LPGA Golfer Gerina Piller’s Weight Loss is Making Rounds on the Internet


Gerina Piller before and after weight loss.

Learn all the facts behind Gerina Piller’s weight loss speculations through the inspection of before and after pictures.

Born on 29th March 1985, Gerina Piller is an American pro golfer currently plying her trade on the LPGA Tour. After a prestigious career as a college golfer at the University of Texas El Paso, she became a professional in 2007.

Away from the strictly sporting world, the golfer participated in the Reality TV Series on the Golf Channel titled The Big Break in 2009.

Recently, Gerina Piller’s weight loss is making rounds on the internet. Is there any truth to her change in physique? Let’s find out.

Did Gerina Piller Undergo Weight Loss?

Gerina Piller is the subject of weight loss speculations on the internet right now. Fans seem curious if this talented golfer shed some pounds.

We contrasted Gerina’s before and after images to come to a conclusion about her apparent change in physique. She does look like she’s gotten slightly slimmer over the last few months. However, the transition is not exactly significant.

Since Piller is yet to speak about her relative change in physique, we can only make a guess on the total amount of pounds she might have dropped.

Judging by her pictures, Gerina Pillers appears to have lost 10-15 pounds.

LPGA golfer Gerina Piller before and after weight loss.

LPGA golfer Gerina Piller before and after weight loss.
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Meanwhile, the desire for weight loss is quite common these days and it’s not just limited to celebrities who appear in the public spotlight.

Many diet plans that claim to help you lose weight are expensive and ineffective, not backed up by medical evidence, and could possibly harm your wellbeing.

Losing pounds is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. How you approach depends on your normal attitudes, how much weight you want to lose, and your goals in the long run.

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Whatever you do, eating well is crucial. No matter how much you work out every day – if you don’t make deliberate choices on what you put in your body, losing weight isn’t going to be a picnic.

The best way to achieve weight loss is with a strategy that lets you sustain it. Fashionable, unhealthy diets that cause you to cut off certain food categories, such as carbs, are ineffective and therefore not advised by nutrition experts.

Rather, you ought to concentrate on consuming the correct amount of healthier fats, grains, and protein. Cut out the fast foods. And seek an eating schedule that you can adhere to and love.

Gerina Piller Previously Took Time Off to Welcome Baby with Husband Martin Piller

A strange thing happened to Gerina Piller on her way to take a leave of absence on the 2018 LPGA tour as she was expecting a baby.

Piller, who turned pro in 2007, said:

I’ve played more this December (2017) than any December since I’ve turned pro.

In addition to taking part in Morgan Pressel‘s yearly charity event, Piller was one of four LPGA golfers on the pitch from January 12-14, 2018 for the Diamond Resorts Invitational to the PGA Tour Champions Tour.

She was joined by LPGA stars Brittany Lang, Brittany Lincicome, and Brooke Henderson.

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The tournament, which took place at the Tranquilo Golf Club at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, included separate pockets totaling $1.2 million – LPGA and Champions Tour players for $750,000, the celebs for $500,000.

Piller, whose baby boy was due four months later in May said at the time,

I want to stay active and see what this belly of mine will do to my swing. I’ve lost a ton of distance. And there are some really bad shots that kind of sneak up now and then that I have no explanation for.

Gerina added,

My equilibrium is a little off. I picture a better shot in my mind or my body doing something and then I swing and I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s not what I was expecting.’

Piller said it was a “no-brainer” to participate in the competition because she sought to raise funds for the Florida Children’s Hospital.

She played against males for the first time since her college years, and the former Little League player got to talk her ears off fellow sports players, particularly the baseball stars.

Earlier, towards the end of November 2017, the golfing world heard Gerina Piller was expecting her first child in May and would take a break from the LPGA.

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May arrived early as Gerina and her fellow professional golfer husband Martin Piller, who she married in 2011, welcomed the latest bundle of joy into the family at 9:51 p.m. on Wednesday, April 26.

Earlier that day, Martin planned to retire from the Zurich Classic in celebration of the birth of his first child.

The couple couldn’t have been more delighted following the birth of their son, Ajeo James “AJ” Piller, who weighed at 7 pounds 15 ounces.

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