Has Evan Perez Undergone Weight Loss? Find Out the Real Truth!


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Has Evan Perez Undergone Weight Loss? Find Out the Real Truth!

Fans are often curious about Evan Perez‘s potential weight loss. However, the reporter is yet to speak publicly on it.

This hasn’t stopped the fans speculate on the apparent transformation of his physique. Let’s find out the real story.

Is There Any Truth About Evan Perez’s Weight Loss?

To get straight to the point, there’s not much into Evan Perez’s weight loss story. The CNN correspondent has often been speculated about undergoing weight loss through minor changes in physique.

Back in 2018, Perez posted a tweet writing, “Coming up this hour on @CNNSitRoom live from #AspenSecurity”. This prompted speculation from a fan whether he lost weight.

Despite some rumors along the way, there’s no concrete proof of Evan Perez undergoing weight loss. So, even if he shed some pounds, it’s not significant enough to be relevant.

Who is Evan Perez?

Evan Perez is a CNN Senior Justice Correspondent located in Washington, D.C. Headquarters, focusing on political, financial, and national security topics.

Perez primarily handles the Russian case and helps direct the Justice Department staff.

Most recently, Perez, along with CNN co-workers Jake Tapper, Carl Bernstein, and Jim Sciutto, received the Merriman Smith Award from the White House Correspondents Association in the broadcast category for their January 2017 report on how the intelligence services believed that Russia had compromised details about President Trump.

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As lawyers placed criminal proceedings against the U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, and the first allegations against the perpetrator of the U.S. military assault in Benghazi, Libya, Perez first reported on CNN.

Before joining CNN, Perez headed the Wall Street Journal’s Justice Study, helping to break coverage on the lawsuit that contributed to the criminal prosecution of former CIA Chief David Petraeus, and the eventual dismissal of an FBI investigator in the event.

In a dozen years at WSJ, he handled real estate company topics, airlines, cruise ships, as well as Hurricane Katrina.

Perez started his career as a writer for Associated Press in Miami. He was raised in Belize City, Belize, and studied journalism at the University of Southern Florida, Tampa.

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