The name Douglas Brinkley will be incomplete without noting his position as Professor of History at Rice University and Katherine Tsanoff Brown Chair in Humanities. If this was not enough, he added his understanding of history as a CNN Presidential Historian and a contributing writer at Vanity Fair.

Douglas Brinkley, 59, is a married man who enjoys a nice lifestyle along with a wonderful career alongside his family. The father of three kids, Johnny Brinkley, Benton Brinkley, and Cassady Brinkley could be taking his diet and wellbeing pretty seriously at this age, which is also quite common.

His supposed care for health and fitness could have been the explanation why many believe the veteran author has undergone some adjustments in recent times. So, today, we are taking you close to the real story behind Brinkley’s weight loss.

Best known as the Katherine Tsanoff Brown Chair of Humanities and contributing columnist at Vanity Fair, let’s dig deep and find out whether there are any legs to Douglas Brinkley’s weight loss story.

Douglas Brinkley’s Weight Loss – What’s the Real Story?

Douglas Brinkley is a subject of weight loss speculations.

Douglas Brinkley is a subject of weight loss speculations.
Source: The Quad City Times

CNN’s columnist, Douglas Brinkley, has a secure career and achieved nearly everything in his life. Since the author makes TV appearances every now and then, the adjustments within his body remain transparent.

Since the TV audiences watch him every day, they believe Brinkley may have been a little slim relative to his usual standard. Meanwhile, his body changes have not been especially induced, as the college professor stays too busy with his several jobs.

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Over the years, Brinkley’s presence on the show has remained much the same. Some claim he used to have a fairly chubby face in the past, which is not the case recently. The Grammy-winning instrumentalist may have transformed over the last few years, but that does not mean he underwent weight loss or strived for it.

In his late 50s, Brinkley definitely had a lot to say in the world of media, given his experience in history and international relations. In his 60s, however, the Georgia-based writer ought to take proper care of his body because his immunity is expected to be much lower.

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Although Douglas may not have gone through any physical training or diet plans to change his physique, he may need to adjust some of them for his own good. Now, the historian should devote a bit more consideration to his wellbeing and lose some weight to ensure that he is not vulnerable to any illness.

Douglas Brinkley’s Career in Brief

Douglas Brinkley may not be involved in going through a weight loss regimen since he is too busy for that. Speaking about his experience in media, meanwhile, he works as CNN’s analyst on history.

In the past, Presidential historians have made some harsh remarks about President Donald Trump as a ‘carny bully’ representing the ‘dark underbelly of America.’ If that was not enough, the historian is also a contributor to Vanity Fair.

With seven doctorate degrees in American Studies, Douglas Brinkley enjoys exchanging his experiences and expertise with the next generation. For this, he enrolled at Rice University as a professor of history in 2007 and has been involved there since then, amid a packed schedule.

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In addition to teaching, the 59-year-old began to write since the early 1990s and continued to do so after amazing reviews. With his experience in history and politics, he published a variety of highly regarded books such as ‘Rise of Globalism: American Foreign Policy since 1938,’ ‘FDR and the Creation of the U.N.,’ and ‘Gerald R. O, Ford.’

Douglas Brinkley has received several titles and plaudits to his credit due to his outstanding career resume, including the 2017 Grammy Award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album.

The author landed the Humanist of the Year Award in 2004 and the Robin W. Winks Award a decade later for Enhancing Public Understanding of National Parks in 2015.

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