Jake Borelli, one of the cast members of Grey’s Anatomy, has recently undergone a significant weight gain as seen on Season 19 of the show. Many Reddit users want to know how he was able to gain weight. Well, the 31-year-old actor has yet to talk about his transformation.

Jake Borelli is an American actor who was born on May 13, 1991, who is recognized for his performances as Dr. Levi Schmitt on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy (2017–present) and Wolfgang on the Nickelodeon comedy series The Thundermans (2015–2018). He was born in Columbus, Ohio, to Linda and Mike Borelli. Ben and Zack are his two older brothers.

Borelli enjoys drawing and painting, and after winning a national art competition in his senior year of high school, he thought about going to art school. He graduated from Upper Arlington High School in 2009 and was admitted to Ohio State University and the University of California, Los Angeles, but he chose to relocate to Los Angeles in order to pursue acting.

While in Columbus, Borelli also appeared in over a dozen productions with the Columbus Children’s Theatre, including roles in Holes, Wiley and the Hairy Man, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Cheaper by the Dozen, and The Witch and the Wardrobe. He found supporting roles in television series like iCarly, Parenthood, NCIS: Los Angeles, True Jackson, VP, Greek, and Suburgatory shortly after moving to Los Angeles. He has also acted in a number of short movies.

Jake Borelli was cast in the 2017 Netflix comedy-drama movie Reality High. Borelli was cast in the role of intern Dr. Levi Schmitt on Grey’s Anatomy the same year. Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy got released on October 6, 2022. Some Reddit users speculated that he looks a little heavier. They wonder if he has gained weight. Well, let’s find it out.

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Jake Borelli’s Weight Gain: The 31-Year-Old Actor Has Apparently Gained Extra Pounds as Seen on Grey’s Anatomy Season 19; Reddit Update!

Jake Borelli (@jake.borelli) has definitely undergone a significant weight gain but it is not as worse as many of us think. When compared to his before pictures, his appearance has changed a lot. However, he still looks stunning in his current appearance. The 31-year-old star has yet to talk about his weight gain. Therefore, it is still unknown why and how he gained weight. Well, let’s discuss a few possible reasons.

The first and foremost reason might be hormonal changes. When a man gets older (especially when you enter his 30s), his testosterone levels decline. Unwanted changes include weight gain (particularly around the abs), difficulty growing and maintaining muscle mass, depression, and sexual dysfunction might result from this. Since Jake Borelli is 31 years old, he too might have undergone hormonal changes.

Similarly, another reason might be due to slower metabolism. This may be the cause of your weight increase if you’re in your 30s. Your metabolism slows down as you age, so even though you still have a 25-year-old hunger, you don’t need as much energy to sustain yourself. Additionally, you are more likely to gain weight when your muscles are unable to metabolize energy effectively. This develops more gradually in men.

Another reason might his diet and lifestyle. Jake Borelli might not have of eating healthy or less caloric foods. Additionally, he has never mentioned working out. Thus, eating whatever you want and not exercising might lead you to gain weight significantly.

However, the Grey’s Anatomy cast has yet to speak on his weight gain. We can only assume things until he speaks about his transformation himself. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get any information from our sources.

Jake Borelli Talks About His Character’s Friendship With Dr. Jo Wilson!

Jake Borelli and Camilla Luddington discussed how much they love portraying best friends on Grey’s Anatomy in a joint interview with ExtraTV. Borelli even said,

I have to say our friendship is my favorite thing in the entire show. And it’s been since day one of me coming in and filming has been our friendship so, it’s great.

In agreement, Luddington added, “They’re always funny together!” and noted that she enjoyed watching the characters play off one another. It’s always fascinating to learn the actors’ interpretations of the many various character links that exist throughout the hundreds of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (including the ones where Ellen Pompeo doesn’t appear).

That dynamic also seems to exist off-camera in the case of Borelli’s fondness for his character’s bond with Dr. Wilson. Luddington got down with BuzzFeed in 2020 to respond to some of the fans’ most pressing queries. When asked if her character and Levi’s on-screen romance affects their friendship off-screen, Luddington replied, “I text Jake all the time!” At the same moment, Borelli tweeted, “Uggg I love my scenes with @camilluddington.,” expressing his agreement with her view.

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