Korea is known for its beauty and sensibility. Because appearance is so important and the standards of a perfect appearance are rigid, the country has been dubbed the world’s plastic surgery capital.

Go Yoon Jung has bright blue eyes, a high bridge of the nose, heart-shaped lips, and a fair complexion. Fans have noted that the South Korean native beauty reaches the diamond ratio, which means she has the most perfect features. So, as someone from South Korea, she was always going to be the subject of speculations about plastic surgery. She comes from the hub of cosmetic surgery and her features are the most perfect and flawless. That only adds up.

Models and actresses face the same job pressures, especially those involving their beauty because their appearance is important in their line of job. That is why every celebrity is expected to look beautiful at all times. Go Yoon Jung hasn’t failed those expectations. Especially since she has been known for her beautiful face and body since her days as a model in her youth.

So, people have been speculating that she may have gone under the knife to get the most perfect features. However, that is not a natural course but instead prompted with what seems to be malicious intent. Follow this article to know everything about Go Yoon Jung’s plastic surgery.

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Go Yoon Jung’s Plastic Surgery: The South Korean Model/Actress is Suspected of Having Her Nose and Eyes Done!

According to the latest rumors going on, Go Yoon Jung (@goyounjung) has gone under the knife. She had some insane work done because her facial features have changed dramatically; changes caused by plastic surgery procedures rather than time because her high school graduation photo looks very different from her current appearance as the years pass. In her graduation photos, she has adorable cheeks and an innocent look that exudes a youthful aura.

Some viewers claim that the 26-year-old model/actress had her eyes and nose fixed previously in order to conform to South Korean beauty standards. Looking at her before and after photos, Go Yoon Jung fans believe that she has done a nose job surgery procedure to reshape her nose. Her nose used to be wide and large, but it has now shrunk and become pointy. Her nasal and nose tip rose and narrowed.

The pictures from her girl band days show that Go Yoon Jung had small eyes, which is very common among East Asians. But now that you see her, she has larger eyes that are very beautiful because they are clear and sharp. This is why fans suspect she had had eye surgery to make them bigger. Nothing wrong with it if she had work done. But her plastic surgery has become a big scandal.

Even though plastic surgery procedures are very normal in the country, many fans object to the actress having her facial features fixed, claiming she is not a natural beauty. Some viewers are not amused by her golden ratio face, not happy that she bought a symmetrical and perfect face. This type of controversy is common among Korean celebrities and often ironic as well because nowhere are the pressures of looking beautiful more than in South Korea.

People with flat noses and small eyes are bullied to the point of dehumanization when that’s what the majority of people look like. Even the Sweet Home star was a victim of school violence in the past when classmates bullied her for being unattractive due to her broad nose and monolid eyes. But plastic surgery has been deemed as equal to a crime.

This all started when a photo of her from her high school went viral in which Go Yoon Jung appeared different, which led fans to assume the actress had undergone plastic surgery. However, as it turned out, the picture was not real. An anonymous user posted a picture claiming to be a high school photo of the model on January 4, and it quickly went viral. The claim was quickly debunked when a netizen stated that her friend went to the same school as Go Yoon-Jung and demonstrated that the photographs in the original netizen’s post had been altered.

This prompted MAA Entertainment, Go Yoon Jung’s agency, to issue a strong warning against spreading false information about the artist’s plastic surgery and damaging her reputation. The agency first thanked fans for their unwavering support for the Alchemy of Souls actress in a statement issued. And then made a warning about those malicious posts. On January 5, the agency issued a statement stating that they will take legal action against those who have spread derogatory remarks, morphed images, negative remarks, and doctored images of the actress online.

In addition, they addressed the perpetrators who posted malicious comments and spread the morphed image that defamed the artist. The agency made it abundantly clear that there would be zero tolerance for any false information that degraded the artist (in this case, plastic surgery), and those who slandered the artist would face legal consequences. However, Go Yoon Jung herself has not commented on the matter.

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