Dominique Sachse’s Plastic Surgery – Has She Gone Under the Knife?


Dominique Sachse's Plastic Surgery - Has She Gone Under the Knife?

Grab all the details of Dominique Sachse’s plastic surgery speculations, most notably breast implants, nose job & Botox injections. Have a look at her before and after changes.

Dominique Sachse is a renowned YouTuber and a popular American news anchor. She currently works as an evening newscaster for Houston’s KPRC Channel 2. In fact, she has served as a television journalist since 1993.

Dominique began her professional career in 1990 as a Metro Traffic reporter for various radio stations. They included Mix 96.5, where she worked as a disc jockey, overnights as well as late nights.

She then went on to work as a traffic reporter for Channel 2’s morning show. Dominique, in addition to her television image, is a well-known YouTuber.

Recently, though, Dominique Sachse is the subject of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. How many times has she gone under the knife? Let’s discuss.

Dominique Sachse’s Plastic Surgery Includes Breast Implants, Nose Job & Botox

Dominique Sachse before and after plastic surgery.

Dominique Sachse before and after plastic surgery.
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Dominique Sachse is not exactly an elite American celebrity known by everybody, but her plastic surgery story has piqued the interest of many.

Since the viewers spotted certain alterations in her look, this news anchor has been linked to a variety of plastic surgery treatments. So, what kind of operations did she go through? As per experts, Dominique Sachse is said to have gotten Botox, breast implants, and a nose job.

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Breast augmentation is believed to be one of the obvious surgical operations she underwent. You can easily notice the successful outcome of this by merely taking a glance at her picture.

Dominique Sachse’s plastic surgeon effectively improved her petite boobs, as seen in the before and after plastic surgery photos. Needless to say, she now looks hotter whenever she flaunts her much larger breasts.

Moreover, the news anchor is said to have gotten a nose job. Her nasal region changed as a result of this treatment, also known as rhinoplasty. However, the nose job appears to have not been executed perfectly. You may notice that her nose today appears a little out of place.

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Additionally, Dominique Sachse was rumored to have received Botox injections in addition to breast implants and nose work. Botox is well-known for its potency in erasing aging symptoms on one’s face. Evidently, she looks much younger than her actual age thanks to the absence of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dominique Sachse Retires After Nearly Three Decades in News

The end of an era has arrived. Dominique Sachse, the presenter of Houston’s KPRC 2, is departing the station after nearly thirty years. The presenter will sign off for the final time on KPRC 2 on 29th October at 6 p.m., according to a news release issued last week.

The Emmy-winning journalist started her professional career in local radio as a metro traffic reporter before moving on to KPRC as a morning show traffic contributor in 1993.

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Sachse then became the anchor of KPRC 2 News at 6 and 10 p.m. During her tenure, the Houston Chapter of American Women in Radio and Television named her “Best Television Personality” in 2002 and 2007.

Sachse stated in a statement that she will miss hosting the program. She wrote,

I have spent most of my adult life at KPRC, and the staff here is like family to me. It takes a team effort to produce a quality news product, and I’m so proud of this team’s character, integrity, and accomplishments.

Dominique added,

But it’s mainly service to community, which is how I’ve always seen my role and will continue to do so in my new endeavors. I sincerely can’t thank the viewers enough for welcoming me into their homes for as long as they have and making me feel like their friend or neighbor. Truly blessed.

Per the announcement, Sachse’s next priority will be a book titled “Life Makeover: Embrace the Bold, Beautiful, and Blessed You,” something she’s been putting the work on since 2018.

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She also intends to continue uploading videos to her 1.53 million-subscriber YouTube channel.

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