All the facts behind TikTok star Echo Yue’s plastic surgery endeavors, notably a boob job, butt implants, Botox injections, and facial fillers, along with before and after pictures.

The plastic surgery sector in China is expanding in recent years. According to some experts, it is now the world’s largest, thanks to a growing number of celebrities as well as more and more regular people opting for it.

It is widely reported that the Chinese “medical-aesthetics” market (which includes surgeries, injections, and skin procedures) earned $27 billion in revenue in 2019, accounting for around one-fifth of the worldwide total.

Echo Yue, a renowned TikTok celebrity from China seems to have taken the cosmetic enhancements game to a whole new level. Just how many procedures has she had? Let’s find out.

Echo Yue’s Plastic Surgery Couldn’t Be More Obvious!

Echo Yue's plastic surgery is trending on the internet.

Echo Yue’s plastic surgery is trending on the internet.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

When it comes to plastic surgery, some celebrities do their best to mask their cosmetic changes by making them look as natural as possible. However, in other instances, like with Echo Yue, the cosmetic enhancements couldn’t be more obvious.

Merely taking a glance at the Chinese model’s figure, you could guess the enhancements she’s made. One of them is undoubtedly breast implants, that look as conspicuous as one could possibly imagine. To suggest her bust appears unnatural is a massive understatement.

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Just as her boob job, the size of her buttocks looks evidently enhanced with butt implants. There remains no doubt that she’s gone under the knife to increase the size of her rear end.

Furthermore, our experts at Weight & Skin reckon she’s had Botox injections and facial fillers, as well. Some fans reckon she’s had a nose job, too, but we can neither confirm nor deny it at this moment.

Who is Echo Yue?

Echo02100, one of the popular TikTok accounts in the entire platform, belongs to renowned Chinese model Echo Yue. She was born on 18th September 1994 in China.

When it comes to her personal life, there’s not much information regarding her romantic relationships, such as whether she is with or without a boyfriend.

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Likewise, details about her parents and other members of her family are scarce at the moment. When it comes to her social media profiles, she has over 125k followers on Instagram.

Meanwhile, her net worth is estimated to be over $7 million, indicating that she is doing fairly well in her professional career.

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