Fren Family Weight Loss: Fans Believe the Family Looks Slightly Different Now!

Chloe Sanchez

Fren Family Weight Loss: Fans Believe the Family Looks Slightly Different Now!

Fans were quick to notice the Fren family’s weight loss appearance as soon as they announced the sixth season of Travel Guides. People believe they look a little leaner now. While the family has not spoken anything about their body shape, some sources claim Victoria Fren previously lost over 49 pounds of weight.

On February 14, 2017, the Nine Network debuted Travel Guides, an Australian travel show that show follows groups of ordinary Australians who take on the role of travel critics and embark on the same week-long international and domestic vacations, rating the same housing, cuisine, and local attractions. In addition, the Fren familyMark, Cathy, Jono, and Victoria – have been providing us with laughs since they first appeared on our screens in 2017, and the show wouldn’t be the same without them.

We know one thing about the TV stars from watching them on Travel Guides; they know how to have a good time. Due to their have-a-go nature, the Frens frequently find themselves in unpredictable situations, but they always find the funny side of any holiday disaster. It’s something that has come in handy during their Channel Nine reality show travels, where they act as travel critics on a week-long vacation.

Recently, the Fren family announced that they are returning for the sixth season which is set to premiere on Channel Nine in 2023. Since the news, many people have been looking up to the family. Similarly, some people even claim that the few members of the family look slightly leaner. Well, here’s everything you need to know about their weight loss.

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The Fren Family Weight Loss: The Family Has Not Revealed Anything About Their Body Shape!

The Fren family (@thefrenfamily) has been our favorite ever since Travel Guides premiered. It has been over 6 years since the show started and, of course, people notice their appearance. While they announced that the sixth season of the show will air in 2023, some fans were quick to notice their appearance. People believe the family has undergone a slight weight loss.

Fans believe the Fren family has undergone a slight weight loss.

Fans believe the Fren family has undergone a slight weight loss.
Source: Instagram

While we don’t see much transformation in all of the family members, Victoria Fren is said to have undergone significant weight loss over the years. She first appeared on Season 1 of the Channel Nine reality show, Travel Guides, in 2017, and fans have seen her grow over the years.

Every small detail of her personality is noticed by the viewers, and her family becomes a part of every household for one month each year. Fans notice a distinct change in her appearance in 2023. She has been seen losing weight, and fans want to know what the secret is. Even though Fren hasn’t addressed it, the television personality looks stunning in her new weight-loss body transformation physique. Similarly, she is said to have undergone 49 pounds of weight loss.

However, it is important to note that all of the given information is based on some unverified sources. The Fred family has never opened up about their appearance. We’ll surely get back to you as soon as we get any information about their weight loss.

The Fren Family: Learn About the Travel Guides Stars in Detail!

When it comes to reality television, the Fren family, Newcastle’s most popular tourists, is exactly what you see. The Frens family, who are well-known in Newcastle for their family-run German restaurant Oma’s Kitchen on Watt Street, were catapulted into the national spotlight in 2017 when they starred in the first season of Channel 9‘s new reality television show Travel Guides.

The premise was straightforward. Six distinct groups of ordinary Australians are sent on week-long vacations across Australia. The premise was straightforward. Six distinct groups are sent on week-long vacations across the country and around the world to road-test some of the destination’s most iconic, interesting, and unusual hotels, attractions, and culinary experiences. While all of the groups have the same experiences, their reactions and ratings out of five stars are frequently wildly different.

The authenticity of their reactions is clearly where the crux of their popularity lies for the Newcastle travel guides – parents Mark, and Cathy, and their adult children Jonathon, and Victoria.

The Fren family's latest appearance.

The Fren family’s latest appearance.
Source: Instagram

Mark is the upbeat and forthright father who enjoys haggling for hotel room upgrades. He has been happily married to Cathy for over 30 years, and her quirky sense of humor and distinctive laugh are contagious. She jokes that marrying Mark was the tenth best thing that ever happened to her.

Likely, Victoria is always ready to share her thoughts but admits to speaking before she thinks, whereas Jonathon is the more reserved member of the group, frequently becoming unwittingly involved in the family’s candid antics.

While the Frens were clearly made for the show, they never intended to become reality TV travel critics. In a case of fate, Mark and Cathy were approached by Channel 9 to audition for a completely different show – a short-lived cooking series called The Hotplate. While that show was canceled before a second season could begin due to legal action by Channel Seven, the Frens, and their children were literally thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire with advertisements in Travel Guides.