Gillian Taylforth’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Facelift?


Gillian Taylforth’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Facelift?

Though Gillian Taylforth has only admitted to having a non-surgical facelift on the occasion of her 60th birthday, many speculate that she might have undergone other plastic surgery treatments, too. None of the rumors have been confirmed till now, and fans are waiting for confirmation. We can only say that Gillian Taylforth is trying to enjoy her current life and is happy with it.

Recently, Gillian Taylforth has been in the news after she shared her response to the epic Christmas 2023 flash-forward and about her role as Kathy Beale. Have you watched Flash-forward? Did you like the role of Gillian? Who was your favorite character in the series? It was one of the best 2010 American television series, which has a 7.6 rating on IMDb.

Taylforth has discussed how surprised she was to learn of the EastEnders flash-forward storyline. She said that her role in the series was different and that the character might be guilty of murder. However, to find out who did the murder in the series, you should watch till the end.

After the interview, the star of the flash-forward gets compared from her early days to her current appearances. People want to know more about her changes and her daily routine for staying healthy. To know more about Gillian Taylforth’s plastic surgery rumors and the healthy diet tips she follows, read this article.

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Gillian Taylforth’s Plastic Surgery: She Admitted to Having a Non-surgical Facelift!

Fans are comparing Gillian Taylforth‘s before and after looks and wanting to know if she has undergone any plastic surgery or not. She has only spoken of doing non-surgical facelifts and following a vegetarian diet. The rest of the rumors are yet to be explained by the actress herself.

Gillian Taylforth is an English actress. She was born on 14 August 1955 in Islington, London, England. Although she started her acting career in the 1970s, her big break was working as a secretary between minor roles. She has amazed her fans in every role to which she was appointed and has seen many ups and downs in her life.

Gillian Taylforth plays Kathy Beale on the BBC soap opera EastEnders.Gillian Taylforth plays Kathy Beale on the BBC soap opera EastEnders.
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Gillian is now in her late 60s and still has the same glam and confidence she used to have in her younger days. Do you think she did something to maintain her glam? She has been involved in numerous rumors till now. She is said to be having cosmetic procedures such as a facelift, a lower facelift, and a neck lift. She has always been an open person when it comes to admitting the rumors.

During Taylforth’s 60th birthday, she admitted to having a non-surgical facelift that cost around £1,500. The procedure helps her to have a tailor-made result, lifting specific parts of the face. The treatment was done by Dr. Khan and took half an hour to complete. About the treatment he stated;

I recommend it to redefine the faces of patients looking for ways to combat sagging jowls and loss of volume in the cheek area – but who don’t want surgery. It produces an extremely natural-looking result which leaves the face completely mobile – very important in Gillian’s case as she is an actress. She is also a very animated woman who laughs and smiles all the time, so it was imperative that she could continue to emote.

However, it is only one procedure she admitted to having, and there is still much to be discussed. Well, moving toward the allegation, do you think she might have done neck-life? She is one of the most beautiful actresses, and no one can deny that throughout her career we have seen many new changes in her look. Her fans assume that the claim made by the surgeon that she might have had a neck lift can be true, as her aging doesn’t seem to be affecting her jawline.

Gillian Taylforth before and after plastic surgery, notably a facelift.

Gillian Taylforth before and after plastic surgery, notably a facelift.
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Compare her before and after looks; in her late 50s look, it seems like she has excess skin and fat around the jawline, which is now suddenly gone. Aside from that, people online have also been gossiping about whether she had a lower facelift done or not. Well, aging is the biggest problem, and with age, many things can change. People, however, couldn’t process the aging issue and might have taken many steps to fit into the community.

In Gillian Taylforth’s case, it looks like the actress is more interested in taking healthy steps to fade the aging problem. Yes, she is a veggieholic, and during an interview, she shared her top tips for staying healthy and fit. She stated her current situation by admitting that she is happy and is enjoying herself:

Age is just a number and as long as I’m fit and healthy and enjoying myself, I’m happy. Perhaps that’s what helps me to look a certain way. I like to have fun. I always tell my daughter, Jessie, ‘This is not a dress rehearsal – you’re not going to have this day again