Ethan Payne had a tummy tuck to remove his loose skin after shedding 30 kg of his weight. He has uploaded his whole surgery video to his YouTube channel, which is appreciated by many of his fans. He also highlighted how hard he is trying to get distracted from junk food and be focused on his workout routine.

How often do you know famous YouTubers? Who is Ethan Payne? Have you seen his YouTube videos? Where is Behzinga currently living? Have you seen his recent YouTube video? Why is his recent video making new hype? Is it a prank video, or is the video real?

Ethan’s recent video has crossed more than 2525k views in 21 hours. He filmed his initial four-hour surgery in the video. Do you see the changes in his physical appearance after the surgery? How many times does it take to operate? What surgery did he have? Is it okay to face criticism for the surgery?

Well, since Ethan posted his video, he has been in the headlines. People want to know more about his surgeries’ effects and his current life. In this article, we will discuss his current life and physical appearance. To learn about his weight loss journey, read this article.

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Ethan Payne’s Weight Loss Is a Result of Him Cutting off His Favorite Junk Food, Pringle to Be Fit!

After losing 30 kg of his weight, Ethan Payne (@behzingagram) did a tummy tuck to remove his loose skin. He has followed many diets and workout routines to be fit and healthy. He also cut off his favorite foods and started being distracted in the gym.

Behzinga, aka Ethan Payne, is an English YouTuber, streamer, and Internet personality. He graduated with a degree in video game development from South Essex College. He started his career by registering his own YouTube channel, Behzinga, on February 24, 2012, while he was still in school. His breakthrough came in October 2013, when Payne and four other British YouTubers formed the entertainment collective Ultimate Sidemen, later shortened to simply Sidemen.

Ethan Payne lost 30 kgs of weight followed by a tummy tuck surgery to remove loose skin. Ethan Payne lost 30 kgs of weight followed by a tummy tuck surgery to remove loose skin. 
Source: Instagram

If you are familiar with the name Behzinga, you might have seen many changes in him, both physically and mentally. He has faced many mental and physical problems in his life. It’s never easy to be in the limelight and be unnoticeable. Well, recently, Ethan has been in the news after having tummy tuck surgery.

A tummy tuck, aka abdominoplasty, removes excess fat and skin and restores weakened muscles to create a smoother, firmer abdominal profile. During the procedure, excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen. The surgery also tightens muscles, which improves the shape and appearance of the abdomen. So why did he perform the surgeries?

On December 30, 2019, Ethan posted on Instagram about his weight loss journey. He started the new year by giving himself a big surprise. In the post, he also thanks everyone who motivated him and expressed his happiness through the post. He captioned it as;

I feel like I only really started becoming my true self in the last year or so, I didn’t throw it back to the start of this decade because it’s about where we’re heading now and the journey to it. I want to thank absolutely everyone for the undying support you give my friends and myself, it keeps me going especially. Thank you to everyone I met, encountered & learned from in this decade, words don’t to justice for how grateful I am to be where I’ve ended up.

You might get inspired by his journey if you go through his post, but let us tell you it was tough for him. He woke up in the morning and did not have a cheat meal for six months. He also drank nothing but water for the same period. To be motivated, he used to get distracted and avoid junk food for months.

Ethan also explained his obsession with Pringles, but he also revealed his determination toward his workout and diet. He used to consume meals high in protein and fiber and rich in green vegetables, which ensured his body kept him satiated.

What Workout Routine Did He Follow to Lose Weight?

Ethan shed more than 36 kilograms in six months, but did you know it was not only cardio he did to lose weight? He did cardio in the morning, used to lift weights, and also followed a push-pull-legs routine in the afternoon. Among the exercises, he used to love doing deadlifts.

Ethan Payne with his girlfriend Faith Louisak. weightandskin.comEthan Payne with his girlfriend Faith Louisak.
Source: Instagram

As for the recent concern about his tummy tuck, he has removed his loose skin, which was left over after losing 30kg in weight. In his YouTube video, he admits to leaving his old self behind and says that he didn’t regret doing the surgeries. In the video, he is seen being cared for by his girlfriend, Faith Louisak, and it looks like the YouTuber will be back in the game soon.