Erica Campbell’s Weight Loss: Did She Undergo Surgery in 2022?


Erica Campbell's Weight Loss: Did She Undergo Surgery in 2022?

Erica Campbell’s weight loss surgery in 2022 is the latest topic of curiosity as fans seek her before and after pictures and wonder how much weight she lost. A legend of urban contemporary gospel, Christian R&B, and contemporary R&B, Erica Campbell’s label is well known in the realm of entertainment. Singer, songwriter, and also a host, Campbell’s versatility and charm have left many speechless. In all this, the entertainer’s weight loss created some buzz, and it’s all that’s on highlight!

Mesmerizing the world with her hypnotic voice, Erica Campbell has made sure she makes the world know who she is! Releasing hits like Praying and Believing, A little more Jesus, and Positive, the singer even bagged a Grammy for Best Gospel Album at the 57th edition of the event.

Out of all her achievements, the star’s weight loss is one of the hot teas. So, here’s all about Erica Campbell and her weight loss surgery.

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Erica Campbell’s Weight Loss Surgery: Before and After Transformation in 2022!

After years of being heavy-weighted, Erica Campbell‘s recent weight loss stunned the audience. Appearing fitter than ever in her Superbowl appearance, Erica is happily flaunting her new look with her staggering pictures on her socials.

Disclosing that she has had lipo surgery, Erica revealed the first time that she learned she needed to take her time and put in the work after trying to rush results years ago with an operation that didn’t end out properly her weight loss surgery.

Desperate to lose weight, Campbell took an easy way out however it just kickstarted her insane weight loss journey that dropped many jaws.

Erica Campbell claims that her physique was OK prior to the operation; she simply wanted to lose weight quickly after the birth of her first child, Krista, in 2004. However, slipping under the blade and not completely completing the recuperation process required for the optimum outcomes had a physical toll on her.

In an interview with Essence, the singer shared, “I did have a surgery, it was lipo. I was young and really didn’t know the process of what you were supposed to do. I didn’t get the lymphatic massages you were supposed to get so my body wasn’t pretty.”

Her natural weight loss journey began just after the surgery when she was bleeding all over and went on to have another baby gaining weight again. The vocalist, like many others, was altered by the pandemic after several years of back and forth. She wanted to witness changes both inside and outside herself.

“I made a decision, even before I knew the Super Bowl was coming, I was like, I just want to change some things. So I’m going to change some things within my mind and my body. And what you guys saw was the result, and the response was great,” the singer openly shared.

How Did Erica Campbell Shed All the Pounds? Here’s Her Secret!

As to what Erica Campbell did to lose her weight drastically, it’s all quite simple yet effective. In an exclusive episode of Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell, the singer revealed the secrets of her phenomenal weight loss.

She said, “I had been stuck at 184lbs for a long time! In January I changed my mind and my habits! Added water fasting to my regular lifestyle weekly! Accountability with my trainer and my sister Alana. Had to cook for my family even tho I wasn’t eating past 8pm. I was tempted to just eat what I wanted but I held on! I am 169lbs but I wanna be 150.”

A simple healthy diet every day with workout sessions and continuous consistency in holding back her temptations led the star to shed quite the weight and look phenomenal in her Super Bowl appearance. The singer also shares stories and feelings about her weight loss in her socials. Posting an eloquent pic of herself, flaunting her new looks, Erica Campbell writes,

A MESSAGE TO MYSELF! Keep going Erica don’t stop here!! You can Reach your goal! You have the strength and the discipline and the will power! Eat healthy train your mind & body for the change you want! Don’t quit at the halfway mark cause you got a few compliments! Keep pushing and praying! #almostthere #weightlossjourney #sayitoutloud #accoutability

She not just is prompting herself to be healthy but also being an example for her fans. Grounded and humble, Erica time and often shows her gratitude toward her fans. She wrote,

It is possible to do it. It is hard ! you will get frustrated , and It will seem like everyone is losing and your gaining weight WHILE your working out and eating salad. Lol sometimes the body doesn’t get the memo. It’s emotional it’s mental but DONT QUIT give yourself time and celebrate the small wins, yes even 1lb. Do the work and be patient. Pray pray pray YOU CAN DO THIS!! #weightlossjourney #letsgo #youcandoit

Understanding the severity of being obese and the need to live a happy and healthy life, Erica Campbell said that she didn’t lose weight for the public but for herself and her family. Ending the talk on the topic, Campbell motivates her fans to get healthy and live!

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