Grab all the details of Gloria Grahame’s plastic surgery treatments, including a nose job, fillers, and Botox injections. Have a look at her before and after changes.

Winning the hearts of many with her ever-sweet voice and alluring beauty, Gloria Grahame is a celebrated American theater actress and singer. Stepping into stardom with It’s a Wonderful Life in 1946, Gloria has not only been known for her acting but for her enchanting beauty.

However, the tale of her beauty isn’t all rainbows and sunshine but rather holds the darkness of the world of Hollywood.

Whether it was using tricks or eventually performing plastic surgery to change how she looked, Gloria’s obsession with how she looked is more renowned than her acting credits. So, here’s all you need to know about Gloria Grahame’s plastic surgery.

Gloria Grahame’s Plastic Surgery: The Obsession for Flawless Beauty?

Gloria Grahame before and after plastic surgery.

Gloria Grahame before and after plastic surgery.
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Already facing difficulties to set her mark in the industry, Gloria Grahame was deeply insecure with the way she looked (which might have invited plastic surgery).

Though fans always remarked on her femme fatale, she always saw something missing or something not right with her face. Having to work alongside seemingly perfect starlets, Gloria’s insecurities kept on growing.

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Her first obsession with her looks began with her upper lips. She insisted that they were too thin and had weird ridges and that needed to be”fixed.” Since she wasn’t a full-fledged star yet, Grahame relied on hacks to fix her lips.

As per Factinate, Grahame used to cram cotton in her mouth while filming to make up for its thinning, giving it a full, if odd, appearance. While it had its consequences, the actress’s image went on to decline within the industry over the years while her obsession to change her looks went on going up.

With growing frustrations and insecurities, Grahme began performing small plastic surgery procedures to overcome the self-loathing she had towards her “imperfections” as he called them. A remarkable beauty with a gamine face that could win the hearts of many, Gloria Grahame’s picture from her young days shows a fresh and untouched face.

As years passed by, she began getting surgeries. Her upper lips and face were the first on the line. Grahame’s fixation with her appearance, according to her niece Vicky Mitchum, prompted her to undergo more cosmetic treatments, which left her top lip largely immovable due to nerve damage.

Comparing the image of the actress later after she went under the blades for plastic surgery, Gloria looks very different than when she first entered the entertainment biz. Her features too look very transformed thus it’s confirmable that she got more than lips and cheeks surgeries.

The Time of Your Life actress also possibly had rhinoplasty since her nose looks completely different from how it used to. Grahame’s nose look more slender and upward turned while they looked long and downward face in the pictures before her surgery. The seductress however still managed to look ever stunning maintaining her nickname.

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Eventually, the obsession took over Gloria Grahame and she had multiple plastic surgery procedures done to fix herself.

Her niece Mitchum said, “Over the years, she [Grahame] carved herself up, trying to make herself into an image of beauty she felt should exist but didn’t. Others saw her as a beautiful person, but she never did, and crazy things spread from that.”

The Not So Glorious Life of Gloria Grahame

Gloria Grahame, the youngest daughter of British stage actress Jean Hallward, was born in California in 1923 and was nurtured for greater success by her mother. She was predestined to be in the entertainment world, but it wasn’t all that easy for young Gloria.

Gloria signed a seven-year deal with MGM by the time she was 20 and was instructed to use her mother’s maiden name.

She gained a name for herself in her second film, 1946’s It’s a Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart as the flirtatious Violet, and received an Oscar nod the following year for Crossfire.

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Though a strong beginning in the industry, Gloria Grahame had her share of troubles and hardships. Praised for her 1950 role in the lesser-known In A Lonely Place, the movie also brought quite a lot of controversy.

Fearless and bold, Grahame dared to go naked under a sheet rather than wear a nightgown. It enraged the critics, but Gloria declared defiantly,  “I sleep in the raw because it’s comfortable.”

She exclaimed, “Evolution has caught up with the nightgown manufacturers and they don’t want to admit it.” This incident marks the beginning of the notorious scandals of Gloria in the realm of Hollywood.

The not so glorious saga of Gloria’s life began with her love life. After less than a year of marriage, she filed for divorce from her first husband, actor Stanley Clements, in 1946.

When they reconciled, Gloria had to face abuse from her then-husband. She married Nicholas Ray, the director of Rebel Without a Cause, in Las Vegas on the same day her annulment was finalized.

Just as Grahame thought it was her happy ending, bad luck struck the actress once again. Gloria was four months pregnant with her son Timothy, but the marriage was doomed from the beginning.

Nicholas bet £30,000 on their wedding night in Sin City so she wouldn’t get her hands on it, and afterward admitted, “I was infatuated by her, but I didn’t like her very much.”

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Her next marriage was with television producer Cy Howard. It lasted three years and she gave birth to Marianna, but it was almost as tumultuous as her first marriage.

During one heated argument, Gloria Grahame brandished a gun at Cy and slashed up his clothes in another. This created another scandal in Hollywood and wasn’t talked about until the news of the actress marrying her stepson Tony in a closed ceremony in Mexico came out in 1962.

Publicly she was defiant, saying: “I married Nicholas Ray, the director. People yawned. Later on I married his son and from the press’s reaction you’d have thought I was committing incest or robbing the cradle.” as per The Sun.

Her misery however didn’t end there. Having breakdowns every now and then the actress endured electric shock therapy treatment to cure her depression, at the same time was locked in a custody battle with Cy who claimed she was an unfit mum.

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Her misery just went on growing and at last, the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer. Aged 57, Gloria passed away on October 5, 1981, thus ending her lifelong pain and sufferings.

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