Gary Anthony Williams’ Incredible Weight Loss – Secrets to His Diet & Fitness!


The Crew star Gary Anthony Williams' weight loss, diet and fitness.

‘The Crew’ star on Netflix, Gary Anthony Williams underwent 50 pounds weight loss within a year. Learn the actor’s diet plan and fitness routine, along with before and after pictures.

Gary Anthony Williams is one of the leading cast members in the new Netflix comedy The Crew (2021). Needless to say, the actor is loved by fans all across the globe.

While his professional endeavor is there for everybody to see, many can’t help but wonder about his dramatic change in physique over the years.

How did this talented actor manage to undergo such an impressive weight loss? How many pounds did he lose? We’ve got all the details.

Gary Anthony Williams’ Amazing Weight Loss – How Did the Actor Slim Down?

'The Crew' star on Netflix Gary Anthony Williams before and after weight loss.

‘The Crew’ star on Netflix Gary Anthony Williams before and after weight loss.
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When we looked up stars who had shed pounds, we bumped into an old weight loss report that saw Gary Anthony Williams losing 8 inches of waistline almost two decades ago.

Williams is a Georgian-born actor and comic who is renowned for the voice portrayal of Uncle Ruckus in the adult animated American sitcom The Boondocks.

He began his career in 1990, and by 2020 he had starred in more than 212 movies and TV shows, on top of a good amount of voice parts. Today, though, we’re not gonna prioritize his professional accomplishments, rather his impressive weight loss, where he shrunk 50 lbs in a matter of 12 months.

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A lot of the time may have passed, but Gary’s physical transformation is still discussed by fans. So, what exactly did he do to bring such a remarkable change in physique?

Back in 2002, Williams stunned fans by losing 50 lbs of weight. A year earlier, he weighed in at 360 lbs, but in the matter of a year, he managed to reduce his waistline by eight inches.

In April 2001, when Gary performed a regular physical check-up prior to shooting a spy spoof film, Undercover Brother, it was an eye-opener for him. The doctor informed him that he wasn’t able to weigh him on the machine they had because it did not have a higher figure.

The doctor told the actor,

I can’t weigh you on this scale. It doesn’t go that high.

Following the routine check-up, the doctor advised him to start taking his well-being and physical fitness with more care.

The doc added,

Now would be a great time to get in shape.

As you’d expect, this struck Gary hard, and he’s been working out every day ever since. He cut back on carbohydrates, too.

Fast forward a year, and when he arrived on the set on the spy spoof alongside the likes of Eddie Griffin, Chris Kattan, and Dennis Richards, he had dropped 50 pounds, and the number was still rising. At the time, his weight had fallen to 310 lbs.

The director of the film, Malcolm D. Lee, was really surprised to see Gary undergoing such a noticeable weight loss. So, he playfully teased Anthony to start enjoying more pasta.

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He also bantered that critics would now mistake him for Denzel Washington. Since Gary dropped such a high number of pounds, the actor had to shoot the movie wearing a fat suit.

Gary Anthony Williams’ Subsequent Weight Loss Over the Years

Not only did he lose weight in 2001/02, but Gary Anthony Williams also managed to lose more and more pounds over the subsequent years, and by 2018 his weight measured at 195 lbs.

This means he went down as much as 155 lbs in nearly 18 years. One of his loyal followers noticed he was slimmer in the Carmax advert, taking to Reddit to inquire if anybody had noticed his weight loss.

The user asked,

Has anyone else seen Gary Anthony Williams (Stevie’s dad) in the new Carmax commercial? I know weight loss is good for your health, but it’s not supposed to make you Benjamin Button. He looks younger now than he did twenty years ago.

Many fans began to comment under the post. One fan claimed he’s half the man now, while another said his appearance had completely changed, and the only thing that gave it away was his accent/voice.

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Another Reddit user wrote,

He has a beautiful, booming voice! I love hearing some of his voice acting and am glad to see him looking so healthy and trim.

While the majority of his fans were pleased he had lost weight and that he was healthier than before, some section of fans started wondering whether he had reduced his size due to the pressure of Hollywood.

Gary, though, responded:

I’ve never been ashamed of how I look. I’ve changed the way I live. I’d like to be around a long time.

It’s fair to say Williams is not hesitant to be get pretty blunt. Meanwhile, this talented performer is happily married to his wife Leslie Williams. The couple resides in their home in North Hollywood. They share a son named Nathan.

Gary Anthony Williams Stars in New Netflix Comedy ‘The Crew’

The Crew is a brand new NASCAR sitcom on Netflix developed by Jeff Lowell, which premiered on 15th February 2021. The American comedy streaming TV series features Kevin James as Kevin Gibson, the crew leader of a NASCAR garage.

The rest of the cast includes Jillian Mueller as Catherine Spencer, Freddie Stroma as Jake, Gary Anthony Williams as Chuck, Dan Ahdoot as Amir, and Sarah Stiles as Beth.

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As per Netflix, the premise of the show reads:

 Life in the garage swerves off track for a NASCAR crew chief and his tight-knit racing team when a new boss steps in and shakes things up.

The Crew season 1 (with 10 episodes) is currently streaming on Netflix.

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