George Karl has experienced significant weight loss due to his battle with cancer and subsequent radiation treatments. He is better than he had been in 15-20 years because of his current state of health. The 3-times cancer survivor now spends most of his time doing things like golfing, cycling, and practicing yoga. He eats a healthy diet, exercises frequently, and lives a stress-free lifestyle.

The former NBA coach, George Karl has undergone significant changes in his life and career. He had a successful coaching career in the NBA, coaching several teams like Seattle SuperSonics, Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Nuggets, and Sacramento Kings. He was well-known for his upbeat coaching style and ability to guide teams to the playoffs.

However, in recent years, George Karl has entered a new phase of his life. He has been diagnosed with cancer three times and has lost half of his weight over the years. His fans are wondering about his transformation and are curious to know how did he lose weight. Did he lose weight because of his illness? Here is what we have covered.

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George Karl Weight Loss was Due to His Battle With Cancer and Subsequent Radiation Treatments

George Karl (@coachkarl22) has experienced significant weight loss due to his battle with cancer and subsequent radiation treatments. He lost approximately 60 pounds and attributed that he felt better than he was in 15-20 years to his current state of health. Karl now dedicates much of his time to activities like golfing, cycling, and practicing yoga. He consumes a healthy diet, exercises frequently, and leads a lifestyle of less stress.

George Karl's recent appearance. weightandskin.comGeorge Karl’s recent appearance.
Source: Instagram

Despite his weight loss, he expresses happiness. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he took advantage of the opportunity to exercise on a regular basis, eat a healthy diet, and strive to reach his playing weight of 185 pounds. His doctor, however, warned him about being too thin when he reached 195 pounds. Looking at George Karl’s current pictures, his weight approximately ranges between 200-210 pounds, despite his 6-foot-2 stature.

George Karl before the weight loss. weightandskin.comGeorge Karl before the weight loss.
Source: Instagram

It’s important to note that his weight loss was primarily due to cancer and its treatment rather than a deliberate effort to shed weight. It’s important to note that losing weight as a result of a serious illness, such as cancer, is not a recommended or healthy way to lose weight. George has undergone significant changes in his life and career. He looks very skinny compared to his before and after pictures. Having survived cancer 3 times, the former NBA coach has focused on regaining his strength and overall health.

Although specifics about his weight loss journey after cancer are scarce, it is known that he collaborated with medical professionals and made lifestyle changes to improve his health. He remains open to the possibility of a comeback in the basketball realm, either as an assistant or a head coach. Although he appears semi-retired, he is actively engaged in his new unfiltered podcast titled Truth + Basketball which he finds deeply meaningful.

George Karl’s Net Worth Explored

George Karl is a highly successful former basketball coach with a net worth of $8 million. As one of the NBA’s head coaches with more than 1000 game wins, he has amassed considerable wealth from his coaching career. His net worth also includes earnings as a professional player in the NBA from 1973-78.

After retiring from his professional playing career, Karl joined the coaching staff. His net worth was heavily influenced by the millions he earned during his coaching career which was nearly four decades long. He also published books documenting his time in the league. The books are all available on Amazon and the income from the sales has undoubtedly helped raise Karl’s fortune.

George Karl has amassed millions of dollars as a result of his successful coaching career and now lives a lavish lifestyle. He has lived in several cities over the years and has invested in real estate in each one. He sold a 3,180-square-foot house in Sacramento’s Arden Park for $910K in August 2016. He had purchased the property the previous summer for $870K and had listed it for sale for $945K.

Karl purchased properties in Denver, Colorado while coaching for the Denver Nuggets, in addition to his Arden Park home. He sold his home in the Crestmoor Park neighborhood in October 2016. The home was reportedly listed for $2 million and had multiple offers that exceeded the asking price. While it is unknown where he is currently residing, there is no doubt that George Karl and his family live a lavish lifestyle.