Gloria Govan’s Plastic Surgery is Trending on the Internet


Gloria Govan's Plastic Surgery is Trending on the Internet

Everything about Gloria Govan’s plastic surgery speculations on the internet, most notably boob job. Take an overview of her before and after transformation.

The stories of players and the ladies they date frequently make the sports and entertainment news. Sadly, some of the more recent reports have more to do with domestic and family violence than with joyful endings.

Unlike those, Gloria Govan is a roaring success in her own right. They say that opportunity doesn’t arrive time and again, and while this is debatable, it is clear that we must seize the chances that come our way.

Gloria has done that and more. Recently, though, she is making headlines for her blissful wedding with NBA player and coach Derek Fisher.

The couple tied the knot in Malibu on 17th July 2021. Some sections of the fans on the internet, however, are more curious to learn about Gloria Govan’s alleged plastic surgery endeavors. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Has Gloria Govan Undergone Plastic Surgery, Notably Boob Job?

Gloria Govan is the subject of plastic surgery, most notably breast implants.

Gloria Govan is the subject of plastic surgery, most notably breast implants.
Image Source: Instagram

Gloria Govan, currently making rounds for multiple reasons (plastic surgery being one), had been engaged to her fiance Derek Fisher since 2018. but they had to postpone their nuptials in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

People published exclusive images from the NBA coach and his fiance’s wedding, which was held at Cielo Farms in Malibu, California.

Plenty of NBA fans have been fascinated by Derek’s wife Gloria since reports of their marriage broke. One such curiosity revolves around her looks.

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First off, Gloria Govan has a stunning appearance, whether or not she has had plastic surgery. However, many still wonder if she’s made cosmetic alterations. So, is there any truth to the allegations of nose job aka rhinoplasty and boob job?

Upon close inspection of her before and after images, one thing’s for clear – she has enhanced her bosoms with breast implants.

In the meantime, how likely is it that Gloria Govan went under the knife for other treatments as well? The reality star looks great, but we’re unsure if she has performed any significant procedures like butt lift or liposuction.

While there are also allegations of lip augmentation and Botox injections, they don’t seem to hold much weight. So, that’s pretty much it on her cosmetic enhancements!

Meanwhile, Govan is a reality star, entrepreneur, author, who is also recognized as the ex-wife of the former NBA player Matt Barnes. When it comes to social media, she’s got over 380k followers on Instagram.

A Mixed Girl’s Favorite Recipes is the title of her cookbook. Many book reviews remark that it offers outstanding photographs and a wide variety of recipes.

The 36-year-old also had a brief stint in the film industry. She co-starred with Carmen Electra and DeRay Davis in the 2015 film Chocolate City. She also appeared in the 2016 comedy horror flick Meet The Blacks.

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Despite her numerous successful undertakings, Gloria is best recognized for her time on reality television. For 6 years (2010-2016), she featured in the reality TV series Basketball Wives.

The fact that she’s such an accomplished personality, it comes as no surprise that fans are curious about her appearance and potential plastic surgery.

Gloria Govan Recently Got Married; Quick Snapshot of Her Relationship with Husband Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan‘s wedding photos have swooned fans on Twitter. The couple was dating for several years before they ultimately embraced as husband and wife.

While the exact timeline of their love affair is unknown, it appears that it began somewhere around 2015/2016.

However, the newlywed pair experienced a lot of turmoil in their early days, with Derek starting a fight with Gloria’s former husband Matt Barnes. Both NBA pros were teammates for the Los Angeles Lakers.

They fought for years before finally burying the hatchet. Gloria and Matt share 15-year-old twins, Carter Kelly Barnes and Isaiah Michael Barnes.

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Derek, meanwhile, has 4 kids of his own, two of whom are named Dre and Tatum he shares with ex-wife Candace Fisher. He has two further children, Chloe and Marshall Fisher, although their mothers’ identities are unknown.

As stated above, Gloria was formerly married to NBA player Matt. The couple exchanged vows in 2013 but ended up separating in 2016.

The two knew each other since high school and had begun dating following Matt’s rising stardom in the NBA. Govan was also rumored to be dating NFL player Colin Kaepernick, but she refuted the rumors.

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