Full Story on PC Gaming Tycoon Gabe Newell’s Weight Loss Transformation


Full Story on Gabe Newell's Weight Loss Transformation

All the facts about Gabe Newell’s weight loss transformation over the years.

Gabe Newell is a long-time developer of Windows and a billionaire shareholder of the independent computer game Valve Corporation.

The entrepreneur enabled the economy to produce successful games, the likes of the Portal series as well as the Team Fortress series.

Heading over to his personal life, Gabe Newell is recently the subject of huge weight loss speculation amongst fans. So, how many pounds did he shed? Let’s find out.

Gabe Newell’s Weight Loss Transformation Over the Years – What’s His Diet?

Gabe Newell before and after weight loss in 2016.

Gabe Newell before and after weight loss in 2016.
Source: Imgur

Gabe Newell has undergone significant weight loss over the years. Taking to Imgur, the businessman wrote in 2017:

I posted this in May of last year, on the left I was at least 340 pounds but truthfully I was too scared to ever weigh myself so I have no idea what I was at my biggest. The photo on the right was taken in May, weighing 280 pounds. I decided after six months to give you guys another progress update.

Newell added, “Not only am I down to 250, but I also competed in and won my first jiu-jitsu tournament. Wrestling was my passion growing up, so jiu-jitsu has become my saving grace.

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Gabe continued, “It’s given me confidence and a passion for life that I haven’t had in years. Feel free to upvote, downvote, or do nothing at all, I just enjoy sharing my successes with my Imgur family.”

Gabe Newell before and after weight loss a year later in 2017.

Gabe Newell before and after weight loss a year later in 2017.
Source: Imgur

When it comes to the diet that helped him achieve weight loss, Gabe Newell stated, “I did the weight loss thing. I cut out alcohol and excessive fast food and started running again. I’m still trying to lose another 60, but it’s crazy the difference a year makes.”

Gabe Newell Says Xbox Series X is Better Than PlayStation 5

Valve President Gabe Newell and his family were on holiday in New Zealand at the time of the coronavirus outbreak in March.

Newell claims there were just 12 reported incidents in the USA before he left Seattle. Ten days later, he had to make a decision to move abroad, but he opted to remain in NZ.

As a very high profile guest in the nation, Newell featured in a New Zealand television talk show entitled ‘The Project.’

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This seems like the key reason he came on the show was to say thank you to his NZ sponsors, and to reveal a free concert/event as his way to offer a heartfelt appreciation.

The We Love Aotearoa event will take place on 15th August 2020. This is a two-part free ticketed show.

The first portion is a happy day for the entire family, showcasing VR and tech-based content. In the evening, there is an adult festival showcasing a variety of popular live acts/bands and a DJ.

Returning to the main topic, the hosts raised some intriguing questions for Gabe Newell. One inquired about the view of the Valve CEO of the new gene devices, specifically, “Which is better?”

Without pause, Newell responded, “Uh, the Xbox.” He battled off the immediate question about his choice with a simple “because it is.”

This is irrespective of some logic, but Newell went on to justify his preference by citing fairness in his decision because he does not have “a stake in that race,” with the PC becoming the subject of Valve/Steam.

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Additionally, in a jocular conversation, Newell momentarily spoke about the Brain Machine Interfaces is the next logical phase past VR.

He needed to reassure interviewers that this does not include electrodes inserted in human brains, there are already non-invasive interfaces in progress.

During another query about an author having VR motion sickness, Gabe Newell indicated she only wants to invest in a proper VR device. The tip-top VR framework may help mitigate the more negative side effects that consumers with slower/laggy devices can have.

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